Hamilton criticises choice of Petrov as steward after BLM and gay driver quotes

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton has criticised the choice of Vitaly Petrov as one of the stewards for this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix following comments the former F1 racer made last month.

In an interview for Russian publication Championat, Petrov criticised Hamilton for encouraging drivers to ‘take a knee’ in support of anti-racism protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. Petrov also questioned whether drivers would “urge everyone to become gay” and race under a rainbow flag if one of their number came out.

Hamilton said it was a “surprise” Petrov had been chosen to make his first appearance as a steward when the quotes were put to him during the FIA press conference ahead of the Portuguese Grand Prix,

“I’ve not seen all the quotes – obviously you’ve just recited some of them,” he said. “So yes, of course, that is I would say a surprise that they’re hiring someone that has those beliefs and is so vocal about things that we’re trying to fight against.

“So you should take it up with them, really. There’s nothing I can particularly do about it.”

Formula 1 launched its “#WeraceAsOne” initiative before the start of the season which is partly aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within the sport. Hamilton claimed Petrov’s views are at odds with that stance.

“We should definitely be including people here who are with the times, who are understanding of the time we are living in and sensitive to the matters that are surrounding us,” said Hamilton. “So I don’t really understand what their goal is or why particularly he’s here because it’s not that they don’t have any other good options.”

Hamilton’s team mate Valtteri Bottas echoed his comments. “Obviously I also haven’t heard any of those quotes and I don’t know them in detail so it’s tough to say.

“But I think as Lewis said we all should have the same mindset for the things that we are pushing on.”

Petrov raced in Formula 1 between 2010 and 2012, scoring a podium finish in the 2011 Australian Grand Prix with third place for Renault. He later raced for Mercedes in the DTM, and several teams in the World Endurance Championship.

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2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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    198 comments on “Hamilton criticises choice of Petrov as steward after BLM and gay driver quotes”

    1. Looks like they learned a lot then from Mika Salo’s instantaneous media penalty briefings. What exactly qualifies the worst performing drivers in F1’s back catalogue to be race stewards?

      1. There’s no ‘us’, you don’t represent anybody. Dangerous driving, causing a collision, and a second change of direction to defend have always been illegal, and instead of enforcing those rules they invented the Verstappen rule, which they never enforced either. Yes they penalised Vettel is my point, after Max caused the huge crash, that’s how useless they are. But meanwhile Max has learned from his peers and doesn’t do it any more, he’s a grown-up, sporting driver, no thanks to the stewards.

      2. Salo beat every team mate he face over a whole season. Then won Le Mans twice

        1. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
          22nd October 2020, 20:55

          Petrov also wasn’t particularly terrible.

          1. This. I remember him being ok, like say.. Haas pair.

      3. This is not about performance as driver (which wasn’t bad at all, though why would it even matter…), but about different political views. Discrimination is what it is, with us or against us mentality. BLM, sure, but WLM, YLM and all other L also M. If someone doesn’t like BLM that doesn’t mean that he’s against black lives. It’s a movement, I know black people who dislike it. I reserve my opinion yet, but I sure as hell won’t discriminate based on that. As for gay rights, that’s something else entirely (it’s not about some movement, but people in general), though I don’t know what he was saying.

        1. Montréalais (@)
          22nd October 2020, 22:43


          1. Sergey Martyn
            23rd October 2020, 5:31

            Is Hamilton a pope?

    2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
      22nd October 2020, 18:04

      Whether you agree or disagree with ones view(s) on political or social stances is irrelevant. This should have NO bearing on who should or shouldn’t be allowed to steward an event. If said steward formulates their action against a driver/team because of ones color, sexuality, or religion. That is wrong and, essentially, not doing their stewarding job as they should be. Basing their decisions around the rules only should be what matters most. I see this as a non-issue, provided Petrov stewards fairly! I hate how everything has to be THIS all the time. It takes away from the sport, imo. (I’m looking at you the media).

      1. @flyingferrarim Petrov decided to express derision about gay rights and therefore indirectly about racism. Hamilton is giving his response. Added to that, another talentless driver as race steward, why? Salo was clearly too busy texting Finnish media about the penalty they’d just given to Hamilton to focus on his job. Are we supposed to take these people seriously when they clearly don’t take their stewarding job seriously? Same goes for Petrov, there’s no evidence of sound judgement in his remarks, the complete opposite.

        1. Ad @david-br mentions Petrov was quite publicly commenting on this before the Sochi race, critisizing in effect the big message the FIA and Formula1 are telling us they want to bring forward so it is actually relevant @flyingferrarim

          1. You missing the point – this is internal USA politics and it’s not related to Russia and most rest of the world. What he was saying is that F1 is not place for politics and Hamilton should not push his own political agenda. Every country has its problems, including inter-ethnical relationships and Russia is no exception. Those ethnics from USA are not anyhow related to issues in Russia, but Russia’s people do not push issues with own relationships into F1.

            1. @regs Yeah thank god racism and homophobia only exist in the USA…

            2. @keithedin
              But many parts of the world have much more important problems than this.

            3. @regs said the White man

            4. Bravo Regs, 100% correct.

            5. @slowmo So white lives don’t matter?

            6. @regs

              So why are you engaging so much if it doesn’t effect you? Just shut up man.

            7. @sjzelli I don’t believe I mentioned BLM in my post, your post speak volumes about yourself though.

              I was simply inferring that a white person saying there were a lot more important issues around the world than those affecting black people is frankly ridiculous. Clearly as a white person you’d have no concept of the everyday effect of systemic racism in society and whether that is more or less important than other issues. That’s saying nothing other than you can’t in anyway shape or form appreciate racism from a black persons perspective because you don’t live with it.

              It’s like men suggesting misogyny is not an issue for the human race.

              Finally please educate yourself on why the Black Lives Matter message is not about black peoples live mattering more than other races, it’s simply about them needing that help at the moment. Of course white/all lives matter but that’s not what the message was about. Also not everyone who agrees with the Black Lives Matter message are supporting the movement called Black Lives Matter who have proven to be a political entity in some countries rather than a human rights awareness group.

              I somehow feel the above might be wasted on you but lets see.

            8. @slowmo You make way too many assumptions. If your tutelage makes you feel like a bigger man, have at it. But when you feel the need to interject race at every turn, you should expect a response

            9. @sjzelli so you had no point with your snide remark after all. You’re literally in a news article about race and discrimination, I think its quite an appropriate forum for it to be brought up. As I said, it says more about you that you chose my post to interject.

