Esteban Ocon, Renault, Monza, 2020

Ocon accepts his post-race radio criticism was “a bit much”

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In the round-up: Esteban Ocon says his criticism of Renault’s strategy on the radio after the Italian Grand Prix was too strong.

What they say

Ocon was repeatedly told to be quiet by his race engineer and team principal Cyril Abiteboul when he complained about how his race was handled at Monza:

I think what’s been important is that we discuss internally on everything that happens.

Not having another view, of course I expressed a little bit of disappointment, which in the end I think was a bit much. Because when you look at it overall on how we performed, how we did come back from outside of the points on our side and in the points after the pit stop we’ve done and everything, I think has been it’s been a strong race.

As I said of course there was some possibilities if we took a gamble but overall on the race like that it’s difficult to think that we missed something really on that opportunities. Reviewing it I think it’s been a strong weekend and from where we were I think it was a good one.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Josh is pleased to see Vettel land a seat at Racing Point in 2021 – when they’ll become Aston Martin:

I’m glad for Vettel because it seemed like he was down and out but my first thought when I heard was, ‘I wonder how Ferrari treats him going forward after this news?’

Racing Point are virtually big time competition for Ferrari right now obviously a little faster at the moment but they could be banging wheels next year.
Josh (@Canadianjosh)

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On this day in F1

  • 65 years ago today Juan Manuel Fangio won the Italian Grand Prix and clinched his third world title. It was Mercedes’ last win as an F1 constructor until 2012.

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11 comments on “Ocon accepts his post-race radio criticism was “a bit much””

  1. Great helmet by Leclerc, while I expected a bit more old school livery from Ferrari with a bit more white.

  2. If you ask nicely maybe Kimi will autograph that helmet for you Chuck.

  3. Nah. Ocon did it on purpose. Can’t wait for competition of publicly bashing own team between Ocon & Alonso.

    1. I don’t know if I’m oblivious, but for some reason I believe that Alonso has changed. He knows that 2021 doesn’t matter anyway and if 2022 doesn’t work as he would have hoped, he’ll just leave.

  4. Weird for Hamilton to tell another team who they should drop and who to hire (I guess because of skin color), but stupid comment by Marko to mock his ‘expertise’ by pointing to Gasly winning in Monza when in fact that’s the very change Marko and the team ended up making..

    1. I guess it is because Albon is (part) British that Hamilton was keen to have him promoted to the junior team. You might be right too about the skin colour/ethnicity, as Hamilton is also keen to encourage diversity. I think it was also a good choice to in terms of racing ability. Although Albon would fare better in a team where decisions (strategy, car development direction, etc.) are not always made for the benefit of one side of the garage (especially of our is not his side!).

      1. Corrections:
        … promoted to the *senior* team…
        … (especially *if it* is not his side!).

    2. @balue Yeah I’m not sure I entirely believe this – could just be Marko stirring the pot, or maybe comments taken a little out of context. Would be strange for Hamilton to campaign for an inter-team driver switch. Could be some less definitive comments from Hamilton about Albon doing a good job or something.

    3. Skin colour? Even though Gasly and Hamilton have been friends, are still friends and it was reported by the press this week that Gasly has said that he still takes advice from Hamilton and wants to continue to learn from him. As does Russell and Monger who are also white.
      If its true I expect its more complex than what colour someone is, or what nationality they are.

  5. Its a shame that those 2 Toro Rosso trophies look like generic industry awards rather than actual race trophies. Its sad that nearly all trophies these days have to be sponsor logos.

    1. The 2008 one really is dull.. looks more like an oversized keychain

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