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Stroll expects British racing green livery for Aston Martin

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Racing Point driver Lance Stroll expects the team will drop its familiar bright pink livery when it rebrands as Aston Martin next year.

The team has raced in a pink livery since 2017, when BWT arrived as a title sponsor. Stroll, the son of Lawrence Stroll who owns both the team and car manufacturer, expects his car will switch to Aston Martin’s traditional green colours next year.

“I believe it will be British racing green so it will be pretty cool,” said Stroll in today’s FIA press conference at Sochi Autodrom.

Another change has already been confirmed in the team’s driver line-up. Sebastian Vettel will replace Sergio Perez as Stroll’s team mate.

“I just knocked on his motorhome in Mugello and shook his hand, welcomed him to the team,” said Stroll. “It’s going to be very exciting so I’m looking forward to it.”

Stroll is back in action this weekend after the crash which ended his race at Mugello. He said he was almost completely unhurt in the high-speed impact.

“My calf was a little bit sore the next day because I put so much pressure into the brake pedal. But that was it.

“The cars now are so safe it’s really thanks to the FIA and Formula 1 for over the years implementing the safety regulations that I walked away from that crash without any injuries. It’s great to see how safe the cars have become over the years.

“At the end of the day it was just a shame that we had such a big points score slip away from us.”

Image: How Racing Point could look in Aston Martin British racing green

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2020 Russian Grand Prix

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24 comments on “Stroll expects British racing green livery for Aston Martin”

  1. Wrong number on the car, LOL.

    1. Nice spot.

      Also the wrong nose e.g. pre-Mercedes, ahem, completely legal tribute.

    2. Wrong car too.

    3. Lol, what a blunder. Although depends on who created it. If RaceFans, then it’s a cool and well deserved trolling imo, if the team then its “standard” ;) I like BRG, likely I would like to have a nice car in that color, but my feelings are mixed, as I’m literally unable to support them after dropping Perez this way. Although to some extent I like Seb as a person, and his humour aswell, so if he not finds himself and/or Stroll makes further improvements their battle can go really hot and interesting and can function as a source of entertainment.

    4. Just a quickie picture to accompany the ‘Perez’-release…

  2. the photoshop job on this is by far one of the ugliest ive ever seen, worst paintover hands down.

    1. Agreed…..vomit inducing……..eek.

  3. Its like buying a pair of black pumps and sticking a Nike swoosh on them. FAKE FAKE FAKE. F1 shows a lack of credibility with these rebadges. Anything for the money. See also Saudi, no g ays no women just MONEY.

  4. I would love it if they went for British racing green with a dash of pink, I’ve gotten used to the pink in F1

    1. British Fabulous Fuchsia?

  5. At least the pink livery was some relief from the ever so dull grey, greyer and greyest liveries recently. That, McLaren’s papaya and Ferrari’s scarlet (not that sludge coloured anniversary colour) are the most instantly recognisable of all the F1 teams while the rest, from a distance are either grey, very very dark grey (black) or very very light grey (white). BRG is a very pretty colour for cars and should look distinctive but still not a patch on the pink.

    1. The yellow nose of the Red Bull is instantly identifiable; I wish other cars were as easy to see. I’m curious why F1 hasn’t made the inclusion of the drivers racing initials mandatory on the top of the safety cage; it is hard to tell which team car we are riding with in onboard shots. Some of the teams do this and good for them but all of them should IMHO.

  6. This is giving me Caterham flashbacks I’d rather not have. Terrible livery!

    I will miss the pink I have to say. The RP has been pretty beautiful these last few years.

  7. Just get Sean Bull to design the livery.

    1. Don’t think Renault will let him haha

    1. That sure is a nice shade. Perhaps that with a little official brg too?

  8. what about the jaguar F1 livery that was a good looking green .

  9. 005eben will drive a silver grey car next year with a British racing green 5 and dito speedlines with machine guns and red rockets emerging from the nose. Doing spins to shoot all traffic behind him.

  10. Pink and green are high contrast and compliment each other pretty well. I wouldn’t mind having a third of the car stay pink.

  11. Well.. his dad owns the team. He’ll know what colour the car will be in. I just hope it doesn’t look like the photoshop render… because that looks kind of bland and ugly.

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