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Red Bull won’t replace Albon before end of season

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Red Bull will not replace Alexander Albon in its line-up before the end of the year, despite his difficult season continuing in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Prior to today’s race team principal Christian Horner said Albon needed to perform well at the Algarve circuit and next weekend’s round at Imola to secure his place at the team for next year.

But Albon came in 11th and was lapped by team mate Max Verstappen during the race. Albon failed to score and is now almost 100 points behind his team mate in the championship.

“Obviously it’s been a difficult race for him,” said Horner. “So we need to look at all of the data, all of the information, try to understand why, for example, his tyre wear for example was significantly higher. But plenty to look at, plenty to understand and obviously he’ll need to bounce back in less than a week’s time.”

Albon had to make an extra pit stop late in the race because of the state of his tyres. “It was purely a function of tyre wear,” said Horner. “The left-rear was pretty much down to the canvas.

“We started to see it was getting a little desperate. And I think after inspection after it came off, it wouldn’t have got to the end of the race.”

Horner said the team will have to make a decision soon on who will drive for them in the 2021 F1 season.

“There’s not so many races left in the season and it’s getting to that time of year where we need to start thinking about next year, obviously,” he said. “So I think within the next few weeks we’re going to have to make a decision. So obviously we know what all the options are.”

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Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg are among the drivers who have been linked to Albon’s seat. Horner said he is not concerned either of them could be signed by rival teams before Red Bull make their decision.

“I think any of those drivers would obviously pick Red Bull as a priority over any other seat so I would imagine they would wait to see what the decision is,” he said.

As Hulkenberg is not currently driving for a team, he could join Red Bull immediately if he was chosen for next year. But Horner said they will not replace Albon before the season is over.

“We’re committed to Alex for this year. Everybody in the team wants him to lay claim to the seat next year.

“He’s a great guy, we believe he does have talent. He’s still only in second year of Formula 1. And it’s tough.

“It’s mentally tough, it’s tough going up against Max. He’s showed he can bounce back previously and I really hope for him that he can bounce back from a difficult weekend here in Imola next weekend.”

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2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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    64 comments on “Red Bull won’t replace Albon before end of season”

    1. Were there people who honestly thought they would? They are too far behind to dream of winning the WCC, and way ahead of anyone that could threaten 2nd; if Verstappen somehow managed to beat Bottas in the WDC that’s nice but no big deal and it probably means the car kept improving and/or Bottas crashed, so no need for Albon for that, not at this stage. In short: nothing to gain for anyone this year, apart from Albon maybe justifying keeping him on.

      1. I thought they would, still kinda think they will, it’s Red Bull after all… They’re not exactly known for being kind to underperforming drivers.

      2. @bosyber Albon is clearly done and I’m pretty sure the decision has been already made that he will go. So sticking with him for the rest of the season doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

        Instead they could give a that seat to Hülkenberg, Gasly, Perez or anybody they’re talking with this year to test other options. Or if they’ve already decided who replaces Albon then surely putting him in the car straight away and ASAP could be beneficial. The cars won’t change a whole lot for 2021.

      3. @bosyber it’s rather unsurprising why some would think that the team would consider replacing Albon before the end of the season given how Gasly was treated in 2019.

        After all, there are those who can remember that Horner was also making very similar promises that Gasly would not be replaced either. At the 2019 Hungarian GP, Horner went on record to say “There are no plans to replace Pierre over the course of this season” and that “He’s got the second half of the year to really get it together ahead of what we do for next year, but we’re not looking at replacing him or switching drivers around.” – 10 days later, the team announced that they were substituting Gasly with Albon for the rest of the season.

        1. @anon While I really doubt Horner literally ‘promised’ (your word) Gasly his seat for the whole season, sure he said things that made it sound like they were with him and were not going to replace him, only to do so shortly after. But of course that is understandable. You’re trying to give your driver a chance, you’re trying to work with him and extract the most you can from him by trying to get the car to his liking. Would one be able to do that by saying ‘we will be replacing Gasly within a month?’ Would that motivate the bloke and get him all stoked to keep trying?

          Sure it seems harsh…seems like they pulled the rug out from under him…to we in our armchairs of course…but even to Gasly. Internally they would have had a plan well ahead of us knowing of it, and that plan was to continue to work with PG and see where it could go with him until they decided there’s little more they can try, and he just wasn’t ready for the seat. But they could only, to be fair to PG, make that announcement after the last race they wanted him in, the last race before the summer break, not before.

