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Hamilton calls for “justice for Breonna Taylor” after Tuscan GP victory

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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Lewis Hamilton used his victory in the Tuscan Grand Prix to call for “justice for Breonna Taylor”.

Hamilton wore a black T-shirt bearing the message “arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” during his post-race interview and on the podium at Mugello. The Mercedes driver also wore the shirt during the official pre-race ‘end racism’ observance prior to the start of the race.

Hamilton concluded his post-race interview with the words “Justice for Breonna Taylor” before making his way onto the podium.

Taylor was shot and killed by police officers in Kentucky police officers six month ago. She is one of several black victims of police shootings who have been highlighted by international protest movements against systematic racial injustice in the United States and around the world.

Hamilton has been Formula 1’s leading voice behind the sport’s ‘We Race As One’ initiative for this season. The initiative includes a formal ceremony of observance before each grand prix this season attended by every driver.

Hamilton, who has previously worn a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt for the end racism observance, said despite the change of focus he is “still fighting the same thing.”

“It just took me a long time to get that shirt and I’ve been wanting to wear that and bring awareness to the fact that there’s people that are being killed on the street and there’s someone got killed in her own house. They were in the wrong house and those guys are still walking free.

“We can’t rest, we have to continue to raise awareness of it.”

Hamilton’s gesture follows the example of tennis player Naomi Osaka who wore face masks bearing the names of other black victims at the US Open.

“Naomi’s been doing amazing so huge congratulations to her,” said Hamilton. “I think she’s an incredible inspiration with what she’s done with her platform. So I think we just have to continue to push on the issue.”

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2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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    123 comments on “Hamilton calls for “justice for Breonna Taylor” after Tuscan GP victory”

    1. Ballsy all round.

      Lewis will get a lot of (undeserved) flak for this, but he’s been pushing the message for a while now and this is a next logical step.

      Even more noticable that he was allowed to wear it, and the cameras kept on rolling (and even zoomed in towards it). Marked contrast from other sports series when people make this stand. I’m hopeful F1’s intentions behind this are genuine and not simply to try and attract extra discussion about the sport in general / attract new fans.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        13th September 2020, 18:20

        He already gets a lot of hate and we all know why… but he’s a man of principle and passion and does his own thing and that should be applauded. No one likes a robot.

        1. Why don’t athletes do this during their party time? I would lose my job if I did this.

      2. I did have a chuckle over this. Not for the message, but Sky have been pushing the BLM movement message across all their platforms since this started. They did start to zoom in to block the message, but soon zoomed out to show it. Think someone must have shouted in the directors earpiece. Would have been very embarrassing for the sports channel who are promoting this issue every chance they get, to then turn their cameras away.
        I wonder if someone had mentioned that beforehand to Hamilton?

        1. Was it sky coverage or the FIA feed – just curious?

          1. Not sure how the main feed covered it on the podium/pre race. I only saw the Sky interviews which are obviously Sky TV.

            1. that was a world feed interview. Coulthard was hosting, so not a Sky presenter

        2. I think the director (of the world feed) zoomed in, realised “Arrest The Cops” was arguably more incendiary, and zoomed back out again.

      3. I was staggered he was allowed to wear it on the podium, it directly refers to an ongoing legal case. I suppose as the kneeling ceremony becomes just part of going through the motions every weekend Lewis had do something bigger and bolder to keep the message alive. Never mind that this was an event celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix and Alex Albon’s first podium oh no, the attention has to be firmly focussed on Lewis.

        1. @jackisthestig Due to COVID-19 rules regarding bubbles, it would be quite difficult to prevent it. Time will tell whether there is any censure for an action, however admirable, that clearly breaches Article 1 of the FIA Statutes.

    2. Nice to see Lewis on the side with Rand Paul.

    3. This is where the messaging is completely muddled. Arrest the cops…speaks to individual cops being responsible for these racists acts but the movement claims there is systemic racism in law enforcement. So the shirt should really have had something to the effect of change the system that killed…

      1. @jimfromus Not really imo. End racism and black lives matter are campaigns for equality, which is an overarching concept which of course requires action across pretty much every aspect of life. Arrest the cops who carried out an illegal killing is a specific action which contributes towards the overall goal of abolishing racism – showings cops that they are accountable for their actions will incentivise them to change their behaviour in future. There is certainly more to it and I’m sure “arrest the cops” doesn’t mean to ignore other factors and people responsible in this case, but you can’t write the whole message on one T-shirt.

