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Leclerc sees ‘quite a few positives’ in Ferrari’s Nurburgring weekend

2020 Eifel Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc says he was encouraged by Ferrari’s performance in the Eifel Grand Prix, despite falling from fourth on the grid to finish seventh.

“I would have preferred to finish a bit higher,” said Leclerc after the race. “But looking back at the weekend, I think there are quite a bit of positives.

“I did not expect to be so competitive with the cold weather like that. And the car was handling quite well, so this was positive.”

Ferrari brought another minor upgrade to its SF1000 for the race at the Nurburgring. “I think the small update that we brought this weekend worked in the right direction,” said Leclerc.

“It wasn’t a massive step, but that was not what we were searching for. It was a small step going in the right direction and this is also positive.”

However Leclerc endured a poor first stint on the soft tyres and was passed by Daniel Ricciardo before making an early pit stop.

“We need to understand why the first stint on the soft was so affected by graining,” said Leclerc. “But I’m quite pleased with the way the weekend has gone.”

Leclerc said he was “struggling quite a bit with graining and understeer” during the first stint. “The second and third stint was a bit better but the first stint compromised massively our race.

“Surely [qualifying] was, I think, a bit of a standout performance. So it was good for qualifying on the one shot we’ve been strong, but on the long run, we struggled a bit more, especially on the soft.”

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7 comments on “Leclerc sees ‘quite a few positives’ in Ferrari’s Nurburgring weekend”

  1. Charles needs to work better on tyre wear, he needs to improve that segment and how to extract more in first laps of new stints.
    Sebastians pace was same like Charles, so that was positiv from Seb.

    1. Here is a good reason why you should never ever discredit or diminish Leclerc or Hamilton”s success

      1. Are you going to spam all topics with this link?

        1. Sorry Erika. I’m not spamming. I just can’t seem to add any comments on the other subject as they are over 100 full. I’m not spamming. I am adding useful and informative YouTube f1 discussions.

      2. I never wanted to diminish, devalute or discredit Charles success. He is brillaint talent, shoulder to shoulder with Max and Lewis. As a big fan of him I wanted to improve more and more, to never stop improving as a driver and a person.
        In this bad Ferrari years, thats the years that he needs to push himself more than ever. I wanted to just tell some of his weaknesses that he needs to remove to be consist ever single lap like Lewis.

    2. not really. Car is dreadful it is so clear to see.

  2. To be honest Ferraris race pace was as bad as the races before. Without the retirements and a better prepared Hulkenberg he would have struggled to score any points.
    The pattern over the last races was that Vettels qualifying results were a good benchmark for Ferraris pace in comparison to their rivals.
    It’s only that Leclerc is somehow able to find some extra time in qualy…

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