F1 will attract new teams “in a few years” – Brown

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In the round-up: McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown predicts new teams will come into Formula 1 despite the $200 million payment they will have to make to the sport’s new anti-dilution fund.

What they say

Brown said F1 was a “money pit” for teams under the outgoing financial agreement:

I think it takes – unless you’re acquiring a team, which obviously has just happened with Williams – about two years to build up. And I’m not hearing of anyone that’s that’s imminent to enter.

I do think with the changes that Liberty and the FIA have introduced Formula 1 is much more attractive to enter and be competitive in and ultimately create franchise value and and potentially make a little bit of money. And I think having a Formula 1 team that can be competitive, that isn’t a money pit – which is where Formula 1 has been. You want to be competitive, it’s a money pit, and that’s not attractive.

Now, I think Formula 1 is set on a journey where with a fairer revenue distribution, tighter rules, budget cap, there’s no reason why other racing teams won’t now start to look at Formula 1 and see that it’s a viable business model. So I do think we will see more teams, but I think it’s a few years away.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Is Stefano Domenicali the right person to be running Formula 1?

Domenicali resigned from Ferrari in April 2014, went to Audi and has been CEO of Lamborghini since March 2016. So his connections with Ferrari are no longer strong. But he’s an extremely competent manager who understands cars, motorsport and marketing, so F1 will in good hands for a long time – he’s young – 55 years old.

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On this day in F1

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  • 19 comments on “F1 will attract new teams “in a few years” – Brown”

    1. Maybe Gasly will run a Ukrainian helmet livery this weekend :)

      1. Unlikely. Kvyat would probably confiscate Gasly’s front wing arguing that it has been on his car for a few hours in the past.

    2. Lewis’ example—as the lone black F1 driver – is particularly meaningful for me. He shows we’re out there doing it. To see him conquering the track damn near every weekend, it motivates me to try to do the same.”

      Talent without hard work isn’t worth much; talent with lots of hard work means a lot! I suspect in Lewis’s case it wasn’t just his own hard work, but also that of his father Anthony, the people at McLaren, and lots of others as well that got him into F1.

      1. ‘In his case’ what an earth does that mean? Nobody gets to the top of any industry without other people. Period.

    3. Re COTD: Domenicali also an extremely competent manager who knew that Lamborghini was about to be sold. I believe he had a sixth sense to see if something is about to going down. It give me hope for F1 under his management.

      1. @ruliemaulana sixth sense or in other words he was one of the first to know, obviously so he could leave before he’d be replaced.

      2. RBR owners are the logical buyers for Lamborghini.
        It’s fashionable to link an F1 team to a sports-car brand, and I’m sure there will be major synergy savings in the IP department.

        And of course it allows RBR to enter into other racing series as Aston Martin, McLaren, and others are doing. Tractor Pulling seems the most likely candidate.

        1. Newey spend to much time building supercar when RBR only had Aston Martin sticker. Owning Lambo would be a disaster for RBR’s F1.

      3. Domenicali was the last “real” TP that Ferrari ever had. Then it was downhill all the way. Binotto is probably the rock bottom. Or maybe I speak too soon

    4. I agree with the COTD, although I find the end a bit funny.

    5. There are 200 million reasons why there won’t be a new F1 team in the next few years, Ross, and I’m surprised you don’t know it given that you just signed them off.

      1. Martijn Schenderling
        24th September 2020, 11:35

        Exactly. I have little hopes and my worry about Ross sanity increases by the day. In fact I see teams dropping out sooner than entering. Moreover, what will be the place in society for F1 in say 5 years? Where will it stand vs other racing classes like Formula E?

        1. He is turning into a slow thinking boomer.

      2. Maybe thats the thinking. If the sport is happy to have 10 teams (which I think it is); and it costs £200 million just to enter, those ten teams become much more valuable to anyone interested in getting into F1. Better for a team to do a Williams/Williams2 and buy an existing entrant than to watch one team struggle to survive in F1, whilst another prospective team struggle to find £200 million just for the entry.

      3. I think you missed that the quote about new teams possibly entering in a few years from now was not from Ross Brawn but from McLaren team principal Zak Brown @alianora-la-canta!

        I do agree with all of you though that those 200 million dollars makes it quite a hard deal to enter the sport, since it more or less doubles what you need to be able to bring with you for entering.

        1. @bascb Thanks for that :) In that case I will amend my statement to:

          There are 200 million reasons why there won’t be a new F1 team in the next few years, Zak, and I’m surprised you don’t know it given that you just signed them off.

    6. Right for 500 Million, 2 years, before your first race, and you can join on 11th slot.

      Sounds tempting, sign me up.

    7. Thanks very much for the birthday salutation Keith!!

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