          So with AA, while it doesn’t seem like he’ll be replaced this season, especially imho with so few races remaining that his replacement would barely get a chance to get up to snuff and show anything, if they did replace AA ‘last minute’ or ‘out of the blue’ that would be because it would serve nobody to demotivate him while he still has races to run. They’ve publicly spoken now about AA needing to show something within a few weeks, but that sounds like it is for their own internal decision making, and not meant as ‘AA will be replaced in a few weeks.’

      4. @bosyber I definitely thought they would, the fact that they haven’t makes me think they are not going to take either driver from AlphaTauri.

      5. It seems fairly typical in the F1 news world these days that stories these days run and run and run and run and run until something happens (that’s not a sleight on Racefans, it’s a general observation about the F1 news media). The media has been speculating about Albon losing the seat practically all season…it is annoying but I don’t see the narrative changing until we get news from RBR/SAT about his future.

        1. Exactly, without the media, Albon would have a lot less pressure. There doesn’t seem to be all that much pressure on him from Red Bull’s side (but that seems to be changing since the German GP though).

      6. @bosyber
        1) Given Red Bull’s previous form, yes I could have believed it would happen at the end of the season

        2) Given Red Bull’s football manager-like approach to management, I’m more convinced it will happen now than before the statement was made.

        1. At the end of the season, sure @alianora-la-canta, it has seemed likely for a while, and almost certain right now, but unlike the previous time, when they seemed to want to test Gasly for the rest of the season before giving him or someone else, that seat for the next season, in this year they do not have much to gain from doing that, as they already do not care for Gasly back in.

    2. What happened to the old ruthless Red Bull? All the better I say. Hopefully Albon can salvage some performance.

      I don’t think many drivers would do much better against Max, as Gasly has shown he’s no slouch but faired more or less the same against the pressure.

      1. What happened to the old ruthless Red Bull?

        I guess they got that moniker by saying one thing and doing the opposite, @skipgamer.

      2. “Ruthless” Red Bull made the move to dump Gasly for Albon and they don’t want to admit the stupidity of the move so they will stick with Albon to prove how thoughtful their decision making is. They really need a top driver and not a number 2 driver.

    3. Hulkenberg would get destroyed by Max.

      1. You know that Verstappen needs a better teammate if he wants to improve. When I say better, one who is more experienced than Albon. Maybe Hulkenberg can help the team in becoming better challengers to Mercedes. Lousy Red Bull always hype up and then what? They end up always with less wins than Mercedes over a season. Pit stops don’t mean nothing if they don’t make a difference in the fight for the championship. I ain’t mentioning team environment, but with Horner and Marko in there, along with Verstappen, I would not want to be driving for them.

        1. No evidence to suggest Verstappen will beat a decent driver. Riccardo had the measure of Verstappen just not the backing of the team which is poor management on Rbr.

          They deserve to be in this position.

          Verstappen will get better but he needs someone stronger in the other seat for sure.

          Nothing would please me more to see him in a seat next to a Hamilton or Alonso, someone of that ilk.

          1. @icarby There’s definitely something askew in how close Ricciardo was to Verstappen, often beating him, and the huge gaps to Gasly and Albon. I’m not underrating Verstappen, he’s currently the best of the new generation, but he’s been flattered by the situation at Red Bull since Ricciardo left, and, consequently, sometimes insanely overrated by his ‘hardcore fans’. If you put him at Ferrari, he and Leclerc would probably be around the same level. If you put anyone else, including Leclerc, at Red Bull, I don’t know. I doubt Leclerc would have the same performance level. That’s why I’d like to see Verstappen out of Red Bull and proving himself somewhere else less ‘cosy’ for him.

            1. the haters hate, the lovers love.
              I recall haters saying: “would love to see Gasly against Max (after Gasly’s decent rookie season), will probably beat him.”
              Same story , the year after with Albon.
              Now people want to see him in a different car.
              Well some of his lovers do too :-) a Lewis-Max matchup would put all speculation to bed. But then again, if Lewis got beaten, wouldn’t we hear some predictable excuses “Lewis wasn;t motivated anymore after breaking all records”.

