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Rate the race: 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000.

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75 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000”

  1. What a race, although maybe not entirely for the right reasons.

    1. @jerejj I do have to agree that it was a race with dramatic moments due to those accidents, but the racing itself wasn’t great. What comes across as a bit worrying to me is that it feels like some here are rating the race highly mainly because there were some dramatic accidents – which I’m not necessarily sure is an entirely healthy attitude to take, as some of those accidents could have had rather nastier consequences.

    2. I kind of agree with Anon here @jerejj.

      Sure we got a bit of action, and there were some decent battles going on for the end of the points all the time between. But at the front, it was rather lacklustre apart from what was introduced by the SC and restarts.

      The track is nice, and I can see how maybe we might have gotten a bit of overtaking done too. But the DRS effect turned out to be too much – too many overtakes were just sailing past aided by that.

    3. Exactly what F1 are aiming for with reverse grids. 72% gave it 7 ore more.

  2. More overtakes than expected. Race calmed down a lot a few laps before the red flag. Lots of action and drama tho

  3. 10. Ultimately an expected result but it was so nice to see drivers pushing hard and crashing instead of being able to take to the run off at other tracks. Great racing throughout the field.

  4. Three big crashes, other than that very boring.

  5. Nothing happened except the crashes and the red flags.
    A mix of boredom and craziness.

    1. Agree. The start with Bottas overtaking Hamilton set it up nicely, there was a nice fight for the third after the restart. The first red flag killed the race, though.

  6. Solid 8.5 from me. Shame there was no real race for the lead but it was much better than expected. I don’t know what Bottas needs to give Hamilton a race but he’s just annoying to watch now.

    1. A talent transplant?

  7. Well that was a little crazy… it was a shame to lose so many cars so early on. Another great display by Lewis to keep his head and get the job done. A shame to see Ricciardo miss out on the podium but pleased to see Albon finally get there. Stroll’s incident was a bit scary.

  8. 9, Bottas got another chance but squandered it. I don’t know for how long Mercs will keep this lineup but it is getting really boring now.

  9. Eventfull, but also very boring. The race got ‘destroyed’ by the technical issues of the RBR. Bottas shows once again he’s not a winner.

    I mean, it’s good fun we good three starts, but the race for the win was duller than ever.

    1. it’s good fun we (got) three starts

      A race becomes better when having more starts, yet when proposing a (reverse grid) quali race everybody is vehemently opposed as it isn’t real racing.

      1. I’ll go one better @coldfly. Let’s replace the race with 3 sprintraces. If you insist one of those can be a reverse grid race, because why not.

        1. Actually worse IMO, @bascb.
          I am strongly against reverse grid Championship RACES (would only support testing a quali sessions as such).
          I don’t want F1 (GP’s) to become sprint races. Even a SC or Red Flag cheapens a GP to me, nothwithstanding that it becomes much more exciting to watch with a closed-up field.

          1. I still think current qualifying has been pretty well established as one of the parts that works for F1. So I wouldn’t want to change that @coldfly

            Now, I wholly agree that sprintraces etc. is a stupid idea. Even more stupid than reverse grids. So with the current way we seem to be heading into “fixing the racing” rule changes without properly thinking them through, I brought this up as the next step of stupid to come on monday, just like we got the reverse grid thing after last week’s race.

          2. +1, and sadly almost all (or all?) races had a SC period or a even a red flag at this season, and many of those heavily affected the race’s dynamics. Of course these tools are needed safety-wise, but it still affected the dynamics very often.

            I think talking of reverse grid races like as if those would be the only possible or at least a quite perfect option is a quite good proves quite well that Brawn and Todt had to realize that their great ideas or reform plans are heavily restricted by factory teams and many others not really willing to change. Even coming up with a consistent and easy to police set of rules for F1 would take a genius, but with so much resistance it’s even much more difficult.

            I think reverse grid races are ok for development series to give the opportunity to all youngsters even with a weaker team to show themselves a bit more often. But it got quite widespread, so it appeared for example at WTCR, what is not a development series. It has its downsides, some gets lucky to have a good starting position at reverse grid races, some miss it by nuances. If reverse grid position is awarded by qualification it’s even worse, because even more random, and if reverse grid positions are awarded by feature race performance, then it at least generates on track action, but the luck factor and nuances are still quite much there.

