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Hamilton: “I don’t know if I’m going to be here next year”

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton indicated he is not certain he will continue racing in Formula 1 next year when discussing team principal Toto Wolff’s future at the team.

Wolff said today he is considering who could take his place at the team if he decides not to continue in charge of the seven-times world champions next year.

Asked whether that might have a bearing on his future, Hamilton said: “I don’t even know if I’m going to be here next year so it’s not a concern for me at the moment.”

Hamilton’s contract to drive for Mercedes expires at the end of this season. The six-times world champion said he has discussed his future at length with Wolff. “I understand and we have a lot of deep conversations, Toto and I, so I’m very, very aware of where he is mentally and we share and carry a lot of the weight together, I think.

“I’ve been here a long, long time. I can definitely understand wanting to pull back a little bit and give more time to family and those things.

“I don’t know who would replace [him] but he is a leader. He’s not going to put anyone that’s not going to be able to do the job, not going to be up to it, who’s not going to be geared up. He will find the right people. That’s why we have the success we have, he’s found the right people and put them in position to be able to shine as bright as possible. He’s just empowered every single person in this team to be the best they can be. So he will find somebody that’s able to take on and continue.

“It’s not just one person, this team, it’s not just about one person. It’s a collective of a lot of people. Toto doesn’t build the car. It’s a real team effort. But I’m supportive of him, whatever he wants to do, moving forwards.”

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Asked how realistic the possibility he might not race in F1 next year is, Hamilton said: “We’re in November and it’s crazy that Christmas isn’t that far away. Naturally I feel great, I feel very strong and I feel like I could keep going for plenty of months.

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“So I don’t know. You mentioned about Toto and shelf life, there’s multiple things that do stay on the top of my mind. I would like to be here next year but there’s no guarantee of that, for sure. There’s a lot that excites me of the ‘after-life’. So time will tell.”

Hamilton’s victory in today’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix helped Mercedes clinch a record-breaking seventh consecutive constructors’ title. In the podium interview he said it had been an “exhausting race [with] the speed that we were having to go at.”

“It’s just very overwhelming right now because I look at my crew, this team here, and I know all the men and women back at the factory in Brackley and Brixworth – they’re the unsung heroes they’re the ones who have really grafted away, never given up and just continued to elevate and innovate.

“People watching maybe think we’re used to this, but it always feels like the first time with this team and I think that’s because of the spirit. So I’m forever grateful to everyone to even be a part of it. To be a part of breaking a record like this. No team has done this before.”

“Seven-time champs – that’s something I’m going to be able to tell my grandchildren one day,” he added.

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2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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157 comments on “Hamilton: “I don’t know if I’m going to be here next year””

  1. Make up your mind, bro.

    1. Ofcourse he will be there. You are equal with Schum on WDC and you have a higher than 50% chance of getting the 8th next year..

    2. Why not before Alonso announce his commitment with Renault

    3. Lewisham Milton
      1st November 2020, 17:49

      and 100 wins…

    4. more just do it. I can’t fathom what merc hasn’t yet offered for him to sign. You can’t dream for a better career.

      1. All I can think of is that they want to steal max somehow and worry that they wont have as much leverage in 2022 with the reg changes set to come in, and consider it to be smarter in the long term. But I would certainly keep Lewis if I were them

  2. Good riddance

    1. 🤣 wah wah wah 🤣 Lewis getting to you son?

    2. Lol headache eh?

      1. Another year with an all-conquering Merc is way too much, but I wouldn’t mind watching what he can do in a Renault or a Ferrari

        1. I wouldn’t mind watching what he can do in a Renault or a Ferrari

          so why

          Good riddance

          Just to troll?

          1. Because he WILL be in that Merc once again

          2. @melanos Next year, I imagine so. However he could transfer to another team from 2022, which personally I’d prefer.