        1. So much this.

      2. There is ZERO evidence, zip, zero, none, that has shown or proven the incidents of Floyd or Taylor to have been racial or racist.

        1. It’s a matter of accountability. It’s rather shocking that someone can be shot at home, in their sleep “by mistake” and nothing happens, time and time again. Maybe those cops were in the right, however they MUST be brought to justice, as would happen with you or I if we were in that situation. Black Lives Matter is a shout to say that black lives matter TOO and is also about accountability.

        2. That’s the thing about systemic injustices, they can’t be proven to be any one thing. Its never obvious , there are just those reoccuring effects, with no discernible cause. These situations evolve that way, they persist without thought, so that indifferance rules, so that there is no considered thoughts on how you fix it.

          It Simply is.

          In the same way over reactions in certain neighbours hoods is just the apparent norm, untill enough people see a need for change.


          Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

          Martin Luther King Jr.

          1. There’s no systemic injustice. Look into the numbers for yourself instead of listening to the media and the Democrat Party. Should the cops NOT arrest people committing crimes? Ya know how to not have bad engagements with the police? Don’t commit crimes, don’t resist arrest.

            1. Except Taylor nor her boyfriend committed any crimes. The police got a no-knock warrant for the wrong house and entered at like 3am guns ready. Please educate yourself before spewing BS. If you cannot see the blatant racism that caused both these deaths (and countless others in the past) then you need to reevaluate your beliefs. White privilege and racism are serious, systemic problems in America.

        3. @jblank And even if that were so, don’t their families deserve justice for those killings?

          1. Of course, if a court of law deems a crime was committed.

            1. @jblank Exactly. And in the case of Breonna Taylor there is no court of law which is even making a decision over whether a crime was committed. An innocent person is dead, one cop was fired, and no criminal charges have been issued to anyone. Arresting the people responsible and giving them their time in court is the only way any justice will be served, but until that first step happens, nothing else can.

        4. @jblank False. Even the Chicago police found racism sufficiently sizeable to be statistically significant in their arrest records, notably on the gap between objective actions and perceptions of resistance.

          1. @alianora-la-canta I want them to DEFINE racism. You see, to the left, any disparity, any unequal outcome, is racism, which is actually NOT real racism. Secondly, I don’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of the left-wing ran, left-wing investigated, corrupt, city of Chicago, and neither should you. If you believe that someone is arrested for “being black”, then I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Kansas.

            I say again, the best way to not have negative engagements with the police is to not commit crimes and not resist arrest.

            1. @jblank Racism: Different treatment of other people based on race, particularly that done in a manner that harms those of a race not in power on the basis of their race, or elements strongly associated with their race (e.g. culture, compounding of racism already enacted against people, or sterotypy). Please consult a quality dictionary if you continue to have difficulties understanding this.

            2. @jblank I would also be extremely careful of flinging around assumptions regarding matters you plainly do not understand. The Chicago police investigation was into itself, so unless you think left-wingers are openly racist against black people to an extent that everyone else isn’t, your argument falls over. (If you do think that, ask yourself: why do you think left-wingers were the ones to persuade F1 that #WeRaceAsOne was a good idea, and why is it a driver with left-wing views that is most openly pushing for further anti-racism measures?)

            3. @alianora-la-canta HAHAHAHAHA, if you only knew what I did for a living, oh well. If you believe that was an internal investigation free of political interference, you’re a fool. I never said leftists were openly racist against blacks, where did you get that? You must not be understanding me.

              Also, I know the definition of racism, no dictionary needed, my point, which you missed, is that for the left, “racism” is a moving goalpost that constantly means whatever they want it to mean, to take political advantage.

            4. @jblank Citing (or rather implying) an occupation is no help given the errors in your statements; instead it is a failed argumentum ad verecundiam. I got the “openly racist” part from your previous statements, combined with the awareness that someone as ignorant about racism as your previous statements in this thread indicate would not be ready to learn about covert, hidden or aggregational racism. If you know what racism is, and what “the left” says it is, then you know that “the left” has had static goalposts for many decades. As has “the right”. Those people who claim otherwise (such as you) show they are unaware of what is fairly basic information about racism.

              From the information given, the most likely interference would have been to downplay racist conduct, because admitting to it invites criticism and it would have been easy to hide. I would have expected someone who’d worked in the anti-racism field, or indeed the policing field, to know everything I’ve said in this post and the previous one (I’d let off an individual who didn’t know the study from knowing said study’s conclusion).