          3. I guess I have won the grammar championship again:
            … quite perfect option proves quite well that …

  10. 7/10. Solid midfield battles after the restarts.

  11. Not that interesting, I think people will give it high ratings though simply because of the red flags and a huge ‘destruction derby’ crash (which are not what makes a race exciting imo, much rather see close racing for positions). If you look past those, then not much of interest happened – cars were struggling to follow closely and gaps were getting huge really quickly. I think there was also only one overtake in the whole race that happened on any part of the track outside of the start/finish/turn 1 section (Albon late on).

  12. Alpha ahead of Ferraris on their 1000 race

  13. Well it was eventful, though that last red flag really sort of finished the excitement,and I am not sure it was a great race after that. Novelty and all, I’ll give it a 9/10.

  14. Bit of a joke of a race but “Get in there Lewis!”
    This is why we don’t come to Mugello. Indy style racing.

    1. János Henkelmann
      13th September 2020, 23:06

      Do NOT compare current F1 to Indycar.

      The racing there is so much better at the moment!

  15. I gave it a 5/10 as I just couldn’t get into it.

    The various accidents & SC/Red Flags created some drama but in terms of the actual racing most of the passing was too easy thanks to the DRS & I just don’t enjoy that sort of push of a button passing, Always takes me out of the race which is what happened today.

    1. Would you agree drs would be better if it were to automatically shut off when the cars get wheel to wheel or nose to tail? Would create battles bit overtakes

    2. Yup. Apart from the crashes and red flags, it was more of the same.

  16. Weirdly both really boring and really exciting. The absolute mess and unknowns of the race were pretty cool but the race for the lead was again, nonexistent. Albon going from zero to hero, glad he got there in the end. Weird Bottas had to pit first, despite wanting to go on different tyres.

    Oh well. It was interesting and exciting, at the same time as being a bit boring and indifferent. Weird.

    1. “Weird Bottas had to pit first…” – Bottas’ tyres were shot, hence the imperative to pit.

      1. “Give me the opposite of Lewis”

        Then proceeds to moan enough to be brought in first so Lewis knows what he put on and requested the same. Not his brightest moment.

  17. F1 should atleast use safety cars and red flags more often to maintain entertainment, if they are not going to make any other changes.

    1. Jay, just think about what you are saying – you are proposing to randomly use what is meant to be safety critical pieces of infrastructure to arbitrarily reset the race? That really sounds like a somewhat reckless attitude to take.

      1. Wasn’t being serious there. Sorry for any confusion.

      2. Yes ANON that would be the wrong thing to do, and unnecessary, as reverse grids will achieve the same result “unintentionally”.

  18. Lots of headlines from the race but for all of the wrong reasons!!!
    For all of the ‘best cars and best drivers’ fanfare it was more like watching the banger racing on a dirt track stadium on a Saturday night.
    Lots of incidents and replay action but it bore very little resemblance to racing.

  19. It’s a wonderful circuit to watch cars pushing on the limit around in qualifying but I thought the race was quite dull. Bit crazy with the crashes but the actual racing was dull imo.

    Was very little proper exciting competitive wheel to wheel battling/overtaking. It was pretty much all slam dunk DRS highway passing that was not very exciting to watch at all.

  20. Battle of Tuscany
    9/10 from me
    Old school tracks were built for Grand Prix racing and this race shows why. They are punishing on the driver and the car (not show races like Abu Dhabi).
    On Mercedes, good to see Bottas showing some spine at last. But he was rather swiftly put in his place.
    The downside is Mercedes had so much pace at the start of the GP and even on hard tyres, they were clearly pulling away from every one else.
    Alex Albon should get some confidence back but race starts have to be fixed at Red Bull.
    Ricciardo tried and it was a good effort. A podium could have given a bit of encouragement to works Renault.
    2 red flags in a dry race has been quite a while.
    Good effort from Russel till the last restart. A points finish was possible today. It is this make or break races that will determine his future.
    Old Man Kimi. What can I say? A true Grand Prix racer. The fastest of the Ferrari engine runners without the penalty.

