Ferrari downgraded slightly in new “F1 2020” patch


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Codemasters have issued the first team performance update for F1 2020, three months since the latest edition of the official Formula 1 game was released.

Due to the delayed start of the 2020 F1 season, Codemasters did not have any race data on which to base the original performance of the cars in this year’s game.

Codemasters’ estimates of the team’s performances were, on the whole, fairly close to the mark. Mercedes were quickest followed by Red Bull, with Williams and the Ferrari customer teams bringing up the rear.

However once the real season began it became clear that Codemasters hadn’t anticipated some of the biggest year-on-year changes in car performance. Notably the significant step forward made by Racing Point and the contrasting slump in performance suffered by Ferrari.

The performance data for the drivers was revised back in August. Now the teams’ values have been addressed in the new v1.12 patch released today.

Racing Point’s performance gain is clear to see in F1 2020 v1.12. The pink cars have gone from sixth to third-quickest. This mirrors their real-world ranking based on average fastest lap times (see below).

Ferrari, however, still seem to be rather more competitive in the game than in reality. While their performance has clearly been downgraded compared to the original version, they are still slightly quicker than McLaren and Renault. The real data indicates McLaren are quite a bit quicker, while the improving Renaults are also fractionally faster on average.

In the new version of the game Haas have also edged past Alfa Romeo, which is not quite borne out by the real-world data. But the most striking difference at this end of the grid is that all three of the slowest teams are more competitive relative to their rivals than they have been in real life.

In much the same way, Mercedes are perhaps not as far ahead at the front of the field than they should be. In both cases, this may be a matter of the more extreme differences in car performance being levelled off in order to make a more well-rounded game.

One notable area where performance adjustments have not been made is in My Team mode. Here the power units have the same performance ratings (and prices) as before. Codemasters say this has been done “so as not to unfairly upset the balance of the player’s experience.”

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F1 2020 team performance update

F1 2020 team performance - original
F1 2020 team performance – original
F1 2020 team performance - v1.12 update
F1 2020 team performance – v1.12 update

The images above show the teams performance ratings in F1 2020 before and after the v1.12 patch. The chart below shows each team’s average deficits to the quickest lap time over all of the 11 real-world race weekends so far this year.

F1 2020 engine performance - v1.12 update
The engine performance is unchanged in ‘My Team’ mode

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    1. “Ferrari, however, still seem to be rather more competitive in the game than in reality.”

      Of course they do!

      This is the company that, reportedly, sends road cars to a press review being all custom-calibrated to the track, and with “totally regular street tires” which then proceed to stick to the dyno. But it’s also the company that threatens to quit F1 over the wrong bagels being served at the team principal meeting, sooooo …

      1. You should ask yourself why they’re listened to.

        1. BernieEccleston
          18th January 2021, 21:04

          Except, they’re not.

    2. Ferrari should be below Renault and Mclaren as well.

    3. This.

      And maybe, in a few RNG-determined edge cases in that game, below Williams :p

    4. Engine performance is totally wrong in that game Mercedes should be the best Performance AND the best Durability.
      2020 is clear they are the top almost never failed and very strong. Renault durability should be last then you have a good representive of the real thing.

    5. Ferrari is noob.

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