    4. To everyone who will complain about this being ‘political’. It’s not. So don’t.

      1. political or not it has no place in F1

      2. Well, good job we have you as the arbiter of political matters.

        Strange that climate change, international relations or global economics are political and banned from F1. But individual law and order cases in a foreign country are ok to put on a t-shirt. What will happen when other drivers wear “Save the whale” or “Free the Uighurs” shirts ?

        1. I frankly encourage drivers to speak out about any of the causes you listed. If they are fighting for something so obviously positive I have no problem at all and it shows more personality than the often robotic behavior many have to follow.

      3. Well that’s settled then, thanks for clearing that up for us all.

      4. @hugh11 Human rights, by definition, are political. That’s one reason why so many people care about them. (There are parts of the world where even the concept’s existence is disputed, let alone what actions or states constitute compliance with or breach of such rights).

        All claiming human rights are apolitical does is weaken the testimony of those who know human rights are political and think they’re worth fighting for anyway. Some politics is good politics, and every human activity has some implied political stance due to secondary requirements for doing said activity optimally.

    5. I did have a chuckle over this. Not for the message, but Sky have been pushing the BLM movement message across all their platforms since this started. They did start to zoom in to block the message, but soon zoomed out to show it. Think someone must have shouted in the directors earpiece. Would have been very embarrassing for the sports channel who are promoting this issue every chance they get, to then turn their cameras away.
      I wonder if someone had mentioned that beforehand to Hamilton?

      1. It was the world feed, so every broadcaster saw the same thing.

    6. Can Liberty afford to lose 50-100 million right wingers?

      He can use his platform for whatever he wants to, but this is Liberty’s platform.
      Will they (and as result all 10 teams) be happy to pay the financial price for his crusades if they end up chasing fans away?

      1. Think most of those 50-100 million right wingers hated Hamilton long before he got involved with this issue.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          13th September 2020, 18:43


        2. You’re right. Didn’t like him before, like him even less now.

          1. Such honesty from you deserves applaud- Hamilton has helped to expose what the problem actually is.

        3. It’s not about how they might feel about him … it’s about how they feel about F1.
          The two are not one and the same.

          Liberty paid $8billion for F1 … can they afford to lose fans because one driver is on a crusade?

          1. Liberty is an American company. America has a racism problem. It really doesn’t matter what they can “afford” or not.

            Liberty is part of a system that needs a big wake up call. Everything in life isn’t dollars. There are many things that are lot more important. Heck… Liberty out to look at their own name in fact as an example of that.

      2. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        13th September 2020, 18:43

        That’s a pretty sweeping statement about fans with right leaning politics. Perhaps the far right… but I doubt there’s 100 million of them. Unless the world is (literally) full of actual Nazis I think Liberty will be content to be on the right side of history.

        1. Right and I would frankly be glad to rid the F1 world people that blatantly ignorant and racist. Being on the right side of history is what all sports leagues are going for in the current climate and I’m all for it.

      3. Jeez, someone should tell my dark-skinned partner that I’m a racist then!

        I’m sure he’d be shocked to find out(!)

      4. If I remember correctly there are around 125Million people in USA.

        1. 300m. (Ish)

      5. @Dale Can it afford to lose that many (or more) left-wingers? Even a lot of centrists are supportive of the position these days.

    7. I respect police greatly. They put their lives and health on the line to maintain order and uphold our laws.

      Their jobs are very difficult.

      1. David Dumbo: It’s not that difficult to not kill unarmed people. If police can’t do that they should not remain on the force.

        1. Well said @Green Flag. I don’t understand why people complicate the simplest of things. The police are not above the law.

        2. @greenflag Come over to the US an we’ll get you a PD job in Compton. #resisting-arrest-matters

          1. @octony
            so resisting arrest equals death?

            1. Mark in Florida
              14th September 2020, 0:42

              @lums.It does when you’re trying to escape or reach for a gun. All that most people have to do is follow orders. If the police tell you to get out of your car get out of your car. If they tell you to do something just follow orders. Running or trying to escape is a sure fire way to get in a world of trouble. If you think being a policeman is easy watch videos of people attacking someone with a knife, it’s called the 21 foot rule. If they have a knife or weapon drawn within this range the police don’t have time before they’re hit. Don’t jump on the bandwagon before all the facts are in.

