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2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix championship points

2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

2Red Bull113
5Racing Point41
8Alfa Romeo2

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2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

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    23 comments on “2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix championship points”

    1. If Max only had those 18-25 points from the Austrian GP. If only..

      1. Then he would be 5-12 points behind.

      2. @montalvo
        Yeah especially considering the “every race is like a final” approach from Redbull. Would certainly be something to look forward to

    2. Wow Verstappen is ahead of Bottas, and Leclerc is 4th with that Ferrari.

    3. More hot races please! I’m fully on board the Verstappen train, anything but another year of Merc domination.

      1. @skipgamer The current forecast for the Spanish GP weekend is 27-30 C.

      2. @skipgamer @jerejj I fear you need hot weather AND too soft tyres to knock MB off top spot. I think if you have only one of them then there is enough of a raw pace advantage for MB to manage it.

        Whilst Spain will probably be hot, we are back to C1, C2 and C3 so MB will not be compromised.

        1. @chimaera2003 Today Max on 25lap old hards were doing better lap times than Mercedes on 10lap old hards. These are C2. Unless Mercedes were super managing their pace, which is hard to believe because Max almost jumped them both. That sounds like a big gap.

          1. @ivan-vinitskyy There are plenty of moving parts when it comes to F1 strategy but I think if we had the C1, C2 and C3 today it would have been harder (but not impossible) for RBR to navigate their way past MB. It would have been a clear one-stop (assuming no awkwardly timed safety cars) with fewer tactical variations available (such as being able to get through Q2 on the hard tyre as the soft would be a viable race tyre).

            My statement was admittedly based on gut feel rather than hard science so you could be right. I was just cautioning that anyone hoping that a continuation of hot weather alone automatically making MB beatable could be disappointed. I think you need a few more factors working against MB for them to be beatable on merit like they were today.

        2. We don’t really know that yet, perhaps if it’s even hotter then Mercedes will struggle regardless of the tyres.

          Problem for Max is that there aren’t likely to be enough hot races for him to take the fight to Mercedes.

          The European races in September and October are not likely to be hot, generally speaking.

          1. @davidjwest I intended to write “will not be AS compromised”. Small word but big impact! I agree that stating outright that MB would have no issues with harder tyres would be a bold statement.

            However I fear that it would need to be much hotter in order for something similar to today to happen again.

    4. Lewis Hamilton extended his championship lead after finishing second in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

      I think it was 30 before today though, no?

      1. @Ninjenius Yes, so 34 now.

        1. Still 30… but now to Max, so it should have been “kept his championship lead”

    5. yeah, Max living up to his name, maximizing his opportunities.

      Bottas Mk 3.0 not much improvement on Bottas Mk 2.0. Mean while Hamilton marches on.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        9th August 2020, 19:38

        To be fair, it is 5 races into the season and had Bottas get his deserved 2nd place in the last 2 races, he would only be 10 points behind Hamilton.

        In 2017, by the 5th race, he was 35 points behind (will have been 20 without retiring in Spain)

        In 2018, if he got the win in China (which was deserved) and at least 2nd place in Baku (this was the position he had earned as he was lucky to get 1st), he will have been 12 points behind Hamilton at the end of race 5.

        In 2019, their luck looked even in the first 5 races and Bottas was 7 points behind.

        This year, as I mentioned above, Bottas would again be pretty close had he had slightly better luck, but I still think he’s looked noticeably better the past couple of years than before then.

        It is quite possibly related to the fact that mercedes are dominant and Hamilton is so strong that it makes it boring for many, but a lot of people (this isn’t against you) seem to be really against Bottas. I think he’s doing a very solid job. I just think the only way he can beat Hamilton is getting better luck like Rosberg did in 2016. Hamilton has clearly had less bad luck than Bottas in the 3 previous years, and so far, this year too.

    6. Wow had max finished in Austria he would just be 3 points behind Lewis in the standings

      1. That’s kind of nonsense. Even if he’d finished, what’s to say he’d have finished in the position he retired?

        1. And if lewis’ engine hadn’t exploded Malaysia 16 he would be a 7 x WDC. If MACLAREN hadn’t kept Lewis out for too long in China 07, he would be an 8 x WDC. Ifs and buts…

        2. @broke84 judging from Albon’s pace at the restart I’d say Max would’ve done really well even if we eliminate hindsight in terms of strategy, those 12+ points wouldn’t hurt

    7. Bottas Mk 3.0 not much improvement on Bottas Mk 2.0. Mean while Hamilton marches on.

      Yeah, screwed up by his own team to favour HAM. That’s what it’s called if it’s Ferrari, why not when it’s Mercedes and even more obvious?! Plus, HAM/Mercedes still owns BOT 1 win!!!

      1. That’s because Mercedes, as in everything else, are very subtle and cheeky about their driver status. While with Ferrari, it was always in your face type favorism. Mercs are expert in these sort of arrangements.

        1. @knightameer
          Yeah they always say, “we let our drivers race and whoever is infront gets the preferential strategy”

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