Ferrari 1,000th anniversary livery, Mugello, 2020

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000 build-up in pictures

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000.

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7 comments on “2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000 build-up in pictures”

  1. The Ferrari colour looks awesome in the flesh. Funny how Mercedes painted their cars red in honour, and then Ferrari go and change the shade of red, kind of like that. We don’t need your charity! (except they do)

  2. I simply find getting used to the SC being red instead of grey difficult. The good thing is that this is for this event only, and in Sochi (or Adler) it’s going to be back to its traditional grey.

    1. @jerejj same! somehow it looks totally weird. Even if it wasn’t a SC, I don’t think that red fits that Merc very well… or maybe i’m too used to seeing it in silver.

      1. It looks like a clown car!

  3. the ferrari looks good but the safety car does not .
    the safety car will now be the fastest red car on track .

  4. Aaah, that lifestyle.

    Take a break from driving your fancy Formula 1 car, and drive a GT car, to learn new track offcorse, not for fun, but for science.

  5. Ferrari should keep this red. Awesome !!

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