Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Valencia, 2012

Hamilton equals Schumacher’s podiums record

2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix stats and facts

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Lewis Hamilton missed his chance to score his second home win in eight days yesterday, but he did equal another all-time Formula 1 record.

He came in second, which was the 155th time he has officially finished in the top three, putting him level with the record held by Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton took 14 years to equal a record Schumacher built over two decades, between the 1992 Mexican Grand Prix and 2012 European Grand Prix. However Schumacher’s 154th podium came in 2006 – it took him another six years to bag the final one, including a three-year spell out of the sport.

Mercedes’ formidable performance over the opening rounds prompted speculation they might win every race. Max Verstappen ensured that talk went no further with his first win of the season.

Verstappen has as many wins as Webber
It was the ninth victory of his career. The sport’s only other nine-time winner is Mark Webber, who won twice at Silverstone, including his final victory in 2012.

Webber’s tally of pole positions was equalled by Valtteri Bottas. He now has 13, which also puts him level with world champions Graham Hill, Jack Brabham and Jacques Villeneuve, plus Jacky Ickx and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Nico Hulkenberg scored his first points since returning to Formula 1 and his first for Racing Point – though he previously drove for the same team when it was called Force India.

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The FIA’s verdict on Racing Point on Friday confiscated 15 of their world championship points. This was an unusual decision for two reasons: The drivers were exempt, and the number of points deducted did not correspond to those scored in the disputed races – Racing Point scored 34 points in the Styrian, Hungarian and British Grands Prix.

Racing Point’s penalty was unusual
The former is unusual but not unprecedented. The International Sporting Code states that under special circumstances the stewards can confiscate points from teams or drivers individually.

Indeed Racing Point – when it was Force India – had all its points from the first 12 races of 2018 removed following its mid-season change of owner, but its drivers were unaffected. Similarly 2007 McLaren had all their points from every race removed, but Hamilton and Fernando Alonso finished second and third in the championship.

There are also examples from individual races, such as the 2000 Austrian Grand Prix. Among drivers, Schumacher famously lost all the points he scored in the 1997 world championship.

However it is highly unusual for the stewards to specify the number of points which are deducted, rather than simply take away all the points scored at a given race or races. That may still be reversed, of course, if Racing Point proceed with an appeal and are successful.

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27 comments on “Hamilton equals Schumacher’s podiums record”

  1. Car/Bike #33 won is F1, Moto GP and Moto 2 this weekend

    1. In week 33 of 2020,
      which is 33 year after the ’87 Britisch GP won by the then 33yo Nigel Mansell.

      1. And 99 divided by 3 is 33.
        This all means that Lewis will win the season by 33 points with 3 rounds to spare.
        And then sign for Red Bull?

      2. Bloody Hell @coldfly that’s perhaps the most impressive statistical response I’ve seen here.

    2. Of those 3 victories, only Moto2 was quite straightforward win from start to end while other 2 were fought over.

  2. Interesting one for this weekend: With Verstappen winning the 70th anniversary grand prix and Binder winning the Czech MotoGP race, the #33 Red Bull machine won both the Formula 1 and MotoGP race yesterday. Moto2 was won by #33 as well to complete the set, but Bastianini is not a Red Bull-backed rider.

  3. – The third consecutive DNF for Kevin Magnussen in Silverstone, subsequently also the first retiree in three successive Silverstone races.
    – The second race this season to feature only a single driver not reaching the chequered flag, and in this case, the fewest ever on this track.
    – Last season’s Mexican GP was the most recent race in which the pole-sitter didn’t win before this event.
    – Kimi broke Michael Schumacher’s record of most laps raced in F1 history. He’s now on 16,845 laps to Michael’s 16,825.

  4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    10th August 2020, 14:07

    Pretty stunning number of podiums for Lewis! He’s also looking good to break the century mark in poles or wins.

  5. Well done. Great accomplishment.

  6. Hats off to the bloke. Not least how he keeps motivated to keep pushing after all the success he’s had

  7. “Hamilton took 14 years to equal a record Schumacher built over two decades”

    Shouldn’t it be 13 ? Because Hamilton has started his F1 career in 2007.

    1. @dan_the_mclaren_fan
      The article means this is HAM’s 14th season, which is accurate.

    2. Count the years out on your fingers. 14 is correct.

  8. Bottas’ pole extends the record for most consecutive poles at one circuit by a constructor to nine. Ferrari has the second longest streak of seven at Suzuka (1998-2004).

  9. TerminatesHere
    10th August 2020, 15:29

    Not sure if this counts. but whilst the F1 was going on, António Félix da Costa won the Formula E championship – the first champion of this series never to have raced in F1 (Ok, he was a test driver a few times, but was never entered for a race).

  10. Won’t claim it as my own, but Sky F1 said that the last four (now five) times someone had won from 4th on the grid it was a Red Bull.

  11. Bottas overtook Hamilton in one statistic: the Finn has reached Q3 now 67 times in a row, a record previously held by Hamilton (he had 66 Q3 appearances between 2010-2013). Bottas has reached all Q3 sessions since the 2017 Australian GP; though he has not always set a lap time (e.g. 2018 Belgian GP) nor started where he should have due to penalties (e.g. 2019 Abu Dhabi).

  12. It’s the fifth consecutive race where all podium finishers wore facemasks…

    1. It’s the first race this season where the race winner hasn’t taken the knee.

  13. I guess Hulk should now forget podiums and everything to do with podiums..

  14. A few more random bits:
    – This is the 3rd time in the turbo hybrid era that Red Bull have stopped a Mercedes winning streak (from the start of the season). The same happened in 2019, 2016, and 2014.

    – And for those hoping for a championship battle, a single constructor winning four of the opening races only to be defeated in the fifth one has happened a few times previously, perhaps most notably in 1991, 1994 and 2005. So, if Red Bull manage to improve and Mercedes run into more tyre troubles, there is still a chance of something happening.

    1. @kaiie – While hypothetically possible, barring some sort of massive failure, the season is over.

  15. Bottas took the pole Verstapen the win and Hamilton the fastest lap and as this GP can’t happened again this make them the one end only record holder for this race for ever.

  16. When was the last F1 race that had as many overtakes around the outside as Alex Albon has just done at Silverstone?

  17. Both Hamilton and Schumacher got their latest/final podiums in same constructor

  18. 2nd time in 3 races that Raikkonen has been slowest in Q1 on pace – this had never happened prior to 2020.

    A bit late, but prior to this race Verstappen had scored exactly 1000 points.

    Gasly finished the first Silverstone race 7th (having started outside the top 10) then started 7th in the second Silverstone race (but finished outside the points with Kvyat finishing 10th) – exactly the same happened in the Austrian races.

    Stroll has scored more points so far in 2020 than in the whole of 2018 and 2019 combined.

    So far this year both Renaults have had a DNF due to overheating, a 14th-place finish, 2 8th-place finishes, and one higher finish.

    Verstappen’s 107th F1 start – the most for a Dutchman, beating his father’s 106 starts.

    Raikkonen has broken Schumacher’s record for most laps raced in F1.

    Magnussen is the first driver to manage 3 DNFs at the same circuit in the space of just 2 seasons.

    Thanks to statsf1, Channel 4, and the official F1 site for some of these.

  19. Honda won at Silverstone for the first time since 1989 (Alain Prost)

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