Tsunoda collects win after Prema team mates Schumacher and Shwartzman collide

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Prema were on course for a one-two finish in the sprint race at Silverstone until drivers Mick Schumacher and Robert Shwartzman collided while disputing the lead.

Shwartzman led the race from pole position but as his tyres faded in the final laps Schumacher drew within range. With three laps to go the Prema cars were nose-to-tail, with Yuki Tsunoda in close company.

Schumacher had a run on his team mate down the Wellington straight, and attempted to go around the outside as they approached Brooklands. But he was’t fully ahead of Shwartzman as he swung in, breaking his rival’s front wing, and running wide himself.

A grateful Tsunoda collected the lead. Schumacher’s car was apparently undamaged and he pressed on in pursuit of victory, but had to settle for second.

A furious Shwartzman criticised his team mate’s driving on the radio. After taking the chequered flag in second place Schumacher apologised profusely to his team, but the stewards ruled the clash was a racing incident.

The Prema collision promoted Jack Aitken to the podium for the second race in a row. Having finished third yesterday, he converted sixth on the grid to fourth when the lights went out. Shwartzman made an electric start from pole position, initially leaving fellow front row started Schumacher behind, though over the first lap Schumacher rapidly closed on his team mate.

Nikita Mazepin got away poorly from fifth on the grid, allowing Christian Lundgaard to move into his position from seventh. But the ART driver’s race ended when his front-left tyre de-laminated as he swung into the right-hander after Maggotts.

That left Louis Deletraz to collect fourth place after the late-race drama, followed by Guanyu Zhou. Feature race winner Callum Ilott took sixth following a fierce battle with Dan Ticktum, and strong words between the pair on their radios. Mazepin recovered to eighth.

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    20 comments on “Tsunoda collects win after Prema team mates Schumacher and Shwartzman collide”

    1. How to Throw Away a Win by Mick Schumacher. I can only assume he avoided a penalty because it was with his team-mate (which should never be a factor when deciding penalties IMO), because otherwise that was a slam-dunk penalty. Redemption for Tsunoda after Styria though, fully deserved!

    2. Oh dear Mick… can hardly seem to complete a race without a major error. Bad luck for Schwartzman, a podium would have been just what he needed. Also – Ilott falling on his feet yet again – apparently you can just drive into someone to pass them and push them off the road. He seemed to think he was in the right – looked from the outside he just got out of shape and shoved Mazepin off. 5 second post race penalty?

      1. When did that happen(I watched last 4 laps only)? Yesterday Mick on purpose shoved Mazepin out onto grass and wasnt penalised so if Ilott did it accidentally he surely shouldnt be penalised.

        1. About half way through I think – Ilott made a late lunge at Brooklands, clattered into the side of Mazepin and pushed him off. Moaned on the radio about moving in the braking zone but it looked more like Mazepin was taking the normal line into the corner to be honest.

        2. Mind you – considering Mazepin once punched Ilott in the face I’m not sure there’s any good will there!

    3. Another incident by Mick Schumacher which doesnt get a penalty.

      1. Schumacher had quite a lot of errors this season for sure. Also he used quite different pit strategies than most of the field and those often just not worked out.

        Quite sad for Shwartzman, I guess it’s considerable bad luck.
        Meanwhile Tsunoda is above expectations, one or two high finishes might be lucky but it’s the third and only half season? yet. Although all other finishes are quite low, but I not checked it cloesly, so time will tell. Looks good from a rookie in this strong field.

    4. Mick… No coments. Another race with a major error. Also I have to criticize this black and white flag bull****. You have a driver like Pourchaire behaving like an idiot waving on Hangar straight all the weekend and that’s what he receives? A joke.

    5. Very poor from Mick. To throw away a Prema 1-2, and to destroy your teammate’s race. I would be one very unhappy Prema today.

      1. on the other hand, they seem to be perfectly ready to move to Ferrari. The training is complete.

        1. Haha. Nice one.

    6. I thought the commentary was harsh on Schumacher.

      If you look at the video, when Schumacher — who is on the racing line — begins turning in there’s quite a significant gap between the two cars with Schumacher ever so slightly ahead.

      Shwartzman’s actually still drifting towards the outside of the track and Schumacher as Schumacher turns in. It’s not until it’s too late that Shwartzman decides to straighten up. Shwartzman should have straightened up much earlier. He can’t expect to retake the racing line when coming from so far on the inside of the track.

      Shwartzman squeezed Schumacher if anything.

    7. Honestly I think Tsunoda had saved his tyres more than both of them anyway. I was kinda thinking he would win regardless of a crash. Sure Mick probably had some damage to the rear of his car after the incident, but Yuki still pulled away quite a lot in the last couple of laps.

    8. Honestly, what did the two Premas do here?

      1. Why don’t you watch a replay or read the article???

        1. Um, it’s a “Honestly, what are we doing here” reference.

    9. If ferrari puts Mick in an Alfa f1 car next year, then it will be a disgrace. He is a midfield F2 driver. I don’t think he will finish the required 6th in this year’s championship to get a superlicense anyway.

      1. He’s suddenly not looking anything special yet, I’m sorry to say. Some massive talent in that field doing great things but he’s not one of them yet.

        1. He’s *certainly*…

    10. Mick repeated the characteristic Vettel’s error; assuming that his teammate would move over as soon as he is half car length ahead. Vettel has done that twice; once with Webber, another time with Leclerc. No, the move is not complete until your car is fully ahead.
      Just remember that your teammate is a racer too, he won’t yield automatically. Mick’s move is understandable; he would be out of position in the next corner, if he didn’t try that. He was lucky to finish the race in second unlike Vettel in both of his cases. My sympathy goes to Shwartzman and Prema.

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