  21. The red flags and free tyre stops ruined it for me.
    Would have been interesting to watch the battle for third when all were on yellows (will they make it to the end?).
    Twice (Mugello&Monza) a red flag was triggered by tyre barriers needing reconstruction, maybe this type of protection is a thing of the past and tecpro is the way to go.

  22. One of the best circuits of formula 1. Good race.

    1. Alonso is coming back next year

  23. Superb race, 9/10 from me. It is such a great idea to have a GP in “other” circuits. No need for farcial reverse grid races, just bring on races on different circuits. Let’s rotate the F1 calendar!

  24. It was totally boring and i gave it a 4.
    1st we missed Max who was the only one that could had been able to give pressure to Mercedes, then the crashes were we saw the amateur side of our beloved drivers and finally almost all the passes were with DRS.

  25. Ehhhh, so so; while there was a lot of drama and some interesting midfield fights, DRS was too good on the single straight, so 6/10 for me, glad for Albon’s first podium, tho.

  26. 9 because this a great track and should be kept. However they need to sort out the restarts before returning here, really, really dangerous stuff.

  27. Interesting in terms of the chaos. But pretty boring in terms of the racing.

  28. Put Mugello and Portimão in the 2021 Formula 1 Calendar, stat!
    Get rid of Barcelona and Paul Ricard – test there but don’t race!

    1. You know, if we put this on calendar every year, a time will come when all teams would have enough data on the circuit and the race would be boring. There is only one long straight that an F1 car in its current spec can overtake (unlike F1 or F3). I would rather have a race here in 2022 with the new cars.

  29. 4 from me. It was chaotic, but nothing unexpected happened in terms of performance after the first standing restart.

  30. 6.

    Nothing special. Just that this old school track (narrow, gravel etc) demanded its sacrifice, and got it. On a modern track, the 1st accident probably wouldn’t have happened. The worst thing that happened is that the only driver who could have challenged the Mercs, even beat them to the finish line, retired in the 1st lap.

  31. Gave it a 4. Didn’t enjoy it much. Yes there was a lot of drama and chaos but there is a real lack of competition at the front. Not only did we lose Max, Albon isn’t going to beat the Mercedes’ and Ferrari are reduced to a laughing stock. No, this race didn’t do it for me. I actually enjoyed the 2nd half of 2019 much more, with three teams and four/five drivers fighting for the win.

  32. Mugello seems a bit like Barcelona and Hungary. Tight circuit with only one real overtaking spot. Turns 1 and 2 provided good racing because how much more narrow track was after the turn 1. Otherwise Mugello is perfect for qualifying but not much for racing in this generation of cars. I expect Zandvoort to be like this.

  33. 3, due to the danger. Should be a 1 really. Let’s please not race on unsafe tracks with dumb restart rules. That first restart was horrific and embarrassing. Totally “legal” but amazingly unsafe.

    Deduct another point for DRS being too strong, for bonus demerits.

    Great track for lapping, amazing to watch these cars at their limits at incredible speed. Great for testing. However, when it goes wrong, it goes seriously wrong. We stopped racing tracks like this for a reason. I’m very happy Sainz and Stroll are mostly uninjured, but it wouldn’t take much to have another bad incident. I don’t want to see another Hubert.

    1. Nothing on this track more dangerous than the top of Raidillon, would you like to ban Spa too?
      The danger today was all about SC procedure and was a long time coming @nanotech

  34. 9 for me because they allowed 3,000 to attend. A 10 if they allowed 20,000 or more to watch. This is in Italy which in the early days of covid was arguably the worst country in the world for covid. Attendance at these races can be managed with masks and social distancing. Let more fans in!

  35. 6, quite a lot happened behind, but again boring mercedes dominance, so can’t be too high.

  36. Much better than expected…still not quite sure the track is ideal for F1 races, but maybe its some of the drivers not tready to race there…

  37. Boring race. Red flags and safety cars take it from a rating of 2 to 5.

    I think it’s a very dangerous circuit but do enjoy watching the cars go around it even if the racing itself is not particularly exciting.

    I’d like to see the Tuscan GP as a regular triple header after Spa and Monza.

    We would have been racing at Singapore next Sunday.

