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Signing Perez for 2021 not a “no-brainer” for Haas

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Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says taking advantage of the opportunity to sign Sergio Perez is not an obvious decision for the team.

The Racing Point driver will lose his place to Sebastian Vettel at the end of the year. Perez has been one of the leading drivers in the midfield in recent years, and has the backing of several sponsors.

Steiner has previously said he is considering almost 10 different drivers for the two Haas seats for 2021. But he believes none of the potential options are a “no-brainer”.

Haas needs to think beyond the short-term when evaluating its driver options, said Steiner.

“There is so many options at the moment and we need to try to make the best decisions for the team mid to long term, not only immediately.

“Immediately, we don’t have an issue. But we need to see where do we want to go mid-to-long term because there is where the opportunity is, in my opinion. So we need to fix that one.

“It’s not that we just need quick cash for next year, we are actually fine with that. It’s the mid to long term, how can we get better, how can we get the best out of the team, how can we get back to our performance of 2018 and better. And I think there is more opportunity now with the budget cap coming for next year onwards and with the new regulation for ’22.

“For sure Checo is a good driver, I would never doubt him, but is he the best for the mid to long term? I don’t know. That is what we are discussing so therefore it isn’t such a ‘no brainer’.”

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15 comments on “Signing Perez for 2021 not a “no-brainer” for Haas”

  1. “It’s not that we just need quick cash for next year, we are actually fine with that

    Very encouraging words from a team that isnt doing all too well on the track.

  2. Perez would be a great signing for Haas & they would be foolish to let him go. I could see Williams, Alfa Romeo & Haas all interested in Perez. Personally I’d like to see him replace Albon at Redbull as they need a solid points scorer to back up Max but I doubt it’s going to happen

    1. No driver in the running for the RedBull seat would sign elsewhere… Depending on the type of line up Haas wants, it might take some time before it is announced, surely now they must have a shorter list than the 10 they had a while ago.

    2. And Albon’s not scoring solid points? Seems to me he’s actually scoring the points expected and I seriously doubt Perez would be any better.
      Perez is a proven talent at making tyres last in midfield cars and bringing home 7th and 8th’s, he’s not shown any real talent for working his way through a field or for maintaining a podium, or just off it, place

  3. The story of Perez ending up at Haas would be a tale with two of two good endings. Who then gets axed ?
    I say both. Start over with new drivers. You’ve got the number one seat solved with Sergio. How about the second seat?
    Get a viable up and comer who is wiling to be number two. Who is willing to support that overall good of the team by playing into the needed role. Not needed is the guy who by personal greed chooses to upend the team goals. Rather simplistic but Haas could benefit from a redo and that starts with parting ways with drivers who amount to much. Start new Haas
    Sergio Perez may become more than you first imagined. Get the game going and then push both Alpines off the road somewhere.

  4. HAAS Needs a New Begging! They really need to change both driver’s, If they don’t then they need a new leader!!

  5. Translated: “we need to see how much money perez can gather before we start discussing other things”.

    1. More like: “let’s not show our hand in upcoming negotiations”

  6. Kmag over Grosjean to make way for Perez then I hope.

  7. Perez should be a no brainer for Haas! He’s Mexican (close enough to American for Gene, think Gutierrez), he brings lots of investment, he’s experienced and in his prime, and most importantly he’s bloody quick!

    1. I’d have to agree. His former Ferrari ties don’t hurt. His past drives, tire management and scrappy race results speak for themselves. One of my favorite drivers. He’s been pretty unlucky this season, and should be higher in points IMO.

  8. Maybe they wait to see if Lewis will be available?

  9. Actually DUH!!! Yeah, it kinda is Guenther.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s funny as hell watching Haas on DTS, but either put up or shut up about your (terrible) drivers.

    A lame, old, knackered donkey is a no brainer signing.

  10. Haas need the best drivers they can afford. Where they are isn’t where they should be on the Constructors’ Championship table. They need more points and need to be higher in the Constructors’ Championship. If Sergio comes with sponsorship then surely that means there’s more money available to justify employing someone better for the other seat.

  11. How bad of a team principal do you have to be that you are not sure if Perez is better than Grosjean or Magnussen…

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