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Hubert’s number 19 permanently retired by F2

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Formula 2 has permanently retired the number 19 car from the championship in memory of Anthoine Hubert, who died in a crash at Spa-Francorchamps last year.

Hubert used the number in the 17 F2 races he started last year, which included victories at Monaco and Paul Ricard. The number 19 was not assigned to any driver this season.

Ahead of F2’s return to the scene of his fatal crash, F2 confirmed details of how Hubert’s memory will be honoured by it as well as in Formula 1 and Formula 3 this weekend.

One minute of silence will be held before Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix and Saturday’s Formula 2 feature race, the event in which Hubert lost his life 12 months ago.

A new logo has been created incorporating Hubert’s initials, the number 19 and the star design used on his crash helmet. This will be displayed on all F1, F2 and F3 cars this weekend, and appear on official communications from F2 and F3.

Hubert died following a crash on the second lap of last year’s feature race. His car was involved in a collision with that of rival Juan Manuel Correa, who suffered serious leg injuries. An FIA investigation determined the crash had multiple causes, including both drivers losing control of their cars after hitting debris from a prior incident. Both drivers and all others involved in the incident were cleared of any responsibility.

Among the changes made to the circuit ahead of this year’s race are alterations to a barrier at Raidillon, turn four, which Hubert’s car struck before the impact with Correa. An extra kerb has been added at Eau Rouge, turn two, and all artificial grass has been removed from the track. The second pit lane entrance at the exit of La Source, turn one, has also been extended.

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5 comments on “Hubert’s number 19 permanently retired by F2”

  1. Totally right thing to do.

  2. Nice touch but personally for me )and I mean no disrespect to anyone) I never agree with retiring a number for any reason.

  3. While I feel for his family and friends, and remembering him and marking the track ‘anniversary’ is absolutely the right thing to do, I am sure that any racer would want racing to go on without meaningless gestures like this.

    I’m against retiring the number, as it’s just a number. Remember the man, not his number.

    1. We can remember both his name and his number, @sham; where is the harm in that? It was the number he chose to drive with and now it will be his number forever. It’s not meaningless; especially for his poor family. Any tiny thing that helps them is worthwhile.

  4. F2, the FFSA, and the Hubert family would probably have been better off by making No. 19 a “Hubert Scholarship” number. The driver in F2 who wins the Hubert Scholarship by FFSA chosen by a panel including the family should have the right to use No. 19 during the F2 season. Make it an honour to use it.

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