          2. I’ll explain more precise myself. Why do you want us, Balto-Slavs (R1a) and Finno-Ugric (N3) people, to care about your problems, when you don’t want to care about our problems? We are not anyhow related to relationships between R1b race and african descendants (there are many races actually) in USA, UK etc. But only we get from you is sanctions and death. No, it doesn’t work like this. Kimi and Daniil wouldn’t say it for the sake of polit correctness, but absolute majority in Europe do not support this actions in F1. It’s an international championship, not national. Bottas was heavily criticized for kneeling in Finland and Russia. Though everyone understand he was forced to do, as he is in Lewis team.

            1. Perhaps Bottas chose to support the BLM movement because he hates to see people being judged by the colour of their skin rather than for their actions. Perhaps if more people were like Bottas, the world would be a better place. Maybe every country in the world needs to do better in this regard, for their own sake and for the sake of the people of the world. We are living in an international age, and have been for some time. “International” stands for the people of many nations united. What is wrong with that?

            2. Again, you extrapolating your domestic issues over entire world. But there are many countries where it is not a problem and a problem is what to eat, where to live, how to live and how to raise funds for life (jobs).

              And those people in your part of the world, who as you believe undergo some judgment, still live dramatically better than most of the world, who you want to kneel for them. Most of the world can’t afford own modern housing, modern computers, phones, tele/video/audio technics, new clothing every season. Many can’t even afford internet, electricity and even food.

            3. @regs Well said, but remember, by not bending the knee towards this culture of persistent victimhood that the left wants to constantly beat us over the head with, you are thumbing your nose at the “tolerant” people and they hate that. These “tolerant” ones are the ones that are forcing group think and take objection to forced displays of agreement to something that is not nearly as omnipresent and widespread as they want to believe. Remember, the goal is always to make white males the evil ones and everyone else a victim. It’s no different than the myth of the noble savage that the political left loves to push in order to bash Western Civilization as no better (and frequently worse) than other cultures that accomplished nothing.

              Bravo for avoiding groupthink and having some courage to voice your opinion in the face of the wokescold.

            4. Bottas was heavily criticized for kneeling in Finland and Russia

              Don’t know about Russia as I do not follow Russia’s F1-BLM as closely as you do, but certainly Bottas was not criticized in Finland for kneeling.

            5. Balto-SlavIC (R1a) is the correct spelling, interresting piece of history of origin of people.
              But always remember they are all human those genes are from a time people split up to go to better feeding grounds and getting ‘damaged’ due of diversion of people during those ages.
              Very interesting stuff but sadly nothing to do with racing.

            6. @macleod
              Slavs is a plural noun, Slavic is adjective. As I didn’t add word people to Balto-Slavs this form is ok.
              Either Slavs or Slavic people.

            7. @ferrox-glideh

              BLM judged people by the color of their skin constantly. It’s the basis of their movement to oppose police violence committed by white cops, but not by black cops or against white citizens. They also don’t fight against violence by black citizens against each other, even though black Americans are far more at risk of death at the hands of other black Americans than at the hands of cops.

              Apparently, ‘black lives don’t matter’ when the perpetrators have the wrong skin color.

          3. Sergey Martyn
            23rd October 2020, 6:28

            What in the bloody hell F1 has to do with all these gay and blm agenda? It’s a sport, nothing else. I adore Karajan and Furtwangler recordings not because they were Nazis, but because of magnificent music, and I watch F1 not because Hamilton or whomever is BLM, Metoo, gay, etc.

        2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          22nd October 2020, 18:37

          @david-br Petrov has a right to his opinion whether it is right or wrong. Petrov’s success or lack of within f1 is irrelevant. Drivers like him and Salo made it to that level and have raced professionally. They understand what it’s like to race and understand racing from a drivers perspective. Their professional success has no bearing on whether they are “qualified” or not. Everyone has different takes/interpretations of the rules whether you agree with theirs or not. All that matters is that they rule on track incidents fairly (from the individual point of view) and their reasoning’s are against the rules set forth (no outside factors). I did not criticize Hamilton or Bottas for responding to the question(s) rather their response to Petrov’s ability to steward because he holds a different opinion on matters outside of racing topics. What evidence do you have that Petrov lacks “sound judgement”? How do you know that his decision making will include outside opinions related to politics or social issues that will directly single out someone like Hamilton? People do have the capacity to separate political/social/racial/religious views from their decision making on a professional level.

          1. @flyingferrarim

            Petrov has a right to his opinion whether it is right or wrong.

            of course. But that is not the problem here.
            He gave his opinion in relation to activities to avoid acts of discrimination. its rather strange to choose someone who is not willing to obey those guidelines.

            1. What guidelines? Show me where it says no one is supposed to express their opinions (other than the “rules” the self appointed driver’s wokesperson thinks he can impose via his press conferences).

            2. Sergey Martyn
              23rd October 2020, 6:34

              What guidelines? You teached us about a word freedom by decades and now you try to impose these concentration camp rules.

            3. @erikje

              In what way do his comments indicate that he is unwilling to follow the guidelines for stewards?

              Note that the job of stewarding doesn’t yet include mandatory activism.

        3. + 1 A really stupid decision to appoint Petrov.

        4. @flyingferrarim

          What evidence do you have that Petrov lacks “sound judgement”?

          His own comments on Formula ‘s end racism campaign?! As for his judgement on racing, I don’t see what a Caterham-rejected driver with zero experience of real competition at the front end in Formula 1 adds to the rest of the stewards, which is the point of the ‘driver steward.’ I mean, would someone like Maldonado or Grosjean be a good choice with the kind of on-track ‘decisions’ we’ve seen them take over the years? I don’t see being a former driver as an automatic qualification for competence in the stewarding job at all. In fact, I suspect the opposite, a lot of their own issues as drivers may sway their decisions in the wrong direction.

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            22nd October 2020, 19:04

            @david-br Stewards job is to judge on racing accidents! That is it! If “qualifications” to hold a job/role includes personal opinions then we have an issue of “equal opportunity”. You are doing what exactly is being paraded about with equal opportunity when it comes to racism. Just a different ism. Simply by denying someone to hold a position because of their personal belief or makeup. How they perform on their duty is most important. I personally do not agree with his social opinion, but that doesn’t make him unqualified to steward. You have no idea how he will perform as a steward (nor do I) until he stewards. You do know that you can have bad football players who later become good announcers or tv analysts? So NO, you have no idea if he will be a good steward or not! Personally, I do not think the stewardship assignments are presently working and needs another method. I also do not think being a driver should be an automatic qualification, however, I do think the steward group should comprise of past drivers and non-drivers. I also think that groups should be made. What I mean is that group 1 will always comprise of the same stewards and group 2 comprise of the same stewards (comprised of different people from group 1) etc. That way there will be consistency between groups instead of a lottery as it is now. That would hopefully create “some” consistency to these rulings.

