Tyre wall added in front of solid barrier Kvyat hit

2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

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A tyre wall has been added in front of the solid barrier Daniil Kvyat struck when he crashed during last week’s British Grand Prix.

However another barrier Alexander Albon hit when he crashed during practice last Friday is not being changed ahead of Silverstone’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix this weekend.

Kvyat crashed following the left-hander at Maggotts after a right-rear tyre failed on his AlphaTauri. After losing control his car skidded through a gravel trap and struck a solid barrier head-on, causing extensive damage to his car. A new tyre wall measuring around 36 metres has been installed at this point on the circuit ahead of F1’s second race this weekend.

Alexander Albon also hit an unprotected barrier when he spun off at Stowe during the second practice session on Friday. This barrier has not been changed for this weekend’s race.

F1 race director Michael Masi explained why when asked by RaceFans on Sunday. “I think the angle of where he hit it, it’s not something that’s unusual. The angle of impact for our side of it, within our simulations, was all within the guidelines that we have with the FIA.

“So no, I don’t see it being a change for that barrier for next weekend. It was very a strange incident, that point to be quite honest.”

Pirelli has returned the tyre which failed on Kvyat’s car to its Milan base for inspection.

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7 comments on “Tyre wall added in front of solid barrier Kvyat hit”

  1. Normally it’s a spot cars crashing but if they do it’s a smart move as they can’t bend the barrier more away so impact are deflected.

    1. NOT i hate no editing

  2. If i’m remembering correctly I believe they did used to have a tire barrier at the spot Kvyat crashed but it got removed around 2002/2003 after Montoya suffered a car failure in testing with the car ending up going under the multi-layer tire barrier with JPM been stuck in the car for 10-15 minutes as they tried to pull it out.

  3. This is the beauty of Formula One
    Making changes that should eliminate the chance of this incident happening again. Done so, quickly and effectively to solve simple situations that need adjustment.

    But on the other hand F1 fails badly in other areas that need 100% attention and NO change or the need for immediate change falls onto the back burner and simply continues year after year.
    Let me spell it out , the drag reduction system. Someone yell at the FIA and ask for justification. Why in the hell is DRS allowed to continue when all people on Earth keep begging for this nonsense to end. Do I need to repeat myself?
    It’s so easy to suddenly race where F1 cars no longer go because of Covid but race after race, year after year, comment after comment or complaint after complaint few agree that this feature of Formula One is a benefit at all. Racing isn’t better, it’s just a regular mistake made at track after track thinking the fans must be liking the improved action.

    Wake up Formula One rules makers.

    Whether they race at Spa or some temp event behind the old Sears complex in Wilsonville Oregon most everyone just shakes their head and ask for changes that DO IMPROVE the racing and that DRS must go for once and for all.
    Hey F1 if you really want support announce to the whole world F1 will STOP DRS. Fans then will start supporting F1 more than ever.
    In this world with so much change right today for the betterment of the human existence, we fans could get a bunch of relief by getting past DRS.
    Do a blind test of all current drivers and ask one question is F1 better for using artificial drivers aids meant for those who just aren’t good enough?
    It’s obvious Isn’t it ??

    1. Gavin Campbell
      6th August 2020, 15:29

      Well if there is no DRS – there would be next to no passing around Silverstone. DRS is the simple quick solution to the problem F1 has dug itself into. Not saying I like it – but with these draggy mega-downforce cars there is so much downforce loss when following its rediculous. The tyres don’t help as you burn them up stuck behind another car. Refuelling allowed much higher lap deltas between the cars to make alternative strategies work but thats banned. Mass concrete run offs don’t punish mistakes to allow passing. The cars are also getting very heavy – so we’ve added pimped up rims just cause they look nice and have added more kilos to the car.

      Wierdly the only thing thats probably good for racing are the engines – which loads of people complain about because they don’t shatter glass a mile away when you start them up. So that will probably get changed next.

      (I say keep the engines and the new 22 Aero – go back to the 180cm width. Bin power steering. I’ll get off my soapbox)

      Anyway –
      I did think that barrier that Kyvat hit could use a little more protection – its very fast through there with very high loadings. There is a tec-pro barrier but no a whole lot of it so good job for chucking a tyre wall in down the armco nice and quick.

  4. I always find it weird when I look at some tracks that there aren’t more tire barriers or otherwise modern barrier tech. It’s exactly these kind of freak accidents that end up leading to injuries. Even if, especially if, it’s an area where naturally in normal racing incidents you wouldn’t expect a car to end up.

    It’s the same with the Bianchi incident. They have these multiple ton tractors on track. Why wasn’t there some kind of rudimentary crash barrier skirting around all of these machines. Even if obviously cars should be slower so the danger is reduced, there is always danger and there is always freak circumstances that lead to Bianchi’s incident. For trackside tech surely there is scope for making them safer, custom built stuff for this sport worth billions. Same with tire barriers, to me there should be impact reduction completely lining the track. Why not? (Cost is not and should not be a factor).

  5. This is the first time I spot someone without a facemask in F1. The cameraman isn’t wearing one…

    So far it had been a 100% score

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