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Ilott boosts title hopes with home win

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Having largely squandered an opportunity to cut into Robert Shwartzman’s championship lead at Silverstone one week ago, Callum Ilott hit back with a commanding win from home in today’s feature race.

Having put his Virtuosi machine on pole position the day before, Ilott comfortably handled the competition to score his first win since the season-opening round by more than eight seconds.

Ilott held his lead from pole position while Christian Lundgaard alongside got away poorly. Dan Ticktum shot through from fourth on the grid to take second, but that rapid getaway was the prelude to a frustrating afternoon.

Ticktum slithered wide at Chapel early in the race, allowing Lundgaard back through into second. The DAMS pilot lost further positions over the following laps before diving for the pits for fresh rubber.

Jack Aitken, who’d started third, came in at the same time, but was held in his box as several other cars passed by, costing him valuable second. Lundgaard also came in from second, but despite getting on fresh tyres sooner he was unable to disrupt Ilott’s progress towards victory.

Schumacher ran long after inheriting the when the others pitted before him. He eventually pitted on lap 20, falling to 12th, and leaving Ilott’s way to victory clear.

Like Ilott, Lundgaard and Aitken also finished where they started. Nikita Mazepin rose three places to fourth, followed by Yuki Tsunoda and Schumacher.

Ticktum’s mood worsened as he slipped further down the order. Following a three-wide move involving Artem Markelov and Louis Deletraz he exclaimed: “Next time that [censored by FOM] pulls a kamikaze move like that I’m going to crash with him, I tell you that, I will never give him that much respect ever again.”

Matters worsened for Ticktum when he Shwartzman passed him for eighth place, securing the vital reverse-grid pole position which will give the Prema driver an opportunity to hit back at Ilott tomorrow.


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    12 comments on “Ilott boosts title hopes with home win”

    1. Ticktum showing why no one should like him. Absolutely nothing wrong with either of Deletraz’s moves, or any move anyone made on him that he moaned about.

    2. Good race from Ilott but he good massive good fortune with the yellow flags yesterday, otherwise he didn’t look like being on pole. Not the first time luck has smiled on him this year – he’s probably due a retirement like Zhou’s in the first race to even things up – but he drove a great race, superb pace. Dan Ticktum – oh dear. What a colossal, petulant moron. Never learns, can’t control his temper. Glad to see him have a terrible race. Hopefully he’ll be out of the sport soon. Otherwise – impressive again from Lundgaard, and it’s good to see Mazepin back in his F3 form after he struggled so much with the tyres last year.

    3. Luigi Guaraldo
      8th August 2020, 18:29

      It’s interesting that there is not awareness that race drivers like anyone else, can suffer from mental illnesses. After all these years, Ticktum has demonstrated severe narcissism and instability. He lacks the ability to make the right choices when he is unhappy with challenges, always needing to apportion blame on everyone around him.
      RedBull dropped him, not because of his driving, but how he is incapable of being a positive influence on teams, sponsors and drivers.
      He is incredibly talented, brilliant in a race car, but also extremely dangerous for those around him

    4. How did Mick get away with penalty for dangerous defensive move?

      1. It was very iffy wasn’t it? Surprised no black-and-white flag was shown. Credit to Mazepin though for keeping his foot in.

      2. I was thinking that as well, looked like a double movement but commentators didn’t even mention it.

        1. I think one of the commentators did mention the weaving but pushing Mazepin into grass was a bit over the edge. Surprised stewards didnt even look into it.

    5. Hmmm. Dan Ticktum threatening to run into someone on purpose. Again.

      1. @bradders Shocking, isn’t it? The bloke hasn’t changed a bit. Shouldn’t be allowed on a race track. Disrespectful to his team as well. And he was rubbish today, just went backwards.

        1. Story of his career, @tflb. I don’t really have much sympathy for any team that hires him.

          Hopefully he’ll continue to go backwards right off the back of the grid.

    6. Illot seems far more consistent in the last few races than Rob Schwartzmann, I would like to know what’s happening at Prema. Both of them great talents and potential prospects for F1, alonside Christian Lundgaard, anyway.

      1. @pironitheprovocateur Well, not exactly consistent – last week he threw away a front row by stalling on the grid then spun out of the sprint race! He has had good pace though, Ilott, but was somewhat flattered by the yellows in qualifying – Zhou was on course to beat him, Mazepin might have as well, maybe others. Schwartzman starts on pole for the sprint and would I think bite anyone’s hand off for a podium considering how he’s got on with Silverstone!

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