            1. @flyingferrarim No Hiland, you’re overconstruing what I said. If you read my first comment it was about competence and professionalism. Salo (allegedly) was immediately briefing Finnish media about Hamilton’s highly dubious time penalty and points on his license before the steward investigation was even announced. If so, zero professionalism or sporting ethics. I’m extending that point now to question the choice of Petrov, based on the fact that his declarations don’t sound like sound judgement: they express bias and a disdain for FIA’s guidelines in terms of projection of the sport globally. Just ‘my opinion’ being ‘freely expressed.’ No, I don’t trust that he’ll be a good or fair steward.

            2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
              23rd October 2020, 0:45

              I don’t think I’m over construing what you said. How I understand your statement/expression is that you feel that someone, Petrov, should be denied an opportunity to steward a race because they have a personal declaration/opinion that contrasts the two FIA social campaigns. That has nothing to do with racing… am I correct? Do you believe every employee under the FIA/F1 organizations should share those same beliefs/opinions as their employer in terms of projection? For those employees that don’t share those positions… do you trust them to perform their duties in a professional manner?

              The Salo situation is no comparison. That would actually be based on one’s performance as a steward. Completely different and irrelevant to how you correlated that to Petrov’s situation. It is a huge stretch to spin it in such a way. If you don’t trust he’ll be a good steward, that is fine for what ever reason you take. I’m just challenging your reasons. I think it very unfair/intolerant to deny someone a role over a personal opinion.

            3. @flyingferrarim Hiland, I’m in no position to deny Petrov anything. And I’m sceptical of the stewarding and race direction in general. TBH I think Masi is a far worse problem. I also suspect pressure being exerted to add ‘spectacle’ to the races in numerous ways. But if Salo did as alleged, he undermined the position of ‘driver steward’ in two ways: leaking to the press instead of doing his job, and raising a huge question of bias (a Finnish former driver advising Finnish media about a situation immediately favourable to a current Finnish driver). I don’t see why those points should be ignored as serious issues, but apparently they have. Then next up we have a driver clearly opposed to the campaign led by one of the main drivers, with comments that contradict the message F1 was supposed to be sending this year about diversity. Given the failure to address the issues surrounding Salo’s actions, this hardly inspires confidence in what might happen next. That’s all. I think it’s perfectly understandable why Hamilton would be both sceptical and critical of the choice. Petrov will perform his role irrespective of any criticism. Let’s see.

            4. @flyingferrarim re: professionalism, this is a point I was going to respond to before and forgot. The driver steward is something of a ‘guest steward’, not rigorously trained (though obviously advised) to be impartial with long-term professional experience in attempting to be so. Even so I would have presumed professionalism until Salo this year. Both his behaviour (including his expletive-ridden responses when asked about it) and that of Masi in his autocratic rebutting of criticism from drivers about race direction making decisions to enhance ‘the show’ rather than safety suggest to me that the stewarding and race direction is far from professional in general. Selecting Petrov is just another layer.

            5. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
              23rd October 2020, 1:49

              I didn’t say you are in position to deny Petrov anything, just that I interpreted your wording as you would like to see it denied because of Petrov’s declaration.

              Being skeptical of the stewarding is fine and understandable. I think many fans (including myself) feel that the stewarding as a whole is not consistent and a fair amount of criticism (rightfully) are being pointed that way. I also agree that Masi has made very questionable decisions (to your point of trying to add spectacle). I think we very much agree in this department.

              To the point of Salo. If true, then yes i agree that is a major issue with regards to leaking info to the press. I’m not sure I follow the bias issue, that would require proof. This is conspiracy theory territory (IMO), unless you know something that none of do. But lets not forget that Salo was not the only steward making the call either. There is what… four stewards a race? No way he has that much influence! All I ask from the stewarding is consistency (aka no moving of goal posts), even if I’m not in agreement of the call. As long as its called the same for everyone all the time.

              As far as Petrov, I think I’ve made my points and don’t care to go much deeper. I just look at things as what is fair (is personally separate personal and professional) and how I would like to be treated if I was in Petrov’s position. I don’t agree with him on his personal view, but I think its only fair to see how he is has a professional. If the reasoning was more on the professional side, I wouldn’t mind at all the criticism (of him for that role). He deserves the benefit of the doubt to prove himself. Because some don’t see it your way, doesn’t mean they are bad people!

            6. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
              23rd October 2020, 1:55

              your re: post…. just read it.

              I generally agree minus Petrov (obviously, lol).

            7. @flyingferrarim To be clear: I don’t think Petrov should be denied the chance to prove he can be a good steward (not that we’d really ever know: as you say, it’s a joint decision and we don’t see the decision-making process). I do question what his appointment signals after public remarks he chose to make about F1 and ending racism, but it’s done already. I appreciate the discussion, thanks, have a good evening/morning (I’m off to watch Trump-Biden).

            8. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
              23rd October 2020, 2:05

              Fair… appreciate the discussion as well! Stay safe!

              I’ll watch the Tump-Biden highlights in the morning, lol. I think I’d rather watch pre-schoolers debate as it would be more informative and civil!

          2. darran Donald
            22nd October 2020, 20:16

            Zero front end competition?
            All 3 have led a race
            All 3 have podiums

            The driver steward is there to offer the driver’s side opinion of the situation, He doesn’t make the decision. He’s involved but most people are so thick that they don’t even realize how the process works. It’s not one man but again the driver steward is the one that gets torn apart with these decisions.

          3. So what?!?! We all don’t have to agree that racism is the biggest dang problem in the world, it’s not, not in the top-100 probably. It is the most overhyped issue in the world today and it’s all about this myth of oppression and the incorrect belief that any outcome that isn’t equal is due to racism and that is simply a lie. Move the heck on, there are so many other issues than this garbage. I’d much rather our world leaders focus on ending nuclear weapons, something that could kill us all in an afternoon and doesn’t care about color. Enough, MOVE ON!

      2. You’re missing the point; Petrov’s selection by the FIA directly contrasts and hypocrisies their initiatives of #endracism and #weraceasone. It just shows how hollow this whole campaign is when they’re willingly signing on personnel whose views are contradictory to what the FIA claim to support.

