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Second practice also cancelled at Nurburgring due to weather conditions

2020 Eifel Grand Prix second practice

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Both of today’s practice sessions at the Nurburgring have been cancelled as a result of the weather conditions in the area.

As was the case for the morning’s practice session, second practice was also cancelled as the combination of rain and fog in the area prevented the medical helicopter from being able to reach local hospitals.

“The weather and dampness is fine,” confirmed F1 race director Michael Masi, “it’s actually just that the medical helicopter is not able to fly to the receiving hospital due to fog.

“Even though we have the broadcast helicopter, that’s only flying around the circuit. To go from here to any of the hospitals should something happen is not possible and therefore from a safety perspective we would not start the session.”

However Masi is hopeful more running will be possible over the next two days, when qualifying and the race are due to take place.

“The forecast looks better. but we’re also working on some back-up plans should we have a similar situation to be able to try to work around. So we’re working on those as we speak.”

Following the cancellation of today’s two practice sessions, F1 drivers have just one hour of practice remaining tomorrow morning ahead of the qualifying hour.

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2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Second practice also cancelled at Nurburgring due to weather conditions”

    1. If I am a fan at this race or in any other races that I have gone to in my life, I would be seriously disappointed/gutted. Some fans buy general admission tickets to get videos and pictures of the cars on different parts of the track, and the Friday practice sessions are the best ways to succeed in this. Of course, this year is different, but a whole day of no running for the practice sessions is the worst thing to occur to fans on track who want to get pictures and videos of the cars.

      1. Hipoteticlly, if helicopter who flies around and record whats going on and falls down; What will happend with them if medical helicopter can’t fly because of bad weather? If medical helicopter is there for saftey of people, drivers etc; Who is responsible for saftey of TV helicopter? How they can fly and medical not? Is that somekind of paradox or antagonism?

        1. The photo chopper does not fall under the FIA regulations… just guessing… :-/

        2. Just a guess: it is easier to fly near the circuit, and especially land the TV helicopter to the helipads that are on the ground, rather than the one at the hospital.

    2. Fantastic news!! No data for 7 years, most likely only 1 hour of practice tomorrow, hopefully this will rule out all the strategy people/computers back at the HQ’s and the drivers and teams will have to think for themselves, on the fly. Hopefully the fog will clear but the rain will stay for the rest of the weekend!!

      1. They have a good base setup and base data from simulators but yes, this could make things a little more interesting, especially on raceday with the tires.

        I still do not see the point of 4 hours of practice for a 90 minutes race.

    3. When was the last time a medical helicopter had to be used in Formula 1 ?

      1. Alonso and Sainz in 2015, Juan-Manuel Correa was airlifted to hospital following the accident that killed Anthoine Hubert at Spa last year.

        1. @Figo @hazelsouthwell Medical helicopter was also used at Sochi Autodrom last year after the opening-lap crash in the F2 sprint race.

    4. Highly likely weather improved for Saturday & Sunday.
      Very very cold though. So tyres could be interesting.,50.312,6.935,13,m:e22agmJ

      1. it’s the eiffel that can and will change in a few hours! Friday should be dry then wet then misty all in 1 day.

    5. If the medical helicopter is used or breaks down does that mean that racing/practise is immediately suspended?

      1. There were two of them today.

        1. Are there always two at a GP or does it depend on local availability?

          1. Two medi-copters at all GPs I would think. Probably a condition in the contract with the promoter.
            One medi-copter stays behind if/when the other is called into service.

    6. Considering what happened to jules, this is absolutely the right move.

    7. This is why the future belongs to Formula E and its street tracks. They can plot a racing route that goes right past a major city hospital

    8. Great, this should do the trick. Can hardly be more interesting buildup. Cold, damp, foggy. Next stop crazyness.

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