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F2 result key to F1 race debut for Mick Schumacher in 2021

2021 F1 season

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Mick Schumacher is increasingly likely to make his Formula 1 race debut in 2021 after he extended his lead in the Formula 2 championship at Mugello.

With 18 of the 24 races complete in this year’s F2 championship, Schumacher has an eight-point lead in the championship over fellow Ferrari Driver Academy member Callum Ilott. Schumacher’s team mate Robert Shwartzman, also an FDA member, has fallen to fourth place behind today’s sprint race winner Christian Lundgaard.

Schumacher’s 21-point lead over fourth place Shwartzman is significant, RaceFans understands, as he has been guaranteed a place in Formula 1 if he finishes in the top three in the championship.

The Ferrari Driver Academy has links to Alfa Romeo, who Schumacher tested for last year. Ferrari also supplies power units to Haas. Both teams are yet to confirm their driver line-ups for the 2021 F1 season.

Following today’s F2 sprint race Schumacher drove his father’s Ferrari F2004 in a demonstration run at the circuit, marking the team’s 1,000th start in a world championship race.

Formula 2 points standings after Mugello

1Mick Schumacher161  
2Callum Ilott153  
5Nikita Mazepin127  
6Yuki Tsunoda123  
7Louis Delétraz122  
8Guanyu Zhou108  
9Luca Ghiotto89  
10Felipe Drugovich79  
11Dan Ticktum77  
13Marcus Armstrong36  
14Jack Aitken35  
15Jehan Daruvala26  
16Jüri Vips16  
17Giuliano Alesi8  
18Artem Markelov5  
19Roy Nissany5  
20Sean Gelael3  
21Pedro Piquet2  
22Marino Sato1  
23Guilherme Samaia0  

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Mick Schumacher drives Ferrari F2004 at Mugello

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12 comments on “F2 result key to F1 race debut for Mick Schumacher in 2021”

  1. Mick wasn’t particularly rapid this weekend but still managed to extend his lead in the championship, not bad.

  2. Ferrari have a problem here really. Schumacher, Ilott & Shwartzman all are pretty decent and ready for F1 but there’s not enough seats for all of them, realistically.

    1. Shwartzman is in his rookie F2 year, the other two are not. I would choose Shwartzman of the three. And Lundgaard is also ahead of Ilott and Schumacher for me.

      1. @f1mre I think Shwartzman has a higher ceiling, but I would let him have a second year at F2 and try to win the title this time. There is no need to rush him to F1.

  3. It’s funny because Schumacher is in the championship lead but somehow has felt a bit under the radar compared to some of the other drivers this season.

    He’s definitely been the most consistent, although I’m not sure he’s shown the most speed or the best ability to manage the tyres. But everyone else seems to have fallen over a bit and had some bad weekends recently leaving him to move to the front.

    At the moment, if the name wasn’t there I wonder if there would be quite the same desire to promote him next season as opposed to wait another year, but if he ultimately wins the F2 championship then it’s hard to argue against giving him an F1 drive.

  4. The reality is probably going to be that unless Shwarzman manages to win F2 this year, he will probably be in there next year as well, while Schumacher gets promoted even if he does get beaten to the championship, just because of the name – Binotto has been talking about getting him in F1 all year @rocketpanda @f1mre.

    I agree that before the last 2 weekends I would have thought Shwarzman was almost a given, while Schumacher needs to show more and Illot should be slightly ahead as well. But the points currently would probably give Schumacher the deciding heads up by Ferrari

  5. This weekend highlighted to me the immaturity of some of the drivers in F2. The radio tantrums, the late unnecessary dives, not giving your teammate space and so on. A cool head and consistency will win this championship and Mick sure seems to be on track in that respect. Hopefully he can hold it together.

  6. Illot is the better of the 3 in my opinion. Mick is decent but is neither really fast or great with managing tires, while Schwartman is still too green for F1 and has weekends where he is rather anonymous.

  7. Seeing Mick in his father’s helmet colours and in that F2004 gave me major goosebumps. He’s been getting better and better and more importantly he has been super consistent in the past few rounds and based on that deserves a crack at F1. Yes his last name helps him but so does his performance

  8. Illot does appear much faster and probably deserves the F1 seat but I have to admit Mick has shown the most improvement. Mick is consistent and fast, he seems to do better on tracks he know. I think overall Mick has his father’s determination and work ethic. I also think Mick has higher potential, it not where you start but how you can continue to find improvements and here he is doing better than his competition. It would be great to have Mick in F1 and i think we need him here. He would do very well and much better that most people assume.

  9. Schumacher’s today pass at Arrabbiata was great, and I liked Shwartzman’s recovery too, he almost earned good points, but had a snap and an offtrack excursion because of it, so he lost some positions in the last quarter of the race. And even if that snap was quite hot, he regained control very well, he seems to have a very good car control.

    Lundgaard seems very consistent. Delétraz also seems to have a good season, as I guess his team Charouz is not amongst the richest teams as they are from Czechia, although as I see they are quite established and had quite good drivers before in many series.

    Anyway, I like this F2 season quite much, F2 is full of rookies and sophomores and almost all of them are doing well.

  10. I really enjoyed the f3 season this year and i wonder what Sargeant, Pourchaire, Piastri and 2 or 3 others would fair with today’s class of F2 where I feel the general level of racing had been a bit below par this year.

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