          2. Ricciardo had the measure on teenager Max, who had a steep learning curve. already end of 2017 and during 2018 it was clear Max was getting the upperhand. Do extrapoltae that pls instead of sticking to the narrative that RBR didn’t back Dan, while they were treated equal.
            For sure Dan would be closer than Albon. Would probably show similar stats as Bottas does to Lewis.

            1. Some people on here are so biased against Max.

              Max just had bad luck (and made some errors) early on but in terms of pace was well on top of Ricciardo in 2017.

              Ricciardo ran from a fight.

            2. Riccardo never had equal status in the team, leaving a team like Rbr and going to Renault?? Doesn’t add up, sure money is one thing but Riccardo decided to leave them Rbr didn’t get rid of him. You would only do that if you’re going to be ill treated. Riccardo would’ve jumped at the chance to partner Hamilton at Mercedes which would’ve been significantly harder fight. Plus he would’ve improved at Merchant due to the different team philosophy.

              Horner and co knew they screwed up!

            3. Max is a good driver, his Brazil wet weather drive is still my favourite drive he has done. Clearly talented and will eventually get a title perhaps?

              Leclerc the same, as good as Max? Very possibly need to see more, but judging by what he has done to a 4 time world champion if he and Max were in the same car I’d be putting money on Leclerc, both still make mistakes which they need to iron out but future is bright for both of them.

              Hopefully Norris can join that party too with Russell.

    4. Checo fits the bill going by his performance today (yet again)!

    5. If Verstappen gets too far from Bottas/2nd in the WDC, then they should put Verstappen in the AT and have Gasly and Albon fight it out in the RBR.

      I doubt that Gasly will get the RBR seat back, but I’d love to know what he could have done in that car based on today’s stellar (IMO) performance.

      1. They would achieve the same by putting albon into the alpha tauri in place on kvyat and then have gasly and albon duke it outin that team. And put hulk into the red bull. That way verstappen is still getting those big points which earn money to red bull. Moving verstappen into alpha tauri to test two second rate drivers at red bull is a bad and a weird move imho.

        1. The AT drive would be the community service sanction for Max for the bad language, I would found it slightly funny so not exactly the same. Although F1 could filter the radio messages a bit more, it was inappropriate, but it happened after an accident in a really fast corner, and Stroll seemed to be unaware at the time of the contact. Of course saying things like that at a calm, off track situation would be much more than inappropriate. Under these circumstances I would sentence him a small money fine, or a community service again. The radio is not bad as a source of entertainment, but it have been better to be not heard by anyone, and if they filter a bit more that could open strategy options to the teams as well, because as the radio is public it limits the usage of it for strategy calls. Suprise should be the element of the game a bit more, and filtering out the strategy calls would add surprise and excitements (would not it be more natural and cheaper than many other gimmicks that intend to stir the order up a bit?), so even if I would allow to air strategy related radio messages, I would only allow it with a (much) high(er) delay. I don’t know the rules about it, are the messages delayed before going into the TV broadcast, and how much? And anyone could be fined for inappropriate radio messages even without ever allowing them into the broadcast.

        2. The reason I made (in al seriousness) this ‘weird’ suggestion is to see as well if the AT could be some kind of gem. Imagine Verstappen out-qualifies and out-races both in the AT. RBR might be able to learn something from the AT in a way which is still allowed (sharing drivers).

          It also tests Gasly and Albon in the RBR, which might be more difficult to drive.

          Of course testing Hulkenberg in the RBR for a couple of weekend could also give some nice inputs. This can still be done by giving him Albon’s seat in Turkey/etc.

          1. Haha, then is was slow with the reply below, but I agree this AT is quite good, and it would be interesting to see how much, and the whole thing would be a nice benchmark inside the “RB family”. So it would not be too much ashaming of Verstappen, actually he could have good races with that car. Yesterday I wrote something about it but not posted, because I felt it overdone, but in the end I could not stand, especially as further considerable and interesting opinions coming up from you both.

          2. @coldfly While I think your suggestion is intriguing, I don’t think it is practical nor necessary. Going by what Horner said after the race, the AT car is easier to drive, and it is the top cars that are more finicky and more on the edge and difficult to drive. He predicts that AA would do just as well at AT as Gasly has because the car is easier. Put Gasly back in the RBR car and he would find it harder to drive than his AT and would be back doing similar performances to AA. What I would add is that especially just suddenly throwing drivers into a situation for a few races without them having much time to adapt to the new-to-them car would make for difficulty judging where they really are amongst each other.

