Approach to Acque Minerali, Imola, 2020

Mild weather expected for unusually late European race

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix weather

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Weather at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix this weekend should be mild, with low winds and mid air temperatures, however, cloud cover could cool track tarmac a lot on the Sunday.

With no Friday running at Imola, there’s only two days of weather that matter. Teams may be rue the shorter weekend, which means they will miss the usual first three hours of practice on Friday, happens to coincide with the stable weather expected across all three days, compared to the variable conditions seen in recent races.

F1 has never raced in Europe this late in a season. However the weather is expected to be reasonably warm for this year’s third race to take place in Italy.

Saturday is set to be sunny and dry all day, with the 90 minutes of free practice starting at 10am local time in temperatures of around 15C. That will rise slightly in the hours before qualifying, at 2pm Italian time, when the heat will peak for the day at 19C and remain steady until around 4pm. Drivers with particularly wind-sensitive cars may notice a variable autumnal breeze interfering with the balance of their cars.

For Sunday, the outlook is very similar except that intermittent cloud cover might – as we saw in Portimao – lower track temperatures considerably. The race is forecasted to run with 17C air temperatures and a consistent, low, wind coming from the west.

Qualifying should be dry and there is only a very, very low chance of rain throughout the race. Any which may materialise, as in Portugal, likely to only be the occasional November shower.

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2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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13 comments on “Mild weather expected for unusually late European race”

  1. Fantastic to see autumnal colours in these shots.

  2. Although, the 1997 European GP in Jerez de la Frontera took place on October 26, so only a gap of six days, hence, relevantly the same time of year.

    1. Jerez is a lot warmer though – set to be between 27C and 26C over this weekend – Jerez is over 700km further south than Imola.

  3. First thing that comes to my mind when seeing the picture is Autumn Ring of Gran Turismo. :)

    1. yes haha!

  4. When I read the first word (Mild) I was thinking about the certain tobacco brand..

    1. ..And then it was about the weather

      1. Proof that F1 sponsorship works I guess!

        1. It seems so :)

  5. I hadn’t given the autumnal colours much thought, but they certainly will make for some beautiful shots during the race.

    Hopefully there’ll be some great action ON track too, and maybe some radio messages as colourful as the leaves!

  6. Seems weird not having a Friday shake down but i guess if it means less time for the big boys to engineer out any unknowns we will get used to it. I cant believe in a million years this would’ve ever happened but for covid. It is also odd that in a sport that is so forward in telling everyone it is at the forefront of tech, change has to be foisted upon them. Id say the same for alot of the fans also.

    Less track time makes the weekend running more special, Liberty should take note before constantly expanding the season. Race weekend should be special, not just another game of football.

  7. We need at least 2-3 non-recurring circuits every year.

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