Perez is F1’s only positive Covid-19 case again

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Formula 1 has confirmed no other personnel related to the championship has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past week aside from Sergio Perez.

The Racing Point driver, who missed last week’s British Grand Prix after testing positive for the virus, was tested again yesterday. He was found to still have Covid-19, and Nico Hulkenberg will continue in his car this weekend.

“I will not be able to be this weekend in the car,” said Perez on social media after his second positive test was made public. “I wish the best to Nico and my entire team.

“Thank God I am in very good health, I hope to return soon. Thanks for your support.”

Formula 1 has conducted 22,631 Covid-19 tests since the 2020 season began at the Red Bull Ring last month. Of those, 5,127 were conducted in the past week. Only four tests have come back positive: Perez four times, and two individuals during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

This week Formula E resumed its championship in Berlin. Following similar procedures to Formula 1, it tested 1,423 people ahead of the race. Two of these were found to be positive: Mahindra team principal Dilbagh Gill and Formula E chairman Alejandro Agag.

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6 comments on “Perez is F1’s only positive Covid-19 case again”

  1. I think you mean Perez two times as otherwise, it’d be six in total.

  2. I wonder what this means for the next race as I am sure he is not allowed to leave the house until he tests negative. And then will spain allow him to enter this soon, even if he tests negative say wednesday or thursday.

    1. Well said, US-Brian! FIA must communicate with Spanish health organizations to make sure that they understand each other and know what to do in every scenario. Thankfuly, no new Covid19 cases, so it is possible to concencrate on solving the one but difficult case.

  3. I don’t want to get to picky, but I understand one thing is to have SARS COV2 virus and another is to subdue to Covid19 disease. All Covid19 patients has the SARS COV2 virus, but a lot of people that has the virus does not develope the Covid19 disease, normally referred as asymptomatic.

    Assuming Perez is been treated somehow it will be interesting to see how long it takes to test negative once you are test positive, I mean he is currently an experiment rigth now and under current UK rules he could pretty much be walking around spreading the virus at 7 days if not tested …

  4. A positive COVID test will ruin championship hopes for any contenders (i.e. either Merc.) Perez could potentially keep testing positive for weeks.

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