        1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          22nd October 2020, 20:39

          @siralmond87 I think your missing my point. Sure, on the surface (in the distance) I agree that it looks hypocritical of F1. However, the campaign is only hollow if they only give it lip service (in terms of investment into those campaigns). One employee who holds a contrasting opinion doesn’t make F1 hollow in this effort. F1 probably has other employees that carry a similar opinion(s) as Petrov, along with many others companies that support these social causes. Are we now going to let companies deny/hire people based on personal opinion or beliefs? Hiring or not hiring Petrov over this has NO impact what so ever on F1’s social causes. Maybe I am wired differently than most and separate personal vs profession. #endracism and #weraceasone is an organizational effort. With that said, the organization/company still needs to perform and hire based on qualifications for said job/role. If companies require the employees to hold their same views, that in itself is wrong and a very slippery slope. You are now implying that companies can deny/hire or fire on grounds of personal opinion. How is that any different than denying/hiring people based on color? People talk about being tolerant, yet most that preach this are not. I don’t agree with Petrov’s stance, however, I don’t believe he should be denied a job or role because of his personal opinion/beliefs. Who are you or I to tell him how he should think? If he had spoke this non-sense as a rep of F1 (being on the job/clock), then I think that should deny him that job/role. But as an individual on his own time, he has a right to his own opinion provided it doesn’t provoke violence. My entire point is that he can be a good steward, even if his personal stance on social issues differs from F1’s social campaign’s. If prejudices creep into his decision making as a steward, then that would conflict with F1’s social campaign’s (especially if not dealt with swiftly).

      3. @flyingferrarim if we take the position, as you have, that we should judge solely on the criteria of whether or not he is fit for his job, there is still the concern that Petrov’s personal beliefs might result in him acting unfairly towards some of the drivers on the grid.

        If he has taken a position that is directly opposed to that of a number of drivers on the grid, it raises concerns over, if he were then called to make a decision about some of those drivers, whether he would be consciously or unconsciously biased against those drivers and thus not act in a fair manner.

        1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          22nd October 2020, 20:48

          anon, if that is the case. If his personal non-racing beliefs carry over, into his decision making that is. Then he wouldn’t be doing his job as a steward would he? Therefore, he should not be in that seat to make those decisions. The job is to fairly apply the rules to all competitors.

        2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          22nd October 2020, 20:54

          Not to mention you are pre-judging an individuals professional character and integrity without any real actionable proof that he can not be an impartial steward. That’s a bit unfair, wouldn’t you think?

          1. @flyingferrarim there is a certain irony that you yourself are somewhat unfairly misrepresenting my comments as an absolute statement (i.e. that Petrov will be biased), and in itself showing the sort of behaviour that you have criticised others for.

            I did not make the absolute statement that “Petrov will be biased”: I stated that there is a risk that Petrov might be subject to conscious or unconscious bias as a result of his position, and you are the one who then chose to interpret that as an absolute statement of bias.

            With regards to the statements that “If his personal non-racing beliefs carry over, into his decision making that is. Then he wouldn’t be doing his job as a steward would he?” and that “The job is to fairly apply the rules to all competitors.” – I don’t think anybody is debating whether those are the standards to which he should be held.

            The question is whether there is the increased possibility of Petrov making a decision which may be influenced by those factors, and what the FIA have done to satisfy themselves that Petrov can administer his role in an unbiased manner given that previous criticism of the behaviour of some drivers raises the possibility – not an absolute, but a potential risk – that Petrov could therefore be biased.

            That is a risk judgement that the FIA will have had to make with Petrov, much as they will have had to make for other stewards – both former racers and non-racers alike – and, right now, it is more opaque what criteria the FIA uses to select the driver stewards.

            1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
              22nd October 2020, 22:36

              I have unfairly “misunderstood” your comment? How? I didn’t say you mentioned “absolute bias”. I said, “If his non-racing beliefs/opinions carry over…” no matter if they are consciously or unconsciously so. In lament terms, saying that he would not be fulfilling his duty as a steward who needs to be impartial when reviewing racing incidents. When I type in comment sections, I usually try to write in a more general sense.

              I could have reworded the second comment to not say “you” (improper English on my part). My intention at the time of writing was to read more like “not to mention that pre-judging….”. My apologies for not wording that better and in the way I intended it. I can see how that may have rubbed you the wrong way.

              I see your point in regards to risk on hiring him with regards to persona biases. i recognize that, but until giving him an opportunity to prove himself as a steward. How can one pre-judge him the way many are right now? No one knows how he will perform and I feel it’s unfair to attack someone like this. I’m a different person as a professional than in my private life. As many probably are. As Petrov probably is, but we can’t know until we see his body of work as a steward. I have been very consistent with my wording and this issue. I also am going to call out folks that call for tolerance, yet don’t practice it! There are different cultures and we need to be respectful of that, even we don’t agree.

      4. Of course it does, this homophobic idiot is representing the sport

    3. Petrov’s views are disappointing, but then F1’s frigid attitude to LGBT is kinda disheartening anyway. I’m glad to see Hamilton call that out given the dress drama a while ago though. I still think it’s bizarre to use a rainbow for the we race as one initiative and leave out any mention of LGBT, it feels as though it’s not quite as inclusive as its made out to be. But then I kinda feel much of F1’s diversity and equality push is more performative than active.

      1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
        22nd October 2020, 18:20

        I always wondered how Chase Carey has navigated this. Closely tied to Rupert Murdoch and Fox. Obviously an American Conservative, speaks of Fox news with respect (wife tweeted support for Trump) The antithesis of those traditional views would be this but he finds himself in a much more liberal world than American sports in terms of audience at least. I also wonder, if this push continues into ’21 and we go racing in Austin, does Lewis get advised not to do this and if so would he still carry on? Would Domenicalli be better? Unfortunately there is a business to consider and audiences vary so is it actually a conviction or a tokenist deference to the trend of the day? Time will tell.

      2. @rocketpanda
        It’s not a rainbow, it is a strip containing the primary colors of each team. It just kind of resembles the the LBGT rainbow .

        1. I don’t even know where to begin explaining how using a similar symbol associated to a minority group but openly not mentioning or including them is dangerous and divisive. The LGBT rainbow flag is meant for inclusivity within that minority so using a similar logo – for exactly the same reasons and mentioning other minority or diversity groups is a deliberate omission. Like, if Coca Cola changed their colours to blue and started using a symbol made up of a red and white circle I’m fairly certain Pepsi would get pretty annoyed? Also worth pointing out many of the teams ‘rainbow’ symbol they use are not the ones formed of the team colours but an actual rainbow… so no, its poor form and why I don’t rate their ‘race as one’ initiative because it does not strike me as anywhere near as inclusive as it claims.

