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In the round-up: Formula 2 and Formula 3 team Hitech dismissed reports they are up for sale.

What they say

Hitech director Oliver Oakes firmly denied claims the team, which runs Nikita Mazepin and Luca Ghiotto in Formula 2, is being sold.

It was disappointing to read some media speculation trying to suggest that Hitech is for sale. Some people like to try to piece irrelevant parts together and try to make a story.

Hitech’s shareholders are committed to the team for the long term. We launched two new projects this year (British F3 and FIA Formula 2) both of which we are winning races and part of our long term plans to be a leading team in motorsport.

Whilst our success to date has been something we are proud of we still have much more to achieve over the long term.

To read suggestions the team is going to change ownership is categorically untrue – we are here to stay and our shareholders are extremely committed to Hitech as a project over the long term.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

What is the correct response to Luca Corberi’s appalling behaviour and subsequent apology?

What he did was really dangerous and could have killed someone. But I’ve got to say I hate the rush to ban him for life. Sure give him a gigantic five/etn year ban. But ban for life? When did we forget about rehabilitation? He shouldn’t be forced to give up his passion (and perhaps his job) for eternity.

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  • 9 comments on “F2 and F3 team Hitech rubbish sale reports”

    1. Leah..I would question my team, the chassis is completely off, the safety cell has nothing attached to it.

      1. I agree, that chassis was too weak. I’m not sure who is responsible for the chassis, but if you team designed and built it then I’d be thinking of getting a new team. It’ll make a good advert for the parachute manufacturer.

    2. Ah, Mansell’s first win. I often wonder what he said to Peter Warr when he saw him for the first time after that race…

    3. Re COTD

      The guy didn’t just get the red mist and bang the other drivers wheels on track or give him a shove afterwards. He picked up a bumper and in a premeditated act tried to use it as a weapon that could have seriously hurt multiple people and then decided that wasn’t far enough so sought out and physically assaulted someone who looked half his size aided by his father

      Then he’s gloated about the publicity it’s got him on Twitter so he isn’t exactly showing any contrition

      It’s not about the slim chance a piece of work like that has at rehabilitation, it’s also about setting an example for others, someone like that has no business being allowed back near motorsports

    4. Moved by that Kyle Larson post.

      1. @jeff1s – I thought it was a very powerful statement – and yes, moving too.

      2. Yeah, that was a really positive thing to see @jeff1s, @ahxshades

    5. Marko says he and Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz were are of Honda’s coming departure for a long time.

      This is more than a little interesting, it seems Horner was left out of the loop on a major event directly impacting on the teams performance/future. If reports are to be believed Horner didn’t find out until Honda released their statement. Is there anyone who still wants to try and say the culture inside RBR is anything less than toxic?

    6. I hope this article is translated and shared by western media to make this round up. It is Robert Kubica talking the most candidly about his rally accident including waiting 2 hours for rescue, helicopter flight with broken legs, arm, wrist and ribs and huge blood loss followed by 10 hours of operations, then going into shock about news and prognosis and many more operations. Also comments about his conversations with Michael Schumacher, about how he cant do his 2012 ferrari contract. about his now fealings on his return 2019 f1 season. Also hoe he doesnt feel like a veteran and how he made in in motorsport from a non motorsport country and other bits.


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