Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Spa-Francorchamps, 2020

2020 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2020 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton increased his lead in the drivers’ championship to 47 points over Max Verstappen by winning the Belgian Grand Prix.

F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix

2Red Bull158
4Racing Point66
8Alfa Romeo2

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2020 Belgian Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2020 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. It was a shame Sainz couldnt start else Mclaren would have gotten some more extra points for the team which looked very kind on tyres.

    1. Yeah, I am sure Sainz would have been right in there between Ricciard-Ocon-Albon-Norris pack.

  2. Hulkenberg just one place behind Vettel; with Ferrari’s pace I wouldn’t even be surprised if he’ll overtake the Ferrari driver soon.

  3. Nice one Albon. Best of the rest after the top three.

    1. @aliced are you being serious or sarcastic with that remark – because you’re sounding more like the latter than the former.

      Realistically, though, should Albon be in that position somewhat by default given that we effectively only have two teams out in front – Mercedes and Red Bull – and Albon is driving for one of them? If he had six 4th place finishes, allowing for the fact that he DNF’d with mechanical issues in one, then he’d be on 72 points – his points total is rather below what you would expect.

      1. Clearly it was sarcastic, look at Verstappen’s 110 points to Albon’s 48. Now, I’m not saying to swap Gasly and Albon, but they should swap Gasly and Albon.

      2. I am seriously impressed. Seems like everyone in the forum is not impressed by Albon. I agree he is far off Verstappen, but to be fourth in the points is very good.

  4. Still he rises!

  5. So Hamilton to be crowned champion at the Turkish GP at this rate with 3 races to spare

  6. ferrari 6th by next race

  7. Mercedes and Red Bull could both really do with an upgrade on their #2 drivers.

    Bottas is solid in qualifying, but just not good enough in race pace on most days. He does the job for Merc right now, but I’d much rather see a young-gun in there (a Russel or a Norris).

    Albon did get given a poor strategy today, but even so he is so far off the pace of Max it’s getting ridiculous. If Gasly isn’t good enough to put back in, then maybe it’s time to break with the young driver program tradition and bring in someone like Hulkenberg.

  8. Ferrari seem to be confirmed for 6th place honours this year.

  9. Interesting that Renault might end up grabbing 3rd place in WCC this year when it seemed they would go backwards again since Racing Point seemed to be faster!
    Of course with different tracks we’ll get different results but F1.5 does seem to be a blast this year, also due to Ferrari being relegated from the top and also with Albon apparently not being able to escape it.

    1. So Sainz will go from a team which could actually finish 3rd to a team that will almost definitely drop to sixth in the championship. And with the frozen rules that’s going to stay that way next year. Btw, because of the same rules, they should already write Lewis name as 2020 and 2021 champion. After all, even if Bottas could, by some miracle, try to challenge him, there is an agreement for Bottas not to be able to do it, as you heard his engineer saying today.

      1. My understanding is that the chassis is frozen but the engine isn’t. So Ferrari could make a leap next year.

      2. The press to overtake puts strain on the engine and reduces engine life. From a team perspective you don’t do that if there is no net points gain as would be the case if it was allow your drovers to swap places. It would make sense if it where to overtake another team as it would equal a net gain in points. Thus between your two drivers they overtake with what they’ve got or not at all. Makes perfect sense particularly for a team as detailed as Mercedes. At least until the WCC is mathematically wrapped up.

  10. Bottas and Verstappen are fighting it out like Hakkinen and Schumacher.

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