    4. It’s a role to judge actions on track, it has nothing to do with what happens off track, outside of F1

      1. But he’s representing F1/FIA and can have a direct impact on the outcome of the race. Why on Earth would F1 & the FIA be happy to be represented by someone who has publicly expressed the views he has? Other sports have removed officials or punished players for expressing similar views.

        If you want to have private views on a matter, then probably best not to state those views anywhere other than in private. Even then, you run the risk of being outed. The ‘off track’ cannot and should not be separated from the ‘on track’ in this instance.

        1. People have all sorts of views, some aligned with the ‘perceived public opinion’ of the day, doesn’t mean they can’t put that aside to judge the actions on an F1 track. His views are purely opinion and shows no practical discrimination. To be honest they’re fairly tame opinions at that and read like off-the-cuff comments. Also, just because other organisations have removed people for similar things doesn’t mean anything to be honest. You’ve got to trust he’ll judge the driver’s fairly, as is the mandate to be a F1 driver steward, and like any other steward, everyone has their favourites. How do you trust an ex-Mclaren racer steward to be unbiased for an incident involving Mclaren for example? You just do, I suppose

          1. It’s not perceived opinion, it’s company policy

            1. Paul (@frankjaeger)
              23rd October 2020, 1:15

              Petrov’s remarks in this instance, I don’t know of any other instance, are not homophobic. I imagine this company policy your refering to states something like ‘F1 does not tolerate homophobia’ etc etc

            2. Exactly on company policy and if you think they are not homophobic I guess I don’t have much initiativ to carry on the exchange

      2. And… he’s already stated that he’s prejudiced against Lewis. How he can suddenly tame his racism when the race starts will be interesting to watch.

        Bring the sport into disrepute… it’s the FIA. Again.

        1. Paul (@frankjaeger)
          23rd October 2020, 1:17

          I’m sure he’d deny he is racist and deny the fact that he would steward with any bias. How do you know he’s racist? I doubt you can find any credible evidence to prove he is.

          He’s probably been critical of Lewis and might not like him, doesn’t mean he’s racist haha

          1. You’re right. I missed the homophobic part.

            Even if Petrov is not a self-confessed racist or homophobe, it’s an awkward choice for the FIA to make.

            1. Except his main point have nothing to do with racism and homophobia. His main point was to criticize of politics brought to F1.

            2. @regs

              It’s pointless. These people cannot distinguish objecting to activism to objecting what the activists think they are fighting for.

              They are in their bubble.

    5. The ill-thought out idiocy of Petrov’s comments really just make it clear how prejudiced he is.
      At what point did he think Lewis has urged other drivers to *become* black? All he’s done is ask for support against racism. (As I would sincerely hope drivers would support being against homophobia if a fellow driver came out).
      With attitudes like this, no wonder F1 has such poor diversity.
      Comments like this aren’t exactly ‘racing as one’ as F1’s slogan suggests.

      1. Its the same with all these prunes. They cannot open their minds so they will be stuck in the stone ages as humanity hopefully moves forward without them

        1. @carlosmedrano Says Captain Groupthink who believes we all have to kiss the butt of every social justice crusade and if you don’t, it means you’re racist, or some sort of (fill in the blank)phobe. Spare me. Not wanting politics and leftist social justice head clubbing when we’re trying to watch entertainment, doesn’t mean someone hates a minority. You people are warped and OBSESSED with race and creating victims.

          1. I believe the conservatives now outnumber the progressist on this page. It’s funny though as we don’t see you much on the purely sport related commentary thread. M.projection indead

            1. It seem hard to believe, but internal domestic issues of USA are not related to the rest of the world. Rest of the world has its own problems.

            2. So ? What’s your point ? We should only focus on world hunger ? Poverty ? War ? Is it now illegal talking about other issues ? Would you like it to be ? Are you a miss universe contestant ?

            3. @tango

              ‘Progressives’ are radicalizing so fast that more and more people are becoming ‘conservative,’ even when they haven’t actually changed their views (and would be considered progressive in the past.)

              After all, people have been forced to apologize for being racist, after they quoted MLK. Apparently, MLK is a racist conservative now.

    6. Let’s agree to leave politics and bandwagoning at the door and get on with the business we’re all here for: motor racing.

      1. Petrov defeated and utterly trounced Alonso’s Ferrari challenge in Abu Dahbi one year. He’s OK.

        1. proud_asturian
          22nd October 2020, 20:39


      2. Something tells me during the civil rights movement you would be calling mlk a cry baby

        1. @carlosmedrano Don’t EVEN try to compare this played out and overwrought group against REAL heroes like Dr. King. He wanted people to be judged on their character, the modern left and BLM want exceptions and preferences for race. King was the antithesis of what BLM is today. He fought REAL oppression, not this phony oppression from people who think not getting their way is racism and not earning a million dollars a year is racism. Racism as a word has a definition that has been perverted and broadened that it is very different than what it actually used to be.

        2. @carlosmedrano

          Many of the current activists are actually trying to dismantle everything that was achieved by MLK and those who followed in his footsteps. MLK wanted race-blindness and integration. Woke activists want racial discrimination and segregation.

    7. Lewis makes a great point. There must be complete obedience. Differences of opinion should not be tolerated. Two legs bad, four legs good.

      Rather than someone with racing experience, we should appoint someone from the ministry of truth to oversee all sporting decisions.

      1. There is a huge misconception of freedom of speech. You are allowed to voice your opinion, but if its the opinion of a jerk, dont be surprised if people call you out for beeing a jerk.

        1. It’s not about people being ‘called out,’ but purity tests for jobs. The left is adopting Stalinist and Maoist tactics. I wonder how long it will take for them to demand political commissars everywhere.

    8. Petrov raced in Formula 1 between 2021 and 2012

      The 2021 driver market just got a lot more interesting…

    9. I think what Lewis does is heroic. He speaks out about injustice good for him…!

      1. @dutchtreat I think those in the Formula 1 microcosm sometimes have little idea of the impact Hamilton has beyond the sport. Here in Brazil his black panther (Chadwick Boseman) salute had a huge impact on social media platoforms as an expression of black affirmation and a genuinely moving tribute. I’m sure that applies elsewhere. He knows he has that leverage and has tried to use it effectively and responsibly this year in a sport which is about as privileged (and white) as it gets.

        1. 2david-br The black panther salute doesn’t really have anything to do with Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panthers were a political group in the sixties who stood up for black rights. Check em out, interesting stuff.

