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Perez believes his Racing Point future is secure and Vettel rumours will “go away”

2020 Spanish Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez says he is not concerned about his future at Racing Point despite rumours linking Sebastian Vettel to the team.

Vettel will be a free agent next year after he leaves Ferrari. Sightings of him greeting Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll with an elbow-bump, and getting into a car with CEO Otmar Szafnauer, have fuelled speculation he could join the team next year when it becomes Aston Martin.

“With the rumours of Sebastian, I think there’s nothing I can do,” said Perez in response to a question by RaceFans.

“What I’ve heard from the team is that we all want to keep going, to continue. So I believe it’s just a matter of time before those rumours can go away.”

Perez, who is returning to racing this weekend having missed two rounds due to positive Covid-19 tests, signed a long-term contract with the team last year. Asked whether he had spoken to any other teams about a potential drive in 2021 he said “no, not really, given that my position with the team looks quite secure.

“That’s the feeling that I’ve been getting. So we are fully on this package and we want to continue as well.”

Asked about the sightings of Vettel with Stroll and Szafnauer, Perez said: “I think about Otmar, he’s a very proud Ferrari owner first of all.

“What do I make of it? Nothing. I think everyone is free to do what they want, especially outside the racing.

“Between the elbow with Lawrence, nothing really to say, I don’t make any anything of it.”

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11 comments on “Perez believes his Racing Point future is secure and Vettel rumours will “go away””

  1. Vettel can spin it all he wants, but that won’t get him a RP/AM seat.

    1. You inadvertently bring up a good point… all those spins in the Ferrari suggest A-M will have plenty of brand exposure next year if they hire him.

      In all seriousness, Perez is no Senna, but I can’t see anyone hiring Vettel unless he drives for free, or a team’s sponsor mandates a world champion in the team, which could be the case with A-M, who knows.

    2. Don’t forget that in addition to getting in Otmar’s car Seb has been seen drinking BWT water.

  2. Well, something or someone will surely go away…

  3. So this means, RP could we’ll go down the ideal route of replacing Lance with Sebastian. On the other hand, I think Vettel to Alfa Romeo looks more realistic now.

    1. Not a chance of Vettel going to Alfa Romeo….I believe he has a deal for a team in his pocket, and we will have to wait and see…

  4. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
    13th August 2020, 19:03

    For a 4 time WDC, he makes a lot of mistakes. Not worth the price tag. Not to mention he seems to have a knack for colliding with teammates anyways (both at RBR and Ferrari)! He seems like a really nice guy, but man, he really has carried himself poorly this year (aside from his track performance)!

  5. Really curious to see how this will all pan out. Obviously getting a 4x WC in the team would be a big coup and Vettel would bring the winning experience the current drivers don’t have. At the same time, it remain to be seen if Vettel can do better than Perez in a good mid-field team. And it remains to be seen what RP/ Aston Martin will be able to do… Lots of people seem to think they are on the way to become a top team, but I doubt they have the budget of a top team. And the approach of using a Merc design from last year design, although very cost effective and performant (tx to Merc domination) will only be good for a while and has no chance to bring them to the top. So what’s the real L. Stroll plan. And what’s Vettel’s?

    1. Honestly vettel bringing winning experience? Give perez a race he can win and he will win, I don’t see why vettel would be positive, perez can do what vettel does any day if not better.

  6. Would Vettel at RP stop making the repeated rookie errors that have plagued him since 2017? Or should RP get the best two drivers, Hulk and Perez, which would also be the most cost efficient pairing?

  7. Vettel has not done well at Ferrairi,but so has Alonso. 2 Of the best drivers last 10 years.(You don’t become 4 times world champion if your are an average driver,and Alanso credibility speak for itself).So the problem is with Ferrairi. By the way ..would have loved to see Alonso in that pienk Merc last 2 races in Perez’s place.Ponduim 4 sure

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