Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Imola, 2020

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix grid

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas took pole position for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Row 11. Valtteri Bottas 1’13.609
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’13.706
Row 23. Max Verstappen 1’14.176
Red Bull
4. Pierre Gasly 1’14.502
Toro Rosso
Row 35. Daniel Ricciardo 1’14.520
6. Alexander Albon 1’14.572
Red Bull
Row 47. Charles Leclerc 1’14.616
8. Daniil Kvyat 1’14.696
Toro Rosso
Row 59. Lando Norris 1’14.814
10. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’14.911
Row 611. Sergio Perez 1’15.061
Racing Point
12. Esteban Ocon 1’15.201
Row 713. George Russell 1’15.323
14. Sebastian Vettel 1’15.385
Row 815. Lance Stroll 1’15.494
Racing Point
16. Romain Grosjean 1’15.918
Row 917. Kevin Magnussen 1’15.939
18. Kimi Raikkonen 1’15.953
Alfa Romeo
Row 1019. Nicholas Latifi 1’15.987
20. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’16.208
Alfa Romeo

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9 comments on “2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix grid”

  1. Racing Point’s pace, though.

    1. Perez is still in a very strong position for the race. He will definitely start on new mediums, while his competitors have to start on used softs, which performed very poorly on the long runs this morning.
      It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up battling with Gasly for P4/P5 during the race.

    2. They are stronger in races so they will definitely score points tomorrow

  2. Raveen Dhanapalan
    31st October 2020, 14:11

    Racing point tend to struggle in shortend practice sessions, I think Renaults gonna be third this season.

    1. Only if Ocon lifts his pace.

  3. Tomorrow it seems to be a pretty boring race unless there are incidents. Overtaking is fairly difficult here besides the DRS ones. There is an outside chance of a Torro Rosso podium.

    1. Incidents … I would put money on it.

  4. Gasly and Kyvat listed as driving for Toro Rosso (should be Alpha Tauri)

    Looking forward to the race!

  5. Ricciardo is the goat

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