Carlos Sainz Jnr, McLaren, Mugello, 2020

McLaren run “experimental” new nose on Sainz’s car in first practice

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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McLaren have run what they call an “experimental” new nose on the MCL35 in first practice for the Tuscan Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz Jnr ran the revised design on his car during his first runs at Mugello. However the team is unlikely to race it until later in the year.

“We will try an experimental nose simply to get us some data,” said team principal Andreas Seidl. The slimmer nose is similar to Mercedes in style, with a ‘cape’ section underneath.

“We found a good direction in the wind tunnel, something we want to confirm here at the track first. Then we’ll make decisions if that’s something we want to bring to the track later in the year.”

McLaren is leading a close, four-way fight for third place in the constructors’ championship. After eight races McLaren are on 98 points, with Racing Point, Renault and Ferrari all within 27 of them, and 396 points available over the remaining rounds.

“Our goal is clear with where we are right now, we want to fight for this third place,” said Seidl.

“I still think we have some weaknesses in the car everywhere if you compare us to the Mercedes. But if we compare ourselves with the cars we’re battling with then I still think we have some struggles, especially when you go to tracks with more low-speed as a percentage. At the same time, that’s something we tried to address on the development side back home in Woking.”

Seidl said it’s “difficult to predict” whether they will be able to hold on to third place, which would be their highest championship finish since 2012.

“As you’ve seen Renault, for example, made a good step for Spa and they also communicated that they think they’ve found a good step forward for all kinds of tracks. So it’s difficult to predict to be honest.”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, McLaren, Mugello, 2020
Sainz evaluated the new nose…
Lando Norris, McLaren, Mugello, 2020
…while Norris stuck with the old one

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2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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13 comments on “McLaren run “experimental” new nose on Sainz’s car in first practice”

  1. Bottom 2 photos are the same old nose. Top photo is the new Merc/RP copy nose.

    1. Thought it was just me but indeed

  2. I guess only the image with flow vis paint is the new nose, whereas the small ‘Sainz evaluated the new nose…’ image below the article is the old nose.
    But who knows!

    1. @coldfly it is, easy to spot with the front wing mounts being either on the side or under the nose.

  3. Experimental nose? You mean Mercedes nose? Pardon, Racing Point nose :)

    1. You can see it’s a bit more robust, it’s quite complicated to manufacture this kind of nose if you don’t have a direct know-how. I’d be interested in the crash test process and whether the team intends to use this nose in the next few races or later in the season, using it effectively as a part for 2021.

  4. Wrong picture attached under comment: “Sainz evaluated the new nose…”, as this is an old one.

  5. So now it is ok to copy rivals?

    1. Funny. Consider how long it takes them to develop and test a Mercedes inspired nose. But RP managed to copy and build the whole car in 2.5 months. Doesn’t add up.

      1. Well you dont know it took 2 & half months. Racing point could have started development on their car long before then and they probably did

  6. Is it a special offer? Buy Mercedes engine and get a Mercedes nose half price.

  7. I thought mclaren didn’t like teams copying other teams?

  8. why cant williams copy merc/ racing point ?. why languish at the back when you can be near the front.
    williams could start now and emulate the merc 2020 for 2021 .
    it will make the racing that much closer .

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