            Johnny Herbert did suggest that the difference then to now is that now PG has the confidence from a race win, and might do better at RBR than AA because of that. Possible I suppose, but what if he simply looks ordinary again in a difficult car? Then what?

            To me, if they don’t want to stick with AA then if PG is a consideration he should have the pre-season and a whole season, or if not PG then Perez or Hulk or whoever, but give them the pre-season and the whole season to really give it a proper go.

            1. @Robbie, I fully agree it should be “the pre-season and a whole season” for whomever is matched up with Verstappen next year.
              I’m merely giving Dr Marko an option to get some further data points before making that decision.

              And of course it would be interesting for us to see what Verstappen can do in a mid-field car.

              Jockey Ewing, left foot or right foot doesn’t matter. We know what you mean, and you certainly didn’t put it in your mouth. I would appreciate a few more ‘full stops’ instead of ‘commas’ though. ;)

        3. And on the other hand if Max would drive the Alpha Tauri for some races we would see how good that car is. As I percieve compared to the former makes of AT or Toro Rosso, they can be really proud of that car, Gasly finally learnt to battle the midfield drivers and the car is allowing him to do so (despite of the Toro Rosso cars were sometimes good, sometimes much worse than this). So imo Gasly is quite cool now, he really made a step up. But imo Verstappen not had a real benchmark for a long while, or at least that benchmark was not a a teammate, and I would not bet a dime on that benchmark will be a teammate in the close future. Imo now they are quite fast without the engine modes and, with the promise of DAS being dropped, Verstappen’s one lap pace seems super close, but I guess Mercedes still has a superior reliability, and banning engine modes likely banned the most peaky engine modes, their reliability will be rocksolid, whatever a planned engine freeze or else comes up. Probably Ferreri choose to have a quite high engine mode, from the very few options available to them, so the drivers control it with wit and left foot and that’s what we see currently at Leclerc and Raikkonen, because they were quite good in the many recent GP’s, they are good enough to cope with that.

          The best RB could hire now I guess is Perez or Russell, they would have the attitude to go against Verstappen, I’m not sure Hulk should do that, dropping him is F1’s shame to some extent, and if it happened, then it should be permanent at his age (combined with what luck provided him results-wise, because not even a whole career fits the theoretical term “long run” at sports like F1, but it’s right that way), the bravery to choose the uncertain (youngsters) is likely a necessity unless a business is quite monopoly and super established, but at such state a business competitor is quite free to determine what the “show” consists.

          1. .. “left foot”, agile Jockey, you don’t even know on which side the throttle is :)

    6. I don’t have much hope left for him anymore after these recent lackluster performances.

    7. Horner stated that Albon is only in his 2nd season but so was Gasly last year. I believed that at the beginning Albon did a better job as a Redbull driver but one can’t escape the fact that this year Gasly in the sister team is a head in the standings.

      1. Max got 7 podiums in 17 races for redbull his 2nd season. And he was 18 and 19 back then and also put cold into the redbull car during the season. For reference: RIC got 9 out of 21 races while he was well established in the team.

        1. @anunaki was that meant as a reply to me?

        2. @broke84 Yes is was. Mostly to show the huge gap in performance between Gasly and Albon Vs Max in their 2nd year in F1

    8. Have we heard this sentence before?

    9. I don’t think they’ll replace him for next season, but he’s as good as gone for next season. Can’t see how they can keep him with his level of performance. Get Perez in.

      1. Second that!

      2. Hülkenberg or Russell. If they only want a backup for Verstappen, they should go for Nico; if they want an asset for the future and the insaleny strong line-up, they should steal George from Mercedes. And they also need to finally address the issues with the car.

        1. @pironitheprovocateur I wouldn’t give Russell much of a chance of getting the seat – he’s not really shown any more than Gasly or Albon did before their promotion. A massive risk. I can’t see why RB would take Hulkenberg with Perez available – Perez has shown to be a master of picking up the scraps, which is exactly what RB need. He’s tailor-made for them I think.

    10. it’s strange because Albon was more than decent in his first races with red bull. remember he collided with Hamilton battling for podium positions? it’s the same guy, and the relative values of the 2 cars, Mercedes and Red bull, are roughly the same. so something else must be going on, undetected.

