Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Autodromo do Algarve, 2020

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix championship points

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

2Red Bull226
5Racing Point110
8Alfa Romeo5

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2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2020 Portuguese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Racing Point incorrect again, should be 126 (141-15)

    1. +1 , same problem last weekend with RP standing.

  2. That was an astonishing performance from Hamilton, a race where ability to deal with lack of grip and high winds was paramount and Bottas had no answer, despite showing he could get pace from the car on this circuit.

  3. So is that the constructor win locked?

    Don’t just dump stats, add colour.

    1. Next race, if they get 11 points or more, if I got it correctly @falken, it is official. So pretty much yeah.

  4. Bye bye Albon.

    1. It really is shocking that he is only 1 point ahead of Gasly at this point in the season.

  5. Would like to see someone else get the chance in the Mercedes team now, this is getting extremely boring. Give Russell a chance next year.

    1. Completely agree, but Bottas is already contracted for next year.

      1. From what I can see this year contracts don’t seem to mean much!

      2. If we want to make it exciting @sparkyamg, it is not Bottas we need to get out of the Mercedes, but Hamilton anyway. Replace him with Russel and we are sure to have a more exciting battle for the championship next year.

        1. Yep, that would be great for suspense and tension @bascb, though I’d have to admit I would miss Hamilton being pretty amazing at times. Would instantly pull the field closer together though (but would still leave an F1 and F1.5, so maybe we should put Gasly, Verstappen in AT, and get rid of Merc and Red Bull for similar reason?)

    2. Looks fine. Let’s put a good driver on Redbull so max doesn’t bore everyone to death by extremely predictably beats teammate by more than half a sec in quali and cruises to P3 I every race unchallenged.

      Put Alonso in the other Redbull.

      1. True maybe with Alonso there they can finally get that Red Bull developed in the right direction a bit more consistently at last.

  6. Does it mean Lewis can secure the championship next race?

    1. @ivan-vinitskyy No, should he take maximum points in Imola and his teammate none, he’d lead by 103 points after Imola with 104 still available.

  7. Racing Point remains third.

  8. Should have given Hamilton a 26 second penalty.

  9. It’s crazy that Leclerc could finish 4th in the championship just as last year while Ferrari could end up only 6th or even 7th after finishing 2nd in 2019.

    1. Think Perez position is more “amazing.”
      Missed 2 races and is driving a RP in 5th position WCC and only 17 points ahead of Ferrari. Go Sergio! Charles…? Musg do better😉

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