      2. @dutchtreat Like his wanting the police to be arrested for doing NOTHING WRONG and executing a lawful search warrant? They were shot he and returned fire, the responsible party was her boyfriend but Lewis is going to only push the narrative of injustice an oppression, he has no time for facts and the truth.

        He’s no hero, he’s an opportunist and a celebrity endorser of falsehoods.

      3. I think Lewis needs a more competitive field, he’s got wayyyy to much spare time on his hands

    10. These comments are not just Petrov speaking, it`s a Russian speaking, get used to it, some countries are still old fashioned and a bit behind on this “woke”new world.

      1. But he’s representing F1 & the FIA. It’s unacceptable.

        1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          22nd October 2020, 21:46

          He was NOT representing F1 at the time of making those comments about F1! Very different.

      2. I’m from (a pretty right-wing bit of) eastern somewhat-beyond-europe and yes, lots of people hold terrible views. Lots of really brave people also use their platforms to speak out on matters. It does not do justice to countries where right now many people are fighting for civil rights to pretend that we’re uncivilised or unable to understand or that we don’t, as people, have the heart to.

        The UK does a pretty thorough job of representing itself internationally as Nigel Farage but I think it’s still understood that the population has diverse views; I’m never quite sure why people assume that in countries with more oppressive politics, whatever dreadful line is being taken by the government should be accepted as inevitable to everyone who lives there, not something disastrous that they unfortunately live under and around.

    11. I couldn’t care less who’s the driver steward for a given event. I’m surprised he hasn’t had this role for any of the seven Russian GPs to date.

      1. Same here, as long as they are fair and competent. Can someone who is a racist fairly referee a competition with non-white competitors?

    12. Lots of pretty disappointing comments on here again. When did the world become so polarised? The public comments about “gays” is not welcome in a civilised and tolerant society (and no that’s not being ‘woke’, that’s just being a human being that doesn’t prejudge people based on colour or sexual orientation). Employing him as a steward seems like an odd decision. I’m not saying that its illegal or anything, it just doesn’t sit right with me, sorry.
      Anyway, such are the times we live in.

      1. Lots of pretty disappointing comments on here again.

        Different opinions.. no problem.

        1. It is a problem. I mean it’s funny how it’s always the same crowd going “move along, nothing to see here”, yelling against anybody calling them out and then crying that “there’s no free speech anymore”.

          Hamilton is right in highlighting FIA’s hypocrisy and condemning Petrov’s stance. It’s both his right and actually completely reasonable.

          Free speech doesn’t mean speach without consequence. It just means without consequence from the state (“amusingly” advocating gay rights would land you in hot water in Russia so much for free speach). Petrov said some things that are completely opposite to official F1 company policy and of course he should legally be alowed to say whatever he wants… it also means people are allowed to call him out on it and that as a company with ambitious corporate goals, if F1 were consistent the consequence should be that F1 doesn’t give him a prominent position. I know there are a lot of things I could say that would land me in hot water with my employer, especially if my acts went against the corporate values. It’s especially true for senior high visibility employees.

          1. And before anybody cries about discrimination when defending Petrov’s appointment, I’m afraid that I don’t know of any company with racism and homophobia as official company values

            1. Comment of the Day goes to Tango!

          2. @tango

            Thanks for demonstrating how your supposed ‘diversity’ is a lie and how intolerant you are.

      2. I think the worlds becoming more polarised because too many people are trying to force others to believe the same as them. I don’t agree with his comments but they weren’t particularly hateful, just an opinion, he shouldn’t be ruled out of a job because of it. That’s the sort of thing that causes more division.

        1. If you want to call them opinions I think we’ll have to all agree they’re ignorant opinions.

          Remember, freedom of speech means you can be criticized as well and there’s a lot worthy of criticism in his comments.

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            22nd October 2020, 21:29

            But the subject isn’t about criticizing his opinion. Rather should he be denied an opportunity to work as a steward because of his opinion. Freedom of speech is only applicable to a few countries.

          2. Petrov also questioned whether drivers would “urge everyone to become gay” and race under a rainbow flag if one of their number came out.

            There is nothing in his quote that definitively pegs Petrov’s own personal stance on LGBT people, pro or con. It’s merely a hypothetical example of the browbeating going on from some in the paddock.

            1. But that comment surely shows ignorance and lack of understanding at best, because there is noone that is asking for anyone to not be who they are in the paddock,certainly not publicly. Not a great base for a steward.

        2. Agreed

      3. Montréalais (@)
        22nd October 2020, 22:51


    13. I figure if a person is qualified and has a license to be in an F1 car, then he is qualified to be a steward. More so than a person who isnt qualified to drive.
      As far as his comments. Why not just ask for an apology if someone brought their feelings to the track?
      I thought F1 drivers couldnt do political grand standing, like lewis did with the Breonna shirt? Goes both ways Lewis. You push you agenda, narrative and beliefs, why are someone else’s opinions not acceptable.

      1. Right. There are good people on both sides. Just ask Donald Trump.

    14. Yeah, Petrov clearly has some unfortunate opinions on homosexuality but something doesn’t feel right to me about trying to get him fired over this. He’s a driver steward for one race, he’s not going to hand out penalties over diversity. A better approach would be someone having a conversation with him and explaining why F1 values including everyone.
      I’m not a fan of “canceling” people in general.

      1. How do we know though, whether it weighs in how he judges a driver?

        1. Is there some driver who has come out as gay? Not that I’m aware of, but I could be wrong. Who would he penalize? All the drivers have been participating in the anti-racism campaign in some capacity.

    15. GtisBetter (@)
      22nd October 2020, 19:19

      Not sure what they were trying to do here. Feeding quotes to Hamilton and ask him to comment on them by the sound of it. Haven’t seen the interview, but that strikes me as sensationalism. Why don’t they see clarification about it from the people who actually make these decision?

    16. Independent of Petrov’s views (although they don’t really sound compatible with modern, Western thinking) I do think there is something more insidious going on here.

      Every time I see articles on here about comments he has made during interviews, I do wonder what the context of the comments are. What I mean by there is whether Lewis is proactively pushing something without prompting or if he is simply reacting to a question. I fear that it is mostly the latter (I can’t be bothered to listen to each interview in full) and that people are out to trip Lewis up and label him a hypocrite rather than seek his genuine opinion.

      Also are people only asking him these questions so are only setting trip wires for him to fall over? This article implies that this is the case in this instance since the only other comment was from Bottas and even then he was second to answer.

