Raikkonen: Maybe I’ll appreciate race starts record one day

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In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen is unmoved by equalling Rubens Barrichello’s record for most race starts this weekend, but says it may mean something to him when he’s older.

What they say

Raikkonen should start his 322nd race on Sunday, drawing level with Barrichello’s benchmark:

I think every record is going to be broken at some point in most of the sports. That’s just how it has happened. But I said it many times it doesn’t really, for me, makes no difference right now.

Maybe in the future, when I look back on things whatever the number will be or the position will be makes more maybe I’ll look at it a bit different. But right now it’s like any other race and try to make a good time out of it and see what happens.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Alexander Albon is right to question the warning he received for his role in the Mugello restart crash, says @Arhn:

I just watched again the replay of the race and I fail to see what Albon did wrong at the restart.

If the FIA has legitimate reasons to find him partly to blame for the crash, I am curious why Leclerc or Hamilton were not blamed, as he did nothing differently from them.

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Happy birthday to James Brickles, Wout, Oel F1 and Kennyg!

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  • 5 comments on “Raikkonen: Maybe I’ll appreciate race starts record one day”

    1. Should he not continue beyond the end of this season, Alonso will smash the start and entry records anyway

      1. Yup. The Finnish media even reported that Kimi was asked if he would continue racing next year just to block Alonso’s potential record-breaking entry/start stat, and – surprise – he did not really care about that.

    2. I share the same sentiment with the COTD.

      1. I also checked the videos of all the drivers, and there were only three who opened up a gap and then ‘erratically’ closed it.
        Albon wasn’t one of them.
        @jerejj, @arhn

    3. Kudos to Ricciardo donning that facemask.
      You really stand for something when you have the guts to wear a ‘statement mask/t-shirt’ there where it’s most relevant and really matters.

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