      1. @alfa145 we have had Marko formally confirm that, at least in the earlier part of this season, Max was prioritised by the team when it came to introducing updates on the car, meaning Albon had an inferior specification car to Max, and the team has also tended to focus their more experienced engineers onto Max’s side of the garage (we’ve had Gasly comment about how he feels that part of his problems were because Red Bull gave him a less experienced set of engineers, including some who were entirely new to F1, which made it far more difficult for him to understand what was going on with the car).

        1. meaning Albon had an inferior specification car to Max

          i see where that came form. But its a very negative interpretation. A lot of the updates did not work and even max had trouble to keep the car on track. They put in a development path aimed on the best driver. Both drivers agreed their driving style resulted in the same problems and the same solutions needed. its not that Albons car was “bad” it was tailored to his needs but he is not yet able to give the right input for the engineers, resulting in a unstable car (that is already unstable by nature)
          Its known in the paddock that Max’s input is top notch. So the development of the car was indeed more tailored on his driving. But the differences are gone by now..

          1. erikje, so, within your own comment you’re stating that the development path of the car is aimed towards Verstappen’s requirements – how is that not favourable treatment for Verstappen if the team are focussing their attention towards him? You seem to be reinforcing the impression that Verstappen is being given favourable treatment by his team.

        2. formally confirm

          You’re making it sound something like there’s a contract for Max to get all the upgrades and AA is to do without.

          Max was prioritised by the team when it came to introducing updates on the car, meaning Albon had an inferior specification car to Max

          When parts were limited initially due to the pandemic shut downs and uncertainty earlier in the year, who would you as team principal give the parts to in order to evaluate their effectiveness?

          Come on, these are business decisions that even AA would understand, so why try to make it sound like they are leaving him high and dry only to then evaluate him on some unfair comparison? As if they would do that to AA and to themselves. They are trying to make the best overall decisions for the team as issues arise, such as when upgrade parts are scarce. Wouldn’t you be even more critical of a team and it’s principals if they gave their upgrades to the relative rookie? Would that make better sense? Or hold off on upgrades until both drivers can have them? Even if they don’t know if the upgrades are even worth pursuing?

          1. Meant for anon

            1. Block quotes screwed up, sorry.

      2. @alfa145 He was only battling for podium positions in 2 crazy races where everything fell his way and he ended up on the right tyres at the right time. In raw performance, he’s been nowhere near.

      3. I think Albon is better than Gasly but this year’s car is even harder to master than last year’s: the oversteer bias doesn’t suit Albon (or Gasly) at all.

    11. I like Alex Albon, he has talent for sure. I think that the problem he and other drivers are having/have had is that the car is built around Max’s style and that’s a hard style to replicate. I also think that having a boss like Marko would put most people off. He doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to nurture any talent other than his blue eyed boy. The statements about Daniel leaving because he we definitely treated as the number two driver, ring true. He didn’t run from a fight, I think he’d had enough of Marko and his style of “management”. I think Alex has less hassle driving for another team. Sadly, I think he’s out of luck with the seats that are on offer. With experienced names like Perez and Hulkenberg to name but two, looking for drives, Alex is lacking in experience. Either of those two would be closer to Verstappen and I think they might get closer than some here seem to believe. Hulkenberg has proven he’s on the pace in the Racing Point and regularly out performs Strolls’ times. Admittedly, no podiums yet but he’s only had two or three drives in the car which makes his performances all the more impressive compared to Stroll. Perhaps having a four time world champion as a team mate next year might be a path to significant (and sorely needed) improvement in Strolls’ race craft. He’s quick but his spatial awareness on track is a few steps behind virtually every other driver on the grid. KMag has a similar reputation that has proven very hard to shake off. This along with his skill set could mean he has very little chance of securing a different seat on the grid again.

    12. we all remember this exact statement coming from RBR about Gasly right? before he was swapped out for Albon? am I taking crazy pills here?

      1. No you are not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Perez or Hülkenberg get demolished by Verstappen as well.

      2. @knewman But think of it this way. You’re in charge. Your second driver is underperforming. You’re fighting Ferrari in the WCC chase (obviously I’m talking 2019). Rumours abound and the media wants to ask about your drivers and their status. Behind closed doors you’re frustrated that you are giving the driver in question all the tools available but the results aren’t happening. After numerous races you start to need to see improvement or make a move for the sake of some millions in the WCC. But publicly you don’t want to shade the driver and harm him further psychologically from upping his game.

