Ferrari 1,000th race livery

Ferrari presents special livery it will use for 1,000th race

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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Ferrari has revealed the retro livery it will use for this weekend’s Tuscan Grand Prix, which will be its 1,000th appearance in a round of the world championship.

“Scuderia Ferrari’s 1000th grand prix is a very important milestone, therefore it had to be marked in a special way,” said Piero Ferrari, vice chairman of the company and son of team founder Enzo Ferrari.

“That’s why we decided to run a unique livery on the cars for this event, with the SF-1000s taking to the track at the Mugello Circuit in the Burgundy colour first seen on the 125 S, the first racing car to carry the Ferrari name.

“Even the look of the race numbers on Charles’ and Sebastian’s cars will reflect the tradition of the past, giving the impression of being hand painted onto the bodywork, while the drivers’ race suits will also match the car colour.

“It’s a tribute to our origins: to our starting point for the amazing Ferrari story, characterised by an endless desire to compete, alongside the will to build road cars that are exceptional in terms of technology and design. Ferrari is unique in the world, because the company has the soul of a car manufacturer and of a racing team, an inseparable link that is never questioned.”

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49 comments on “Ferrari presents special livery it will use for 1,000th race”

  1. You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.

    1. Turn the “Oof” up to 11.

    2. LOL. Naughty.

    3. @njf03
      My first thought: almost brown, like the t*#d it is.
      Pleased to find I was not alone.

      My second thought:
      Blood red for the blood that will flow in Maranello.

      Seriously, it is sad to see Ferrari doing so poorly

      1. @slotopen it’s a bit odd though, because the colour of the paint seems to be a bit too dark for it to be representative of any paint that Ferrari has used on their Formula 1 cars – it looks rather more like it was from the late 1940s 125S than anything else.

        1. that’s what the article says!

  2. That is going to look great parked at the side of the track.

    1. @badger

      Best looking back marker

  3. It’s hard to judge just how different this shade of red is from this photo. It looks very different to the usual livery in this photo, though I expect it to be barely noticeable on track.

    1. @mashiat yeah, not the best lighting for this colour.

    2. I agree there @mashiat, from the hyped up “historical livery” i remain somewhat underwhelmed by what they presented, and fully expect not to really notice much difference. I guess that fits with Ferrari’s form this year.

      Will be interesting to see how they manage to beat their Imola effort for mediocricy.

      1. I didn’t know there was a milestone race coming up, particularly for Ferrari. I just hope this second home race takes place without a hitch, we shall see……

  4. Dark cherry red: looks quite good and like Mercedes why not just run it for whole season.

  5. Somewhere in the distance that screaming you can hear is a Codemasters artist finally losing their mind.

    1. János Henkelmann
      9th September 2020, 20:21

      Haha, love it!

  6. Someone said the special was going to be black with silver arrows; with the hope that no one would notice its a Ferrari.

    1. The reverse of your suggestion would be the most epic troll of Ferrari by MB!!

      1. Ask and ye shall receive

  7. not sure this was the upgrade Seb and Charles were looking for .
    it looks like the prugnia colour that alfa romeo road cars were painted in .

  8. Anyone remember the Family Guy Star Wars episode where the Emperor was arriving at the space station? All the thousands of storm troopers were all lined up, except that one guy, who was running back to his post going “sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!” lol (link to quick video )

    That would be a more appropriate livery. A pic of that guy and “SORRYYY!” in big bold text.

  9. Mattia Binotto added: “As a further tribute, we have based this year’s chassis and engine design on that of the 125 S, with an ambitious target of matching its laptimes.”

    1. Just imagine the 2 best looking liveries on the track together – as the Mercedes lap the Ferraris.

      1. LOL , what a photo opportunity .

  10. I don’t suppose the rules allow a car to race with two different numbers on it, so this car with both 5 and 16 on it is purely for demonstration purposes, and that the real race cars will have just one of those numbers on them.

    1. No I’m pretty sure they’ll put both numbers on both cars, they’ll just reverse which one is on the nose and which one is on the engine cover. That makes more sense then the two drivers only having their own number on the car. The only question is if Seb will have the 5 on the nose or on the side. I think other teams may adapt this idea of putting two different numbers on their cars as well. It’s the future of motor racing.

  11. The livery is fine. However, there’s no lifting that could visually improve the squared and conservative front of the car. Ferrari haven’t progressed aerodynamically since 2018.

    1. ” Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines ”
      – Enzo Ferrari

      1. Lol… which explains the absence of a plan b.a

        1. János Henkelmann
          9th September 2020, 20:22

          But they have the plan sBinalla ;)

  12. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    9th September 2020, 19:57

    That’s a winning livery! All kidding aside, it looks awesome

  13. If they’d hone for all-black front and rear wings this would have looked the bomb.

    Unfortunately it’s on a car that will probably go off like one…

  14. I f——- love it
    This particular lighting doesn’t do it justice
    But possibly a new wallpaper or screen saver for my laptop to replace Seb climbing out of car in Singapore last year (also from this site)

  15. nice. too bad it won’t work as good

  16. Nice to see Ferrari going for their darker mourning colors…

  17. The Emperor’s new clothes can’t hide the naked truth.

  18. When you can’t buy new furniture you just rearrange the old ones to give a new feel.

  19. They missed a trick here, just paint it to look like the Williams, that way the fans won’t be surprised to see it running so far down the field.

  20. They could have hand painted a Mission No Win logo

  21. Any chance Leclerc might spin at an opportune time and Vettel take an odd win?

  22. At least it’ll look fantastic while underperforming.

  23. Perfect color for a matching nail polish

  24. Mark in Florida
    10th September 2020, 0:52

    Looks like old curdled blood. Old blood can’t run like young blood. Going to be another bad one for Ferrari most likely. Sad to see them in this condition they remind me of Williams except with more money to spend and still look bad.

  25. I think as part of agreeing to withdraw their appeal, Ferrari have done a deal with Racing Point for them to lend them one of their cars. They are hoping that with the new paint job, no one will notice and they’ll get some points ;-)

  26. Looks incredible.

  27. Golly, a red Ferrari, what an imaginative sight.

  28. They should keep that. But in Italian racing green.

  29. To all the Ferrari haters, granted the team has not been doing well this year. However, cry all you want, the Scuderia Ferrari has won 238 times, the most F1 races in history. Mercedes is having another great year, with a little help from FIA (money talks). BTW, I love the colour.

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