Ticktum cleared to participate in F2 race after negative Covid-19 test

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DAMS Formula 2 driver Dan Ticktum has been cleared to rejoin the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps after testing negative for Covid-19.

However Ticktum has missed the only practice session ahead of qualifying this afternoon following his previous Covid-19 test produced an inconclusive result. Ticktum, a member of Williams’ junior driver programme, will return to action when qualifying begins at the track at 5pm local time.

Ticktum’s negative test will come as a relief to his DAMS team which was only able to run one car in the first practice session. This was occupied by Juri Vips, who is standing in for the team’s other regular driver Sean Gelael this weekend. Gelael sustained a back injury in a crash during the previous round in Spain.

Vips covered 15 laps in and set the 17th-fastest time in the first practice session, 1.364 seconds slower than pace-setter Robert Shwartzman for Prema.

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  • 6 comments on “Ticktum cleared to participate in F2 race after negative Covid-19 test”

    1. Bummer, had high hopes for a moment

    2. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, well that’s not totally true.

    3. First thing I hope the new Williams do is to cut ties with this despicable person.

      1. @tonyyeb frankly I think it takes a more despicable person to continue to judge and attack someone 5 years after they made a silly mistake as a teenager in a high pressure environment and have shown nothing but remorse since…

        1. You’ve obviously not been following the actions and comments made by Mr Ticktum in those 5 years following his deplorable actions. Just this month he threated to do the same again: https://www.planetf1.com/news/dan-ticktum-threatens-rival-crash/

          Remorse would be meaningless if he manages to hurt someone with his actions. Motorsport doesn’t need this kind of hot head in what can easily be turned into a weapon.

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