            2. Holy hell some of these comments are ignorant. How do these people keep supporting cops who have records of using excessive force and kill in completely unprovoked situations? They see them as warriors when in reality a huge portion of American cops are power tripping, racist man-children. Just look at police unions in America, they actively hide complaints of unnecessary use of force and put innocent lives at risk by protecting crooked cops.

      2. I agree with you, but at least in the case of Brianna Taylor there’s some question marks over their tactics used and use of the warrant.

        1. Find the comprehensive article the New York Times wrote after months of investigating the incident.
          A lot of people here speaking from emotions without knowing or caring about the facts HAM is apparently one of them.

          1. Jamey, the police officers were supposed to be miles away. Difficult to kill someone with a gun if at an address in a completely different district.

            If your source failed to mention this, it’s not a good source of information. And if it does, then it shows that you care less about the facts than Lewis or the other campaigners on the case do – or the source you’re trying to cite in your defence.

      3. This lot want to defund the police, they needn’t bother. If this nonsense carries on, who on earth will want to sign up to be a police officer in the future?

      4. @David Bondo Police work is difficult, but not as difficult as those three particular officers made it out to be. They, and those that behave like them, are an embarrassment to the rest of the profession.

      1. Yes. He deleted the comment after publishing it.

    8. Be didnt even took the time to bebat his BLM ceremony in monza. Why this this american incident worth giving attention to in international press? Somebody exchanged gunfire with cops and got shot. If you carry weapons and use them dont be surprised ppl get killed by it. Especially if you shoot cops dzjeez.

      1. I’d like to see everyone take a knee for Uyghurs in China. There are millions in virtual concentration camps.

        1. Or maybe wear a justice for Alexei Navalny shirt in sochi next week. Protesting innocent deaths or attacks should be racially equal and diverse ;).

          1. Absolutely. We’ll see how committed everyone is to justice in a couple of weeks.

        2. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          13th September 2020, 19:42

          @David Bambo – Perhaps you should set an example? It’s easy to moan about others on the internet.

        3. Or maybe instead of taking a knee we could just post on an F1 site every now and again complaining that the people who protest things are not protesting about what we want them to.

        4. @David Bondo – there is nothing stopping you from starting that. Who knows, it might catch on.

          It is quite funny how people who are doing nothing, criticize those who are doing something, on the basis that they are not doing everything.

      2. Well that’s one version of events.

        1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
          13th September 2020, 19:42


      3. Taylor was shot in her own home, where she was asleep. She was unarmed.

    9. Or maybe instead of taking a knee we could just post on an F1 site every now and again complaining that the people who protest things are not protesting about what we want them to.

      1. Sorry guys, no idea why my posts are being posted twice.

    10. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      13th September 2020, 20:03

      Ah yes, justice for a murder suspect that ran away when the cops knocked on her door with an arrest warrant.

      What about justice for her victim Lewis?

      1. Who was “her victim” @barryfromdownunder?

      2. You do know the facts of this case are online?

        1. More and more folks get their news from T-Shirts now.

      3. She did not have a victim. I found this statement online.

        ‘Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency room technician, was struck by five police bullets in March as officers attempted to serve a no-knock warrant on her home during a narcotics investigation. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired his gun first, believing intruders were invading their home and striking an officer in the leg. Officers returned fire. No drugs were found in the home.’
        I think she was caught in the crossfire.

        1. The no-knock warrant was for the wrong house. The man they were after lived in another part of town so both Taylor and her boyfriend were innocent. They busted in the house in the middle of the night with guns drawn, any sane person would think they were burglars trying murder them. In this case, burglars would probably less detrimental than cops.

        2. It was later revealed that the cop was shot by his partner, not Taylor’s boyfriend. And the warrant was for the wrong house and at the time of serving the warrant, the man they were looking for was already in custody

    11. i could see Toto and team were staring at lewis as though they did not expect that stunt..

      1. Yes, Toto looked more serious than I’ve even seen him – I just thought he wasn’t in agreement about the message. It didn’t cross my mind that Lewis night not even tell him that he would do that.

        1. As many have stated, Lewis, as a drive has accomplished many things…in arguably by far the best car on the grid. But as I’ve watched, he clearly now thinks he is above F1. He and he alone can do things others can’t. Like his little run up to race control last week to “question” his drive through penalty. Really? He got on a scooter and confronted the folks in race control. As if his mere presence, his beckoning of the stewards would sway their opinion. Rubbish. When someone starts to put themselves in a position like that in a sport, it can only lead to trouble. I thought Monza last week was one of the best F1 races I’ve seen in maybe 5 or 6 years easily. Notice who wasn’t involved at the end.

