Safety Car, Mugello, 2020

Mercedes paint Safety Car “Ferrari red” for rival’s 1,000th race

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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The official Formula 1 Safety Car will run in a red livery this weekend in recognition of Ferrari’s 1,000th world championship race.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Safety Car is unchanged apart from the switch from its regular silver colour scheme.

“The Tuscan Grand Prix will be the 1,000th F1 race for Ferrari, marking the long racing tradition of this great Italian brand,” said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff

“We will honour this achievement with a Mercedes-AMG Safety Car in Ferrari red – our nod to a racing history that brought us some of the greatest moments in Formula 1. The men and women of Maranello have a proud history to celebrate and we’re paying respect to those celebrations this weekend.”

Mercedes has supplied the Formula 1 Safety Car for the last 25 years.

Ferrari is also running a special livery for this weekend’s race. It has repainted its SF-1000s in a deeper shade of red, matching that used by the team in the early years of the world championship.

Pictures: “Ferrari red” Safety Car

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2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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29 comments on “Mercedes paint Safety Car “Ferrari red” for rival’s 1,000th race”

  1. Behold, a red Mercedes. The 2020 has finally revealed its final form.

    1. SF1001 will be powered by Merc :D

  2. Well it’s more remarkable than Ferrari’s anniversary livery!

  3. Your Vettel-Aston Martin photoshop was more convincing, but otherwise nice job again Keith.

  4. that could be the only red car to lead that race

  5. :D Finally a red car will be starting from first row.

    1. Was gonna reply something along the same lines lol, but you were quicker!

  6. What will trigger it to come out though? Ferrari have caused a safety car a fair few times this year for negative reasons – not in a way they can celebrate.

  7. So we might see a red car at the front at some point in the race ;-)

  8. And when Hamilton will tell the radio that “the safety car is slow”, the tribute to Ferrari will be complete.

    1. Hopefully there will be no safety car, because I’m quite fed up with sacefy car periods occuring around the first third of the races this season. This took away some strategy options, and put most of the drivers on the same strategy as it happened multiple times around or just before most entrants’ first stops at GPs of this season yet.
      So ok SC is needed, but many would be interested how the plan A works out for most entrants instead of stirring it up a bit or more.

    2. On the other hand your post is funny, if someone likes black humour like me :)

  9. I wouldn’t mind if they would keep that colour. It fits.

    1. Classy gesture? Only because they have absolutely nothing to fear from them in the race. If Ferrari and Mercedes were both fighting it out for wins this wouldn’t happen.

  10. Is the safety car going to be “suspiciously fast” in a straight line this weekend?! 😜

  11. I’m not sure a safety car is supposed to be THAT slow

  12. Failed! Failed! Failed! Should’ve use Ferrari Enzo as safety car.

  13. Allowing an actual Ferrari would have been a better move, the GT4 Lusso T has got a decent boot…

  14. They where going to run a Ferrari Safety Car but it would have been in 21st place.

  15. Looks amazing in red.

  16. Simply unfitting. Less fitting than black on the F1 car.

    1. Wow, did someone p1ss in your cornflakes this morning?

  17. Classy gesture on Mercedes part, and the car looks really good in Ferrari Red. Nice!

    1. My thoughts exactly American F1! Classy, sweet gesture, with the respect that I like to see between competitors in sport.

    2. Agreed. Very nice gesture by Mercedes.

  18. For as much pace as they lack they could have used this year’s SF1000 as the safety car. Then all would be normal when everyone complains they’re going too slow.

  19. Why not use a Ferrari?

    1. One of their road cars, not one of their F1 cars.

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