        What do you do? So of course publicly you are going to show your full support, as has been the case throughout anyway, and not harm the very ‘experiment’ they are conducting to try to get Gasly up to snuff. Keeping him would be far preferable than making a tough decision and a driver move mid-season. That’s never the preferred way.

        Of course Marko had no choice but to say one thing to the public via the media, and then do something opposite a short time later once they felt little improvement was forthcoming from PG. it would have been of no use to anyone for Marko to say outright ‘yeah in a few weeks PG will be replaced’. That would be like saying the beatings will continue until moral improves.

        I’m sure if you put yourself in Marko’s shoes, or imagine you are the boss of a company…you simply don’t announce someone’s demotion well in advance and still expect them to not just stick around but to also continue performing satisfactorily until their last day, fully motivated. While it may seem like Marko was pulling a fast one, or lying to the media, or what have you, there’s little else he could have done wrt handling the situation which unfortunately even caught PG off guard. That was by design to ensure he was undistracted while he was still fighting for his seat, in order to give him a fair chance.

        1. If I was in Helmut “Palpatine” Marko’s position? Simple.

          Step one – “We do not comment on driver contracts.”

          Step two – overhaul the dumpster fire that I call a driver program.

          But I suppose my management style isn’t quite suited for the limelight that an F1 team lives in. I’ll leave it to the professionals and continue casting aspersions from the sidelines while I munch popcorn and enjoy the show.

    13. If their plan for next year is Perez, then they can’t put him in the car now because he’s not available.
      If their plan is Gasly, then he’s more valuable scoring points for Alpha Tauri in their battle against Ferrari and the mid-field.
      Only Hulkenberg would be a candidate for the seat at the next race.

    14. Get russell to drive for red bull next year and get mercedes engines. Red bull pays the full amount for the engines but has access to merc engine. Merc also gets a seat for russell in a top team that will give him excellent training. And if russell some day moves to merc he brings some of those juicy merc tech datas with him.

      Only issue here is that merc does not want to get beaten by other team using their engines. And more importantly merc doesn’t seem to rate or care about russell enough to make that happen. And I don’t blame them. Russell hasn’t really shown, or been able to show, he is a top talent. Remember when some used to think ocon should be in that 2nd mercedes seat? Well, look where ocon is now and how well he is doing. How good is/was ocon? How good is russell? At least with ocon he drove/drives against competent team mates.

      Red bull should just put hulk into the red bull. Test hulk for next season and rotate the three alpha tauri drivers and drop the one who performs worst.

      1. @socksolid Moot since Mercedes is already maxed out with their supply level of pus to customers. And if they weren’t they would default to their other valid reason which is that RBR are too good a team to be giving them such a strong weapon, their pu, as you have pointed out. RBR are not just another pu customer, they are a top team. I do share your skepticism about GR though, as for me he has everything to prove, and I’m not quite sure where the hype over him is coming from other than from pre-F1 stuff. Yeah is doing a few encouraging things with Williams, but we know nothing of his ability in a top car including handling the pressure of fighting for wins in a finicky top car. Right now he has little pressure on him.

    15. I don’t think anyone who is relatively inexperienced is going to look very good compared to Max. Then of course they must be designing the car around him and his preferences.

      I think if they want a decent no. 2 driver to put regular points on the board they should just go for one of the obvious choices, Perez or Hulk. Leave it until 2021 one though.

      1. How much of this is Albon’s lack of performance and how much blame do you place with Horner. Horner is incapable of managing 2 drivers, E.g Ricciardo, Gasly, now Albon. Red Bull used Albon as a guinea pig yesterday, so that they could get tire data for Max, Horner has to be one of the worst managers in F1, his inability to motivate and nurture, is a good reason why Red Bull should pick an experience driver who knows that they are going to play second fiddle to Max.

    16. NH27. RBR. 2021.
      Only one option.

    17. RBR looses honda and Aston sponsorship, they will be looking for new one if A1 Telekom becomes RBR sponsor it will be Perez.
      About choosing between Albon and Perez is not that hard, also even competitive normally manages to come on top of Hulk.
      Hulk may end up in Williams.

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