Watching F1 in quarantine was “very boring” – Perez

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez admits he found the British Grand Prix a dull watch while he was in quarantine due to his positive Covid-19 test.

What they say

Perez had to sit out both races at Silverstone but is back in action this weekend:

I found that really boring, to be honest, to be watching the race instead of being in the race.

Especially the first Silverstone race. That one was very boring until the last lap or two. And then it got better. I think the second race with the tyre changing was a lot more entertainment than the first one.

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Comment of the day

The FIA’s sudden decision to ban engine ‘qualifying modes’ has promoted surprise:

I don’t have an issue with the banning of performance improving concepts with the idea of trying to equalise performance. Especially if copying is to be banned but that is another story!

What I do have an issue with is the fact that it appears to have been unilaterally imposed mid season with some fairly tenuous face-saving reasons. This is not a safety issue for instance. There will be a lot of research dollars spent on these modes with the expectation of utilising them over a complete season. If this directive was stated before then the power unit manufacturers may have chosen to spend the money elsewhere with a better cost-benefit ratio.

This change must have been in the works for a while since some comprehensive policing systems will need to be developed to ensure that all breaches are spotted and more importantly that all non-breaches are ignored. I don’t have a huge amount of faith here given the Ferrari power unit outcome.

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19 comments on “Watching F1 in quarantine was “very boring” – Perez”

  1. Disappointed that Felipe and Venturi have parted ways, though not entirely surprised.

    I felt he showed quite a strong improvement versus Mortara over the Berlin events, but perhaps the decision had been made beforehand. The penalty for the Di Grassi incident in race 4 was ridiculous in my opinion.

    I hope he finds the fulfilment he’s looking for in his next move. I’ll be sure to watch if I can.

    Forza Felipe.

  2. Okay, I give up, the racing is boring but the tyre changes are exciting, so says Checo Perez. Not a well thought out attitude for a driver, imagine how much money could be saved by dropping the racing part of F1 and just doing 50 sets of tyre changes.

    1. Be gentle with Checo. He was ’unlucky’ to catch the virus, and might not be a 100% fit yet.

      1. Good point, I read that “fuzzy brain” is one of the lingering symptoms, sorry Checo, get well soon.

      2. And F1 was lucky he didn’t infect the rest of the paddock. What about the other 5 or 6 people in his bubble? I suppose they’ve been found to be uninflected and are about to return to their normal duties.

        1. Indeed it would be more interesting to ask those people in his bubble if they missed visiting their mothers when in quarantine.

          Checo should be wiser and refrain from talking, or answering questions, about the personal impacts of his stupidity.

    2. He probably meant the changes in the types of tyres used, not changing the tyres during pit stops.

  3. Box Box Fernando.

    1. That was a misunderstanding he didn’t crash they were just practicing pit stops at full speed lol on a serious note I’m happy he is ok bc that could have been really ugly. It’s good it happened now and not tomorrow or closer to the race. I bet he learned his lesson to never touch the curbing. People were saying it’s the same thing he did last time he crashed but they are wrong. Last year he was in dirty air and got the car off line and at Indy when that happens you will be sucked into the wall and there’s nothing you can do about it. Also they need to remind alonso these cars don’t have power steering. He left his hands on the wheel which scared me. In f1 you can get away with that more but not indycars

    2. Do you still get fined for speeding in the pit lane it you’re rolling backwards after an impact?

      1. They give you money if you can come in backwards – 4 times as much if you can enter in reverse from the other end.

  4. This was not Alonso. This could not have been Alonso.
    Alonso doesn’t crash. Ever.

    Alonso is literally Chuck Norris of motorsport.
    Alonso doesn’t touch a wall. He etches his name into it.

    1. But Fernando’s “acting double” has taken some serious knocks.

  5. That was an interesting way to make a pit stop by Fernando. I know there’s a bit of a difference between F1 and Indy pit stops, but not that much…

    1. I know they have a smaller pit crew in Indy, but never realised the driver has to remove the wheels themselves.

  6. I agree with Checo in that the second race was more exciting than the first.
    As for the COTD: I share the same sentiments in that this would be hard to police, and that doing something like this ‘during’ a season instead of between two consecutive seasons is questionable. My view is that this whole thing shouldn’t happen at all as there’s nothing wrong with using the highest possible engine/PU mode (or Strat mode for Mercedes, and scenario mode for Mclaren and Renault) in qualifying, which is the most lap time-dependent session. ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  7. +1 for the CoTD!

    Mid-season ‘equalizer’ rulings are pathetic. Show some balls FIA, just ban Merc until you’re certain RBR will win the series, then ban them and grant Ferrari the titles… because… ‘the show’

    1. then ban them and grant Ferrari the titles…

      That still requires a mid-season equaliser rule by moving from Gregorian to Todtorian Calendar to lenthen 2020 by quite a few months.

  8. Tell me about it Checo…

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