    This season has shown we need less circuits like Singapore and more like Mugello.

  38. Hamilton-Bottas switcheroo.
    Albon-Stroll-Ricciardo podium fight.
    Leclerc going backwards.
    Start crash & Safety car crash.
    Probably the best F1 can deliver as of now.

  39. Second chaos race in a row. At least it didn’t affect the top too much, but I’d like a real race soon, instead of points awarded by random.

  40. Crashes and DRS overtakes. Not much else.

  41. Good race, without the DRS would have been great.

    Who would have thought, you don’t need bus stop chicanes to promote overtaking, Tilke design office take note.

    Still after all these years hating on DRS. Worst thing to happen to Motorsport.

    1. @john-h I think DRS mostly gets a unfair bad opinion. Usually it’s cars on worn tyres being overtaken by a car on fresh tyres or on a faster compound.

      Also today there were lot of “post pit stop fresh tyre” cars going past cars that habn’t stopped yet, or cars on soft tyres driving past medium or hard tyre shod cars. These would be easy overtakes even without DRS, so DRS is not to blame.

      But this time I have to agree that the DRS was too strong. It was especially funny in the F3 race with several cars who kept overtaking each other lap after lap. Like the olden days of extreme slipstream racing (like Villeneuve and Arnoux overtaking each other multiple times over a few laps).

    2. High grip/deg tyres and DRS are a bad mix. F1 only needs one, or needs to be more inventive with the placement of DRS.

      1. DRS ruined this one there was little actual racing just driving past with DRS. Track is quite nice to watch the cars on. 5 from me

  42. After seeing Monza and Tuscany, I have to say, the races are actually much better when Verstappen is out. Amazing race with so much overtaking, lots of strategies, drama, crashes, lead swaps, fights for podium etc etc etc

    Also, amazing that Red Bull finally had the time to also pick a working strategy for Albon now that Verstappen wasn’t their sole concern anymore.

    1. @f1osaurus that wasn’t a lot of overtaking just Leclerc dropping down the field and stupid crashes and restarts. Monza was just Lewis cruising past the field and random results due to red flag. Both boring races in terms of racing.

      1. @f1fan-2000 Nope, I saw lots of overtaking. Riccciardo, Russel, Bottas, Albon. Great race. Monza wasn;t that fun though agreed, but still people thought it was “magical, because finally (for them) the best driver didn’t win.

  43. 6. Was deprived of an exciting mixed strategy race because of the crashes, Bottas failing again to put pressure on Hamilton, max out at the start. The red flags dragged the race out to over 2 hours and I was beginning to get fatigue. Great for albon and Ricciardo though.

  44. As a race it was entertaining and as a circuit it’s amazing. I gave it a 7 (better than average). However I’m not a fan of standing starts after a red flag, multiple drivers jostling for position is the most dangerous part of the race, surely a red flag or safety car is to neutralise that, sure we want drivers swapping positions as thats the point of racibg but I feel these standing starts are all wrong as it nullifies the hard work that the drivers have done if they then fluff it on the restart (Bottas, Russell). Red flags and safety cars should paude the race, not reset it completely.

  45. I actually think red flags should be used more often, I hate to see 10% of the race being run under the safety car while an accident is cleared up. It doesn’t have to mean there has to be fresh standing start after each red flag like now, a safety car restart would also work. Once you have had to deploy the safety car there is already a restart issue, so pausing the race entirely gives us more racing laps than a safety car. It would also take away some of the incentive to pit when a safety car is called, because there is a reasonable chance of a red flag.

  46. It was certainly an interesting race to watch, but I’m not a fan of the silliness/carnage that occurred after the first Safety car restart! Surely the FIA must have realized the potential for this to happen because of the location of the line??

    Poor Max’s race was over really before he started with his software issue going to the grid – so nothing to do with the circuit, and probably did have a contribution to the chaos of the first incident… with him slow and out of position?

    And as to the comments of it being a boring race, there were plenty of overtakes, due to a tight pack of the rest of the cars (behind the Mercs)! Just a shame about George Russell and Danny Ric… both missing out on finishing places they both deserved, robbed by the second red flag stop! Even Albon showed his potential!!

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