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Williams started season with “compromised” aerodynamics package

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In the round-up: Williams’ head of vehicle performance Dave Robson said the team started the season with a compromised aerodynamics package due to cooling problems.

What they say

Robson said the team discovered a shortcoming with its cooling in pre-season testing but wasn’t able to fully resolve it during the pre-season lockdown period:

We didn’t quite have the bits we really needed to to cool the car. Well, we could cool it, but at some compromise to the aerodynamics at round one.

To be honest, we did have some signs of that in winter testing. We thought we had engineered it out. Obviously we didn’t get the chance to do everything we wanted to do once we hit lockdown.

We had new bits for round one and once we ran the car again with those bits we were very quickly on top of it. So we had it sorted out in a couple of days. A bit frustrating we did have to go through that small amount of pain for a start but nonetheless it was a good recovery, I think.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Are Antonio Giovinazzi’s days numbered at Alfa Romeo?

would be surprised if Giovinazzi manages to keep his seat next season. I think the only way it happens is if Kimi decides he’s had enough, and then it might make Alfa want to keep Giovinazzi on for continuity, rather than get two new guys in. Otherwise, I think Ferrari will want his seat at Alfa to be vacated for someone like Shwartzman/Schumacher/Ilott (not sure about Schumacher but pretty certain the other two would do a lot better than Gio).

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13 comments on “Williams started season with “compromised” aerodynamics package”

  1. I’m glad to see Lewis speaking out about the importance of good mental health. This has been an emerging area of importance in American sports, especially with the NBA led by Kevin Love who is very open about his battles with anxiety and depression. There is a lot of stigma associated with mental health and hopefully Lewis’ post can prompt productive conversations that remove the stigma, increase the understanding, and lead to a better emphasis for all of us on taking care of our mental well-being.

  2. It’s hard to believe that this generation of Grand Prix Car is related to the truly fine and competitive Williams of a long time ago. I wish them well but let’s be truthful how long can they remain so far out of it and can still find sponsorship. What would their sales pitch be to grab enough money to keep the lights on.
    Once feared now continues as the best absolute worst Grand Prix Car. I feel sorry for them. Maybe George gets a better ride someday for the proof of trying under times of duress from not driving a F1 Racecar worth a crap

    1. Keith Crossley
      3rd September 2020, 5:58

      I alternate between despair for William’s and the memory that Frank, once, ran the team from a phone booth.

      1. I didnt type that erroneous apostrophe.

      2. Fundamental mistake adding “NITS” to the car (I presume this was a fat-finger typo).

  3. Keep in mind Giovinazzi way even stronger that the names (Shwartzman why not, but Ilott never been stellar over a season) you displayed when in F2.

    So, the new boys in town may not be that fast in relation to Giovinazzi. The Italian driver was on par with Gasly in F2 and is managing Raikkonen’s pace now.
    I’m not sure any Ilott, Mick Schu or Shwartzman could do that, as grass isn’t greener in the neighbour’s garden.

    1. Exactly. Giovanazzi nearly won the title in his only season of GP2 (for Prema).

      Schwartzman winning the title in his first year would be notable (10 point lead over Ilott).

      Mick Schumacher would be nowhere without his surname: ok, Prema aren’t as dominant as 2016, but a 1 (or 2?) reverse grid wins is not F1 material.

      I would be a travesty if Schumacher is promoted over Schwartzman or Ilott (but then their careers may not recover from a rubbish Sauber/AR).

  4. I’m not sure if Ferrari has any real voice in the seat allocation at Alfa (will they be Sauer again next season?).
    Gio was probably part of a discounted PU deal. But based on the current PU strength only Leclerc could be an interesting package deal for Alfa.

    1. I remember reading Ferrari has one seat at Alfa (Giovinazzi) and the other they are free to choose

    2. Sauber is sauber, the Alfa Romeo name is nothing but a sponsorshipdeal. Ferrari/Fiat doesn’t own Sauber.

    3. @coldfly
      Ferrari do have an option on one Alfa Romeo seat. One of the reasons that pushed Marchionne to bring back Alfa’s name to F1 is to capitalize on the FDA program. At the time Ferrari were convinced that Leclerc was an exceptional talent, and before making the deal with Sauber they tried to place him with Haas who were contrary to the idea of changing their drivers lineup. It’s beyond the PU deal. Fred Vasseur has indicated that Mick Schumacher is eligible for an F1 test with them before the end of the season.

  5. “There will be 250 very special people in the grandstands, socially distanced of course: doctors and nurses will be guests at the track, as a symbolic honour for their courage, sense of duty and altruism as front line workers in the fight against Covid-19.”

    This is very nice and warm gesture from Ferrari! I am not a Ferrari fan, but I highly appreciate this action.

  6. And at Williams they think that having some more money is going to be their saving grace…

    They really need a paradigm shift, since they haven’t been able to perform like other teams on a low budget.

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