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McLaren’s changes to prevent “catastrophic pit stops” have paid off – Seidl

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In the round-up: McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is pleased with the changes the team has made to improve its pit stops following a series of problems last year:

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Speaking after Sunday’s race, Seidl said he was pleased with the improvements McLaren have made to their pit stop routines:

It was important simply, like we always have done, to analyse in detail after each each weekend what went wrong together with the team. We had issues so far this year. We were not always spot-on on the execution side, but also we had issues with the equipment. And that’s something that takes time to build up again.

We were quick last year, but we were not robust enough. We made good changes on the equipment side over winter in order to help the crew to make sure we don’t have these catastrophic pit stops but somehow lost the speed and the consistency, as you have seen in previous races.

We go into a lot of details when we do the analysis together with the guys to see also where we can help them. We did that after the last race at Silverstone and it was good to see actually [in Spain] that all the hard work the guys were putting in was paying off.

At the same time, there’s no reason to get carried away with that. We know we are not as consistent as we would like to be and as quick as we want to be. But it was a definitely good step.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

@Maciek hopes for the best following the news of Williams’ sale:

Maybe this particular investment firm will turn out not to be a bunch of lecherous vampires sucking a company dry before discarding the remnants. As Murray Walker would say, ‘anything can happen in F1’.

But it’s very sad to see what was once a true racing team end on a vomit-ous corporate whimper of ‘delivering best outcomes for shareholders’.

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6 comments on “McLaren’s changes to prevent “catastrophic pit stops” have paid off – Seidl”

  1. Well I guess that confirms Kvyat is out of the Red Bull stable by the end of the season then.

    1. That 4th seat hasn’t paid off for them for a few years – have they got any good up and comers or is it time for Marko to salt in a wise head (there’ll be at least two that would be a neat fit).

  2. In regard to the Mark Gallagher tweet yes I understand the anxiety of the English having to watch a sport that they had so much to do with and so much control over drift away. But they can take some solice in the fact that at least for the foreseeable future it will remain physically based in England.
    The COTD is a similar story with the cooperate take over of F1 in the 70s and the associated arms race and increase in costs. I’m surprised it took this long for the final independent team to fold/be taken over. F1 will probably never go back to what I think of except for the deaths as the golden years late 60s early 70s.
    I wonder how people like Brabham, McLaren and Chapman would look upon current F1.

  3. Interesting bits from the Marko article:
    On the quali mode ban: “This not only affects qualifications, it also affects the in and out lap”
    Correlation issues: “we still have certain disadvantages with our chassis, which is somehow unpredictable because data from the wind tunnel is not reflected on the track”
    Basic car issue: “we know that we have the problem of the rear tires overheating”

  4. Well, Red Bull should consider letting Kvyat go (again) should at least one of their academy-drivers in the lower categories attain the necessary amount of super license-points for next year.

    Regarding LH’s tweet: Is that the one in the older Terminators who’s on his left?

    1. Most likely Lawson and Tsunoda at the end of the year, maybe Vips. Right now only Sette Camara I think.

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