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New Williams owners make first appearance at race

2020 F1 season

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The new owners of Williams made their first appearance at a race weekend during the Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello.

Williams was sold to US private capital firm Dorilton last month. Deputy team principal Claire Williams stood down following the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and Simon Roberts, who was hired in May, took charge as acting team principal.

Representatives of Dorilton and Eden Rock, the British-based investment management company which was involved in the team’s sale, joined them at Mugello on Saturday morning. They included Dorilton chairman Matthew Savage and group general counsel Stephanie Dattilo, plus Eden Rock CEO James Matthews, a former racing driver.

“They spoke to us first thing [in the] morning,” said the team’s head of vehicle performance Dave Robson. “Really it was little more than an introduction. Obviously, Saturday morning is pretty busy for us.”

The new owners are conducting an extensive review of the 43-year-old team’s operation before deciding their next steps.

“They introduced themselves and explained a little bit about how they see the next couple of weeks and how the reviews are going,” said Robson. “But otherwise not too much yet, we’ve got plenty of time to really get to know them and understand where we’re heading as a team.”

Williams equalled their best result of the season so far last weekend. George Russell finishing in 11th position, three seconds away from scoring the team’s first point of 2020.

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24 comments on “New Williams owners make first appearance at race”

  1. James Matthews a former racing driver.
    He’s also the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother in law by marrying Pippa Middleton.
    Good to know he does have a proper day job!

    1. By default also Prince Williams brother in law. The “in law” moniker also covers the husband/wife of ones husbands/wifes sibling. True fact

  2. Penske-Williams ? :-)

  3. Dear me – that isn’t a very pleasant picture is it.
    Talk about scary eyes and negative body language!

    Fingers crossed it all goes well ;)

    1. Probably the camera they aren’t amused to see.

    2. exactly what I thought

  4. As anyone who has worked in the corporate world can see, that looks like a group sharpening the axe.
    Expect major purges soon.
    Poor Claire, no wonder she choose to leave at once.

    1. Mr Burns and Smithers

    2. Saying Claire “chose” to leave is pretty naive. How often does a new company acquire another and then leave old management in place? Again for anyone who has worked in the corporate wold… she was respectfully shown the door. The Public statement of “I’m stepping down” was to save face and keep some dignity while packing up her office.

      This is a staight up aquisition. Redundancies will be made with no little to no hesitation.

    3. …looks like a group sharpening the axe.

      I’m expecting changes too. I find it interesting that the team’s Head of Vehicle Performance was on hand to introduce the team to the new owners. He said, “… we’ve got plenty of time to really get to know them and understand where we’re heading as a team.” I wouldn’t count on “plenty of time” if I was working in the Vehicle Performance division. Even a few extra hours each night and on the weekend might not save one’s job.

  5. Still not sure how they see a profit. Not that I know, but Williams seems to have been hanging on by the skin of their teeth for years now, at least since the Adam Parr days judging from some of his comments. Almost lucky to get a sale was my feeling.

    The new Concorde agreement must really be a game changer then. So much optimism with the Stroll / Aston Martin thing too.

    Hopefully Dieter will fill us in before long.

  6. Welp williams has lot my support

  7. “we’ve got plenty of time to really get to know them and understand where we’re heading as a team”

    Sorry Rob, as Williams’ head of vehicle performance, I don’t think you’ll be spending too much more time with the team.

    1. Yes, there will be many changes within the “we’ve got plenty of time to really get to know them” period. This quote was probably made to sound positive and upbeat at a time of much uncertainty.

      I agree about the body language in the picture above, only thing missing is one of them in arms-crossed pose. Definitely the calm before the storm and hope the staff are familiar with TUPE…

  8. Standard practice would be to bring in a consultant who understands the business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, understand the job that each position currently does, and then remove and replace all senior management at the company. The changing of the guard at an F1 team may operate a little differently but expect to see a big reorg over the off-season.

    1. Probably “Graeme Lowdon, ex-Manor F1 CEO” who advised them on the purchase.

  9. So, in the heading photograph, please identify the characters from left to right.
    Thank you.

  10. Girl with hair up, Matthews, Savage, pointing guy, Dattilo

    1. “Pointing Guy” is Acting Team Principal Simon Roberts

    2. Ah! Thank you WarfieldF1 and Trocadero.

      Down here in the Colonies we are not given much information.

      Caption competition – bring it on!

  11. Begging to be a caption contest photo.

    1. +1

      This has GOT to happen

  12. @Dieter – Forbes (Will Nicoll) have done an earnest, “in-depth” assessment into the possible identity of the new owners. Sadly they repeat a 2019 April Fool (that F1 is going all-electric in 2021) as fact (“The reasons rare earth powers F1”). RAFLMAO

  13. All I can see is people thinking numbers and “is that/he/she necessary?”

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