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Double Q2 elimination a ‘true picture’ of Ferrari’s performance – Vettel

2020 Belgian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari’ inability to progress from Q2 in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix paints a “true picture” of the team’s performance around Spa-Francorchamps this weekend.

After sitting at the bottom of the timesheets in third practice, both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were eliminated in Q2 during qualifying, with the pair set to start tomorrow’s Belgian Grand Prix in 13th and 14th, respectively.

But with such a disappointing result for one of Formula One’s traditional frontrunners, Sebastian Vettel claims a seventh row start is a fair reflection of the SF-1000’s true performance this weekend.

“Well, it is the true picture,” says Vettel. “It’s what the car can do around here today.

“Obviously we tried everything we can and a lot of effort went in from last night to today, trying to make things better. I think we did a little bit. But obviously we’re not where we want to be, but that’s not the first race and the first qualifying where that’s the case.”

Despite Ferrari being unable to match their qualifying times from 2019 around the Belgian circuit, Vettel is not surprised by the team’s lack of pace.

“We tried to do our best,” Vettel says. “I think it’s obviously the car that we have and the car that we know now for the whole season so far. So it’s not a surprise today.

“Obviously a P13 is not as exciting as P1, but I think we still tried to put everything together and this morning we looked like we wouldn’t make it to Q2 and we did with both cars. So, obviously, that’s not a success, but it’s everything that we could do today and it’s where we stand. So we’ll see what happens.”

Vettel’s Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc says he empathises with Ferrari fans disappointed by the team’s “big step back”.

“To be honest, it’s very difficult to find an explanation,” says Leclerc.

“Yeah, it’s a big step back. We need to try and find the main issue to try and address it. I think everyone in the team needs to keep their heads up, even though it’s very difficult in tough times like this. I can also understand the fans at home that are very disappointed. It’s understandable. But yet, us drivers all try to make the best race possible tomorrow, even though we can’t expect any miracles.”

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2020 Belgian Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Double Q2 elimination a ‘true picture’ of Ferrari’s performance – Vettel”

  1. “To be honest, it’s very difficult to find an explanation,”

    I think everyone knows the explanation, so I’m not sure why it’s difficult to find.

    1. @john-h Is it though? The fact that a 40-year-old Kimi Raikkonen whose one-lap abilities are well past his prime nearly beat the Ferraris in Q1 in a Ferrari-powered Alfa shows that there’s more to it than just the Ferrari engine. Who knows, maybe with a clean final lap, K-Mag may have been able to outqualify them.

      1. “Nearly”

        1. @ahxshades Yes, nearly. No, not “nearly”. 0.08 seconds is near, not “near”.

  2. Binotto, with your rebellion towards Arrivabene you destroyed Ferrari. Go home and necer get out of there you traitor.

    1. Engine upgrades take a few months to develop. That cheat engine had been around since 2017 if you ask me. Binotto obviously just has to do what his superiors tell him to.

  3. I think the problem resolved itself as of Monza no more Party mode.
    Also there should be only 1 Party, the “Hamilton Party” where everyone is required to drive as fast as possible.

    1. Sorry, was supposed to go in Norris helmet comments

  4. “Well, it is the true picture,”

    No fans allowed at venue for Monza and Mugello will be the only saving grace.

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