Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Monza, 2020

2020 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2020 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Italian Grand Prix

2Red Bull158
4Racing Point82
8Alfa Romeo2

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2020 Italian Grand Prix

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27 comments on “2020 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Not good for Albon.

    1. Alvin will be demoted, probably not during this season but definitely next year. Gasly back to number 2 driver at Red Bull

      1. Please no, don’t put Gasly in that horrible to drive red bull.

    2. I don’t see this as the knell for him. He qualified close-ish to verstappen on pace and the car was just not very competitive in the race even without the damage he had. The midfield is so close that .3s means being in the scrum instead of chasing the Mercedes out of turn one.

  2. Not the disaster it could have been or Hamilton or Mercedes.

    He minimized the damage to his WDC lead opened up a bit ore of a gap to Vestappen, and Meredes increased their lead over RedBull and Ferrari, who had all their cars finish outside the points thanks to three DNF’s and Albon apparently asleep.

    1. Exactly the same lead in fact, isn’t it?

  3. initially thought ferrari can secure 6th but now 7th is possible? really happy for gasly he deserved that after what red bull done to him and what a joke red bull has become. their constructors points< lewis wdc points

    1. Max is really on his own, Redbull need another driver. Enough is enough

      1. Agreed, but I don’t think they will do, yet another, mid season swap. 2021 however will be VES / GAS though.

      2. Is it time for Red Bull F1 team to look outside the of the Red Bull junior driver organisation? again.

  4. So, even after being 23 seconds behind the second to last car, Hamilton has the same points lead he had before the race.

    Part luck, part charging drive.

    1. Weird race!

      Now Gasly has to be driver of the weekend, but in terms of sheer prowess I think Lewis was really on it today. Extremely comfortable in the first part of the race and a magnificent recovery drive in the second; personally I don’t blame him for the pit lane error (can a driver doing 200mph be expected to notice that one sign over to the side of the track?) so it was actually a great race by him too.

      1. except he wasnt doing 200mph but at safety car reduced speeds

      2. As @f1fan-2000 said, he was doing safety car speeds. he was going slow and had plenty of time to see a big red cross indicating the pit lane was closed. And he went past another repeater sign a few seconds later. Drivers need to be prepared to see things during the safety car. You can’t be even less aware than during the race! The race will be harder to see all these flags and warnings and yet drivers usually see them. If Hamilton had an excuse not to see them at safety car speeds, then all drivers can have any excuse they want not to see things at racing speeds.

        Hamilton did get told to box – but he’s usually very good at deciding if pitting is not appropriate. I think he’s done this many times this year when he’s been against the team telling him to come in. He had a far more warranted reason to not come in, but he was clearly not paying enough attention to see the flags and ignore the teams advice. You can blame the team for not being aware, but you can also fully blame Hamilton for not noticing the signs given the amount of time and warnings he had.

        Regarding Gasly, once he was in the lead, he was outstanding, but that was the only highlight of his weekend. Kvyat had to slow down in qualifying due to yellows and was on target to get through to Q3. And Gasly had a very poor lap in Q3 which was slower than Kvyat’s time in q2 which was effected by yellows. So Kvyat likely would have outqualified him. And once the race started, Kvyat actually had a very good first stint and stayed right with gasly – may even have jumped him looking at his pace if not for the safety car. Kvyat may well have beaten him actually. Gasly used his advantage perfectly though but Kvyat was incredibly unlucky and fell right back. The first part of the race wasn’t as good as you are suggesting for Gasly IMO.

        1. I think Mercedes did gamble a little telling him to box. There is no closed box for more than 10 years and they knew better than him where the parked car was.

          The easier thing to do was to tell him to stay out. Other had more time to be informed and stay out.

          But that happens. When you’re leading all the time, you can only go down when something wrong happens. And sometimes he doesn’t even go down when that happens, like Silverstone race 1.

    2. No about Lewis though, he was consistent as usual. Its really about poor Bottas and poor Max. Both had no pace.

      1. with the difference that in Bottas case it’s poor personal performance, In verstappen’s case it’s poor car performance / reliability. Bottas is not worthy of that seat, as he showes season after season.

        1. mercedes have got the championship every year Bottas has been there, and he does more than enough to guarantee that. And last year, he got the team the best possible drivers positions too. There are better drivers for that seat (though very few would be as ideal for the team as Bottas is). It is more what people want rather than what mercedes need. Bottas is good enough and does have several great performances per year. Some poor ones, but many look worse than they are because of the level Hamilton is at.

          1. In all fairness… Mercedes have got the championship every year in the hybrid era with or without Bottas. They could put a 3rd or 4th tier driver in it (instead of Bottas) and they’ll probably end up 2nd or 3rd in the championship.

            Agree with you that Bottas is good enough.

    3. …part atrocious driving from BOT. He will never win the championship if he can’t extract the most out of these rare occasions when Lewis slips up.

      1. He’s not meant to challenge for the WDC, he’s there just as a nice, safe, non threatening number 2 driver so that Hamilton doesn’t have to face a real challenging driver.

      2. The reason why MB relies more on Lewis than on Valteri. Does anyone imagine that if the roles had be reversed that LH won’t have won this race? Even with a damaged car, VB was way faster thab the cars around him but he just could not take advantage. He was disappointing today.

        1. I think many people seem to be ignoring the lack of straight line speed Bottas had. He wasn’t waay faster than those ahead. When Bottas was in Norris’s DRS several times on the straight – even when starting off within around half a second, Norris pulled away and that gap opened back up a little again. Even though Bottas had DRS and Norris had no tow, the McLaran was faster in a straight line. Bottas also visibly had to constantly get out of the slipstream to prevent overheating and there were only certain times where he could push. The team constantly warned him on the radio about overheating. So he did have to keep managing and lifting off. I think his pace was related to going off before the race started or the contact with Norris on the first lap. From the graphics, he was 7km/h slower then Norris despite having the advantage of a tow and DRS. The car supposedly was quicker – but any driver can be flat out on the straight – no matter how poor they are. There was clearly something not quite right with Bottas’s car. I don’t think you can say that his car as it was was much faster than those ahead.

  5. Good point haul for McLaren today.

  6. Stroll leading the F1.5 championship. 9 more races to go, let’s see who wins it.

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