      1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
        22nd October 2020, 19:38

        @chimaera2003 I think in this case Lewis was just responding to a question presented to him from the media. Overall, I had no issue with his response other than him implying that Petrov shouldn’t be a steward because of Petrov’s personal views. That’s what I gathered. I think at this point the media is just trying to create drama or a stir to create a story.

        1. @flyingferrarim I just fear that the questioning is much more deliberate and is expressly designed to trip Lewis up rather than seek actual opinion.

          I think that the media will proactively seek to find further F1/FIA statements or actions that they deem could be against Lewis beliefs and keep seeking over time to slowly drive a wedge to the point where it will blow up and force one side to go after the other publicly (or therefore messily).

          I just don’t want that to happen!

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            22nd October 2020, 21:08

            @chimaera2003 I think Lewis is pretty smart and careful about what he say’s. The questioning is very deliberate. I don’t think it is to attack or trip Lewis up. Lewis understand this business very well and understands the media’s game being played. I agree with what ian dearing said below. The media will present it in a way that fits their narrative. Racism is the story in today’s news cycle, and because Lewis fits that category they put a lot of focus on him. Much of the media is scum (my personal opinion) and I feel for Lewis.

            1. @flyingferrarim He is being pretty smart but these are the easy questions to answer, harder ones will come along when we start visiting tracks in countries that have less than exemplary human rights records. Just seeing how the media are currently operating (your assertion on “scum media” has plenty going for it), the machiavellian side of me can see the media are currently in “collecting evidence” mode at the moment and making life difficult down the line.

              I hope that he has seen this coming and has a good strategy to deal with it, or even better that the questions don’t come along in the first place.

      2. All the questioner is interested in is copy and clicks, so these questions will inevitably be aimed at Hamilton. And it is worth watching these press conferences just to see the other driver(s) being almost totally ignored by the press. Plus it saves you reading about 90% of the Hamilton stories for the following week as the press cut each Hamilton quote to suit their own agenda.
        Attribute Hamilton’s words to just about any other driver and it would hardly cause a ripple. I wonder if the guy who asked the question posed the same question to the FIA beforehand? Not that most would be interested in their answer.

    17. I like to believe that tolerance is still a two way street. Why should Petrov be punished just because his opinions differ from what Lewis currently believes in? Should F1 only employ people that have exactly the same mindset?

      1. Has Hamilton asked that Petrov be punished for having different views to his? Thought his point was that Petrov has different views to that expressed and promoted by the FIA and F1; so suggests the interviewer takes it up with them.

        1. Lewis seems to be suggesting that Vitali should not be chosen as a steward, because of his personal beliefs.

          1. No, Lewis seems to be suggesting that Vitali should not be chosen as a steward because Vitali’s personal beliefs contradict those stated by the FIA.

            1. I think that sums it up @ferrox-glideh.
              Sadly I’m not sure people are going to get it. There seems to be some shallow idea that free speech is being able to say whatever you like, even if that speech is itself intolerant.

            2. @ferrox-glideh

              That doesn’t actually contradict what @dot_com said. Also, many people object to this agenda of trying to politicize organizations.

              A polarized and shattered society has many disadvantages and can’t achieve your agenda, unless you take a radical approach by eliminating the ‘other.’

      2. Lewis go ask him about his comments and tell him you have an issue with him being in his position. Educate the man with your message if you feel like it. Speaking is one thing but actually confront the man about his issues. Not that they are related in any way to the job he;s doing, not does his ability on the race track. It’s his experience as a podium finishing driver there drawing on not his thoughts on race. Do we really think the 50-70-year-old stewards in far-right countries like the UK don’t have a few sneaky racist views hidden in there?

        “We should definitely be including people here who are with the times, who are understanding of the time we are living in and sensitive to the matters that are surrounding us,” said Hamilton. “So I don’t really understand what their goal is or why particularly he’s here because it’s not that they don’t have any other good options.”

        Im far more worried that he only want to include people who are “with the times” and sensitive to his matters . F1 is supposed to be for everyone not just Lewis and anyone that think exactly the same as him. His treatment of Woman for example. Would i get a job as a steward if i fat shame my girlfriend and threw temper tantrums?

    18. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      22nd October 2020, 19:56

      “Petrov raced in Formula 1 between 2021 and 2012.”

      Don’t think I saw much of him in this time! :D

    19. Petrov’s views on gay rights seem so nonsensical it makes me question his logic and reasoning ability as a race steward, to be honest.

      1. Is that a joke? Because they really are very different things.

        1. The reason we don’t have algorithms stewarding races is because a moral sense is necessary to make reasonable judgements. I question his logic too.

      2. @Joe

        Or perhaps you lack the empathy and knowledge to actually understand his opinions. I bet that you couldn’t describe them, in a way he would agree is accurate.

    20. Those comments should not be any measure to select a former driver for the job… racing performance should… but then again, why petrov? :p not because some hamilton felt offended by him but because he wasnt the best of drivers :p

    21. Shut up and drive, Lewis.

      1. I wish he would just retire. I am sick of him and cannot wait for him to go away and start a commune so he can eat vegan, preach his leftist garbage, grumble under his breath about climate change, and cease injecting his SJW crap into F1.

        1. @jblank he isn’t going anywhere, may he continue to make your life miserable.

          1. He doesn’t make my life miserable anymore than you do. If you watch F1 for the social justice and politics, it is YOU that has the miserable life, @john-h . I think he’s a primadonna and craves attention and adulation, doesn’t mean that he ruins anything other than the uncompetitive races he wins over and over again.

      2. so we’re not even pretending to use dog whistles I see

    22. Aha some more SJW bull.

      What I hope is, that he is a fair steward.

      That seems to be hard enough. I do not need political correctness from him.

    23. Ah crap, here we go again.
      Warzones and warzones…

    24. I have an opinion
      22nd October 2020, 22:06

      The only bias that is relevant for steward selection is the affinity for Ferrari.

    25. Have other drivers with such recent driving experience been selected as the driver steward? I tried to find a list of driver stewards but couldn’t find any sort of list and mostly I can recall drivers from earlier eras being the steward (e.g. Derek Warwick, Mansell etc). Although I do think the FIA shouldn’t really be engaging anyone with a history of racist/homophobic comments I would have thought a more pertinent issue from a stewarding perspective was that more recent drivers might have greater bias (whether conscious or unconscious) due to previously racing some of the field.

      For example would we be comfortable with Mark Webber being involved in a stewards inquiry involving Vettel, or Rosberg stewarding Hamilton? I can’t think of any obvious rivalry specifically with Petrov but there could be incidents both in F1 and earlier in careers that perhaps didn’t make headlines (and in the reverse of a situation we coudl see next year what if Alonso was stewarding Petrov).