          1. Well that’s one twisted way to look at it I suppose……

          2. You do know that the Stewards room has an open door policy and has been that way for years. As does MotoGP who regular broadcast riders in the room watching replays of their actions? Or do you think it should be a ‘Whites Only’ room.

            1. @riptide, Yep, you got it, no uppity n!(^#)s allowed in with the white folks.

            2. Never said a word about race or color. This is how we as a society have trouble. People assume. They jump to conclusions. Stir the pot. I think race officials should officiate the race. Driver should drive. His team should have said, “Hey bud, we boxed when pit lane was closed. Move on”. But they didn’t.

      2. @spiderman I’m not surprised, given it breaches Article 1 of the FIA Statutes (the FIA, events and participants are required to be apolitical for the duration of events, save where the FIA has given prior permission). Toto cares about Lewis and his team as a whole, and would not wish for either to get into trouble in an avoidable manner. I am sure he approves the message, but I can see why he might have been concerned about the method of delivery on this occasion.

    12. The same Breonna Taylor that could no longer work as an EMT for the city because police found a dead body in her rental car in 2016. She claimed her boyfriend had the car, the same boyfriend she bailed out of jail twice. Her name was on the warrant, it’s alleged by the police she was knee deep in the drug dealing with her boyfriend. It may have been a bad shooting, but the facts paint her quite differently than the media.

      1. Ah yes so being associated with a drug dealer is grounds to be murdered in cold blood and the cops should totally be acquitted. Right…

        1. Not all all, but Lewis Hamilton picking this case is bizarre. She got caught in the crossfire with her drug arrested boyfriend. In previous arrests he called her 48 times from jail. Read the Tatum Report. People shouldn’t die for being with the wrong boyfriend, but you’re in a dangerous world living with narcotics dealers and ferrying them around in your car. The police obtained a legitimate arrest warrant, and when serving it things went sideways and it’s being investigated to this day. Why Lewis continues to message the falsehood that “police hunt and murder innocent black men due to racism” is his choice, it’s just not backed up by any statistics, anywhere.

      2. @warren2185 Except they don’t. They point to why we have a judicial process (among other things, there’s no way to confirm or deny most of your claims, and indeed most of them are not evidenced), and why short-circuiting it by “accidentally” killing someone during the pursuit of a completely different case constitutes a miscarriage of justice. Also, Breonna’s name could not have been on the warrant as it was for an address in a completely different district, and completely different people.

      3. @warren2185, So, a police allegation is a fact now is it. They would say that, wouldn’t they.

        1. But that’s no different than you accepting the media “allegation” that she was a totally innocent and virtuous bystander. The fact that she had a close relationship with a narcotics dealer boyfriend is not a “police allegation”, it’s part of his arrest records and his phone call logs to her and surveillance of her and him together. Read the Tatum Report. It may be a bad shooting that gets adjudicated in court, but to pick this situation as evidence of inherent racial hunting of black people is flat out false.

    13. What about Emily Jones, Lewis?

    14. Breonna Taylor, I had to google that. Lewis for the first time raised my awareness.

      Thankfully some od us live in countries with great police, that talk first and only seldom shoot.

    15. I idolised Lewis since before he got into F1. I’m no rac ist & i support black lives, as i support all lives. Bad cops should be punished. However, the movement has become far more complex & they’re attacking good people with good intentions & causing destruction to completely innocent peoples livelihoods. Fuelling the blm movement is just wrong & things should be done in a different way. Hamilton has slowly become a very smug & hypocritical pr ic k. Black lives are more important then F1, but the blm movement/group isn’t, especially after what it quickly turned into. I don’t support anyone that fuels that & most normal people are on to that now.

    16. I have a lot of respect for what Lewis Hamilton has accomplished and is still achieving on the track. He does drive the best car in the field and has the best team supporting him but he’s the one who digs deep when necessary to get the results. However, he needs to put some of that same effort into finding out the root of the problem rather than putting on a BLM shirt and crying racism. I’m not trying to say that he’s in the wrong with his feelings but before you make a stand for something on a world stage, you need to have all the necessary facts concerning the matter so you can make as strong a stand as possible.

