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Alonso won’t return to Indianapolis 500 before 2023


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Fernando Alonso has confirmed he will not continue to race in the Indianapolis 500 when he returns to Formula 1 with Renault next year.

Last month Renault announced a two-year deal for Alonso to drive for them starting from the 2021 F1 season. Alonso ruled out the possibility of fitting in the race, which runs over multiple consecutive weeks, with his F1 commitments.

“I will approach the race knowing the next two years it is going to be impossible to come,” he said ahead of the start of practice at the Brickyard tomorrow. “I will have to miss the qualifying weekend if I wanted to do so.

“I will not be any more with McLaren next year in F1. That will not work either. I know at least for two years I will not be here.”

Alonso raced for McLaren in F1 between 2015 and 2018, but skipped the Monaco Grand Prix in 2017 to make his debut at Indianapolis. He has joined the new McLaren SP IndyCar team for this year’s race.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown had indicated his willingness to provide a car for Alonso to drive at Indianapolis again next year. But Alonso confirmed he won’t be taking up the offer.

“This is the way it is at the moment,” Alonso continued. “I’m here ready to enjoy the event, ready to give my best, and help the team as much as I can.

“Let’s see in the future what are the possibilities. If you eventually win one day the race, maybe that opens the possibility for different things.”

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11 comments on “Alonso won’t return to Indianapolis 500 before 2023”

  1. Oh dear!

  2. I am kinda puzzled how Mclaren became Alonso’s overly attached (ex)girlfriend…

    1. Probably because he won a lot of points for them that helped them crawl out of the position they were in.

    2. Maybe marketing @mrbroems, otherwise, good observation!

  3. Well I guess he’d better win it this year… too bad there’ll be no one to celebrate…

  4. So… O’Ward-Askew 1-2 in 2021 then?

  5. Interest in this years 500 just slipped a little bit. The biggest name in Indy 500 racing is stepping back for a few years. Might be to long away from this style of racing to still be effective at, years from tonight.

    1. Biggest Name in Indy 500 racing!!?
      Surely you jest, or know little about the racing scene over here….

  6. “I will approach the race knowing the next two years it is going to be impossible to come,”

    I suspect that is a very wise option.

  7. Can’t wait for Scotty, who’s been racing and winning while Ferdi contemplates his navel with his PR team, to bring him back to reality…
    Now if Lewis Max or Seb were entered THAT would be a big deal.

    1. But how many times would Seb spin and have to drive at the back?

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