    26. Hiring Petrov is a hypocritical move by the FIA, no matter if he is qualified to steward a race. He has a right to his opinions, but the FIA are contradicting themselves by hiring someone who disagrees very publicly with their stance on anti-racism, gender inequality and gay rights. Lewis is very correct to call them out.

      1. He’s a hired steward NOT a diversity consultant. Why can’t you lefties just accept that people don’t have to think like you do and can still do a job they’re hired to do? His opinion on this SJW garbage Hamilton wants to force on everyone and throw in our face every race weekend means ZILCH considering the job he’s hired to do.

        1. I haven’t seen you commenting on the f1 pages much. Are you sure you’re here for the sport ? If Hamilton’s remark on FIA hupocrisy triggers you so much don’t be a snowflake, man up, take it on the chin (world is difficult man, things you say have a consequence) and focus on the racing if that’s what your after.

          1. Blanky is only here to stir the pot, not to add anything positive.

            1. But he’s correct!

            2. @ferrox-gildeh Pot meet kettle. Yes, engaging in groupthink adds so much to the topic. So courageous!

    27. My prediction for this weekend is one of the Ferrari drivers bumping HAM wide and HAM bumping some other driver off track. Stewards awarding HAM a 10 second time penalty and 2 points on the license.

    28. Just a couple of days ago a man atacked
      two homosexual guys with a knife and killed one. And that was here in good old Germany, a relatively progressive and safe country… In most parts of the world it’s hundred times worse.
      Yet someone who’s posting comments that are at least borderline homophobic is announced to be steward. F1, why? Just why? You are fighting racism and discrimination, you “race as one” under the rainbow flag…
      You must be either blind or completely indifferent towards your own campaign…

      1. So an isolated incident means that people are now forced to comply with the beliefs of SJ advocates and if they don’t they can’t participate in completely unrelated activities? How Orwellian of you.

        God you people must be miserable with all the whining you do about incidents out of anyone’s control.

        1. But what is the belief you so hate ? “Don’t stab gays ?” What are you advocating for ? What society do you want everyone to live in ? I’m curious.

        2. Blanky, read your posts and ask yourself this:
          Who is the one whining here?

        3. @tango

          Yes, surely that’s the belief he hates. You are so ridiculous with your hatred based on believing the worst in others.

    29. Wait, Petrov is anti-BLM and angers Hammy? Then I love the guy! He’s 2 for 2.

      1. Man, you sure do love the taste of boot leather :)

      2. You are anti human life? What a sod.

        1. BLM is a political agenda funded by S oros and other cronies. Its nothing to do with human rights, but about causing more divide and destruction in this world.

          1. No its not. Stop being silly.

            1. Way more people have been killed this year due to increased violence due to the protests, than innocent people have been killed by the police.

    30. Nothing in original interview Petrov saying anything controversial. Even FIA banned drivers to wear t-shirt asking for someone get arrested on podium now. The real issues here are Lewis didn’t even knew the exact quotes and let himself dictated by ‘journalist’ quoting Petrov out of context.

      1. Of course, Hamilton’s fault again. How did we know you would think that @ruliemaulana? Lol.

        1. Lol no. It’s ‘journalist’ fault.

    31. Lewis and his oppression Olympics. Doing his best to make the political aspect more important than racing.
      Yes Lewis we get it, white people bad, very very bad.

      1. Think you are too shallow. His mom is white, so obviously white people is not the problem.

        1. Think you are too rude.

    32. Has anyone else noticed that the people who hate Lewis seem to comment [multiple times] on every single article about him on this website? Talk about living rent free…

      1. Funny that. When he talks “just drive please” and when he doesn’t denounce something ” Ah ah, what an hypocrite”. A lot of very fragile men around there

    33. Lewis. Just DRIVE the car please. Thanks.

      1. What’s the difference to him expressing his views as opposed to Petrov doing it… views that are actaully inline with the FIA campaign @wildbiker?

      2. Andy, just READ the article please.

    34. FIA is a joke. Get real Drivers in the Steward positions. And sky fire chandok and di rests immediately.

      The Organization is obviously corrupted and the world feed is intolerable.

      1. You act like you kill people.

    35. Why are you commenting ? Do you wish someone shut Hamilton up ? Would you enjoy robbing his freedom of speach ? I’m asking because your messages do reak of a keyboard warrior who would enjoy taking away said freedom to others should he be able.

    36. Why is a Brit so fascinated by American political groups and movements?

      1. Why are you?

    37. I have never been a fan of Hamilton, i was probably jealous he is faster than my sports minded choice of favourite drivers, but i am a big fan of Hamilton this year as a person because of his stance for human rights. I am a white 38 year old and am in solidarity with black lives matter. I agree Petrov with his publiced racist and bogoted views should not be an f1 steward, he is likely to penalise a black or gay driver more harshly because of his hate to them. I am glad Robert Kubica demolished this clowns career aspirations in 2010.

    38. It is is a human rights movement for equality, and not limited to USA. Only racists call it a political movement, because they do not understand racism.

    39. Neat, it’s another comments section displaying exactly why you don’t see many queer people, black people, or women at motorsports events. Motorsports people need to step up and I’m glad Lewis said something.

    40. If Petrov cannot be allowed to be a F1 steward how can the guy who posted the princess dress stuff be allowed to be a F1 driver? Just asking

      1. Trans person here! What Lewis posted several years ago was trash and I was extremely, extremely disappointed when he did that, but he responded appropriately and improved himself and I’m not going to hold it against him because of that. He went from making fun of his relative to posting about black trans lives on instagram. No one is expected to be perfect. It’s how you respond to an error that matters. Apologizing and standing up for equality is the correct response. Petrov felt the need to throw in some casual homophobia in with a defense of racism and has not responded. So yes, the guy who posted the princess dress stuff is fine and Petrov should not be an FIA representative.

        1. So yes, the guy who posted the princess dress stuff is fine and Petrov should not be an FIA representative.

          Phew, now I finally understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

        2. Let Adolf, Pol Pot and Iosif apologize a bit, they’ll be just fine

          1. I guess I should have known this was another bad faith argument. When Lewis is responsible for killing people your retort would hold water, but he’s not. He said some stupid things, educated himself, and improved. Maybe you should try it sometime.

            1. That’s the way of sanctity: imitating Lewis. Thanks but no, thanks.

    41. Petro made a lot of sense, I think Ham’s comments are the ones in the wrong. Freedom is everything, can’t fight prejudice with even more prejudice.

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