Johnathan Hoggard, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2020

Hoggard gets 21-lap Red Bull test at Silverstone

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In the round-up: BRDC Young Driver award winner Johnathan Hoggard has completed a day of testing in a 2012 Red Bull Formula 1 car, as part of his prize.

Hoggard has first F1 test at Silverstone

Hoggard won the Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver award last year, after competing against Enaam Ahmed, Jamie Chadwick and Ayrton Simmons in a two-day assessment at Silverstone in an Aston Martin GT car. His prize included the Red Bull test day, a further test in Aston Martin’s WEC GT car and £200,000.

Hoggard, 19, competed in British F3 last season, finishing second to Clement Novalak. He said he had a “massive smile” on his face while driving the Red Bull car. “I tried to block out a lot of the emotion and I focused on the apexes and the braking zones,” said Hoggard. “In some ways it actually felt a lot like a normal test day in F3, but you are going a lot faster and you have a massive smile on your face while you are doing it.

“When you start karting, F1 is your dream, but you never know whether you’ll get the chance to drive one of these cars.”

Mixed conditions meant Hoggard drove 21 laps during the afternoon, after the track had dried.

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Comment of the day

Socksolid says F1’s downforce reduction measures are only dramatic because current cars have so much:

It really depends on the track. If it is a track that uses maximum downforce then it is a 10% reduction, maybe. But on a track that uses less than maximum downforce the effect might be near zero if adding downforce by other means can cancel out the loss elsewhere without significant drag penalty.

After all, it is all about adding as much downforce as possible until the drag starts cancelling any potential lap time benefit. Or maxing out the downforce more often than not. The lower the downforce level maximum, the more it is used.

If I remember correctly in 2016 the teams used maximum downforce setup everywhere. Which in theory I think is a great thing as it allows smaller teams to focus on single aero package that can be used everywhere with little changes.

But looking at the 2021 numbers a 10% reduction is not that much. Of course it is a lot of downforce in absolute numbers as these cars have more downforce than ever before. So 10% of the biggest number is still big cut but at the same time what you have left is 90% of the biggest number ever.

Sadly the financial practicalities limit a lot what can be done. What is scary is that they are still talking about 2021 season aero rules. Cutting it pretty close…

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  • 25 years ago today Michael Schumacher won his world second championship in F1’s last race at the TI Aida circuit in Japan

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  • 11 comments on “Hoggard gets 21-lap Red Bull test at Silverstone”

    1. BRDC Young Driver award winner Johnathan Hoggard has completed a day of testing in a 2012 Red Bull Formula 1 car, as part of his prize….His prize included the Red Bull test day, a further test in Aston Martin’s WEC GT car and £200,000.

      This sounds like a great prize package. I like the “you have a massive smile on your face while you are doing it” comment. Well done to Johnathan.

      1. The Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Award (or the McLaren Autosport BRDC Award as it used to be) is a great thing for young drivers. The list of winners is pretty impressive, so Hoggard is in pretty good company.

      2. I had caught the news that McLaren had pulled out of the scheme so presumed that was the end of it, but missed the news that Aston Martin had picked it up which is great to see.

        I believe it’s been running since 1989,how time flies.

    2. I wonder why hasn’t Petrov been a driver steward at any Russian GP held thus far.

      As for the COTD: Yes, this could indeed be a track-dependent thing. I reckon the lap times are going to be similar to 2018 and or 2019, depending on the track.

    3. Will we see more and more partnership between F1 teams and other activities (such as America Cup here)? I guess the time they spend on the partner project is not included in their F1 activities but still allows them to tackle technical challenges and develop/refine simulation and models.

      I also wonder how they will monitor the CFD runs as the tools get more advanced, surely they can have CFD preview with lighter runs that would give a first glimpse at air flow without the full computation to highlight some areas that could be problematic.

    4. Does this make Petrov the youngest / most modern driver steward we’ve had?

      1. @napierrailton I’m not sure if Paul di Resta has been there?

    5. The Girls On Track thing is a great initiative, well done Ferrari and FIA. Socialisation is such a huge influence on what we grow up to be, getting girls doing motorsport really needs to be kickstarted with initiatives like this.

    6. @socksolid, congratulations with the CotD.
      I still have my questions about the impact though. The 10% downforce they take away is all from the floor; the no-drag no-penalty free kind of downforce.
      To recoup that teams will have to focus on wings and upper bodywork to get that downforce. This downforce will come with a drag penalty; any gains in the corners will come with a loss on the straights.

    7. So Hamilton v Rosberg in 21. As team owners in Extreme E. Should be fun.

    8. So if that is true that Gio and Sch will both get a seat there will be only one place left for Haas/Alfa. Haas needs money they will choose Mazepin but they need some experience driver next to him. Is Gio enough? I can’t see RAI driving for Haas. RAI/SCH to Alfa GIO/PER to Haas?

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