      1. He has been devoted to the cause of social justice reform for at least the last 10 years. This is not some fad he has just jumped on like you imply. He has given a lot of time and money to helping minorities.

        1. He’s been devoted to the cause of self promotion.

          1. So you can give us a list of a dozen of his charities, ambassadorships, and explain what Harlem, UNGG4 and Alperton mean. What position he was asked by the British Army to fulfil and which cancer hospice he supports. Because if you can’t he is obviously not very good at self-promotion is he?

    17. Roberto Giacometti
      13th September 2020, 23:36

      For all the huff an puff that the driver of car 44 spews out , i do notice with curiosity that his little lap dog that folliws him around , always 2 paces behind, to help him with his drink bottle, and to assist him with putting his hat on his head, is of pale coloured skin with blond hair – what gives? Shouldn’t he be practising what he preaches and employ someone of dark coloured skin to tell him the sun shines out of his backside???

      1. My 5 year old asked me why Lewis makes that girl carry his bag.

        1. You could tell her that every driver has a performance coach who looks after the physical and mental well being of the driver; but because its male orientated sport she stands out as a women. Most of these appointees come from the Hinsta company and are heavily qualified in what they do. She has represented her country in her chosen sport, and worked for the British Olympic Team with some of her clients going on to win championships and Olympic golds, before taking up a similar role with Hamilton.
          You could tell her he doesn’t make her do anything. She is responsible for his well being and acts accordingly as she would with any client.
          Or you could just make something up.

          1. Interesting. But I will just tell them that Lewis needs a lot of help to be the driver he his.

      2. Yes Roberto, Hamilton could, like you, be a racist and demand a black/non-white employee to assist him, but that is not who he is.

      3. Shouldn’t he be practising what he preaches and employ someone of dark coloured skin to tell him the sun shines out of his backside???

        With that comment alone you have exposed yourself- arguing for equality is not the same as arguing for superiority. Many prejudiced elements are attempting to conflate the two.

    18. I have no issue with him drawing attention to something that needs it, but it does look really strange that he’s the only one wearing those t-shirts, and at the start where everyone else is wearing one statement and he’s wearing a different one. Rather than coming across like a unified whole it comes across that he’s alone – when he’s obviously not.

    19. Totally different saying in Belgium …

    20. Such an awful subject to be discussed on a Grand Prix site. Lots of politics being talked so I will keep mine simple…

      STOP TRUMP and many of the current world problems will just go away like magic

      Let’s get back to racing.

      Leave this crap for the evening news

      1. False. None of this started with Trump, none caused by Trump. Trump didn’t encourage any cop to brutalize anyone. That entire line of thinking is just stale and irrational, not to mention small-minded.

        1. He sure as hell does not condemn racist cops and blocks any attempts to reform a systemically racist system. He also felt neo-Nazis who killed a innocent young woman in Richmond were “very fine people.” You sure are standing up for a great guy indeed.

          1. a systemically racist system

            Wes, there is no statistical evidence of what you just said. Anywhere. Nor is there any evidence, anywhere, he said neo-Nazi’s are fine people. He specifically referred to some people that don’t want statues removed being fine people, and he categorically excluded the neo-nazi’s and white supremacists. You are promoting the most easily debunked lie on the planet.

        2. José Lopes da Silva
          14th September 2020, 5:46

          Do you remember when people said that political correctness caused a reaction that elected Trump?
          It works both ways.

    21. Every day people are slaughtered in China, North Korea and other despotic countries, but for some reason this shooting in the USA is the A1 issue among the sporting elite.

      I don’t recall any outrage when this Australian woman was gunned down by a black US police officer in cold blood: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Justine_Damond

      1. On March 20, 2018, Noor was charged with second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder. Noor claimed self defense. Prosecutors later upgraded the charges against Noor to second-degree intentional murder. In April 2019, Noor was convicted of third-degree murder and manslaughter, but acquitted of intentional second-degree murder.[5] In June 2019, Noor was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.[6] Damond’s family brought a civil lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis alleging violation of Damond’s civil rights, which the city settled for $US20 million,[7] one of the largest-ever settlements in a suit involving a police killing.[6]

      2. Adrian, what rock were you hiding under?

    22. I haven’t googled Breonna Taylor but I’m sure she was African-American.

    23. I assume he will be issued with a fine as you are not allowed to make a political statement during a podium ceremony. Not that I expect that will bother him.

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