  3. For sure, he’s going to be racing in F1 next year as well. I’m 100% confident he’ll continue.

  4. I think he doesn’t want to stay in Mercedes without Toto.

    1. I think there are some legs to this theory

  5. Contract mind games no doubt. I sincerely doubt that Lewis is thinking of going.

    1. But what more would he possibly want? And why would Mercedes not give it to him?
      I think his doubts are due to personal reasons. Toto’s thoughts of stepping down have something to do as well.

      1. money
        he’s negotiating, guess they both are

    2. Maybe covid gave him a chance to see what a life away from F1 would be like.

    3. I do think that is likely to be the case @mouse_nightshirt but then again, maybe with the whole Covid 19 year and the records of wins he’s been setting as well as Toto signalling it might be time for him to move on could have Hamilton contemplating as well.

      That would explain his uncharacteristic move of actually saying how good a job Bottas is doing to keep as close to him as he has been doing (more in qualifying off course than in races).
      He can then go and focus on making that change in society he has been pushing for come about. And be more hands on with that Extrem X thing too.

      I must say that I would like the idea of him just saying “hey it’s enough guys, time to move on” with all that he has achieved. Even though I still think it is likely that he would want ot do that in front of the fans – so wait at least another year.

    4. @mouse_nightshirt It is just a standard contract position to take, if he said he would definitely be there then his negotiating position is massively weakened.

      He is clearly holding out for something (may not even be financial) and at least appearing willing to walk away increases his chance to get it. MB will not want to lose him that is for sure.

    5. Exactly.

      Since there is no contract in place yet, and there is no better team to race for, what does Lewis have to negotiate with?

      The only thing that he has is whether he is going to race at all. It would make no sense for him to be completely committed to racing before he has a contract signed, otherwise he has no negotiating leverage.

  6. One more year makes perfect sense. More than that however does not.

    Where do you go after breaking all the records?

    1. I think that may be it. Possibly wanting a 1 + 1 to see what life is like post Toto, with Mercedes wanting a 2 + 1. Interesting that Toto said he had someone in mind as his successor but would not name him. I would think Ham would want to know who that someone is before putting pen to paper. As for timing; why make a decision before you have to?
      Maybe that’s why RB is holding out on that second driver? :)

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      1st November 2020, 15:48

      I agree – 1 more year in a dominant car and then retire for 2022 when things might be more difficult.

      1. When the going gets tough…

        1. Oh Bondo… you really cheer me up!

        2. @Bondo

          Nothing lasts forever. I would however like to see Hamilton extend your misery a few more years.

      2. I don’t think that’s what lewis wants. If anything he would be more motivated to sit out next year and return in 2022 when things are more competitive and, I imagine, more fulfilling for him

    3. @jureo I guess Mercedes won’t be too keen to give Hamilton just one more year. With new regulations coming up in 2022 they will want continuity, so I expect they will be pushing Hamilton to sign up for a long-term deal or leave at the end of this season.

      They are clearly not sold on Bottas having the number one role (as evidenced by only ever giving him one year at a time) so if Hamilton goes they will want a long-term prospect to replace him. Makes sense to give him a year to bed in before the rules change, or else having a year or two of the new regulations before changing drivers.

  7. I doubt Lewis is going anywhere. Great actor and driver.

  8. Yesterday Toto hinted it might be to do with the costs/paycheck and not about Lewis’ motivation.

    1. I saw him make a joke about it a few weeks ago, about selling the assets to pay for Ham after he equalled MS record; but nothing that anyone could take seriously.
      Have you a link to your information?

    2. Il just speculating but I like to think that Mercedes earns 3 euros per euro spent for Hamilton.

  9. He’s said his tyres were knackered enough times for us to know that there’s probably zero truth in this.

  10. Stick with it Lewis.
    Cement your legacy whilst you can.
    The way the world is going you have a good chance of becoming the last great F1 driver.

    You are still young and have years ahead of you to do other stuff man.

  11. Lol, why does Hamilton have to be melodramatic in everything?

    1. Agree. And I’m a big fan!!

      1. What part of his comment is melodramatic? Serious question. I don’t see it but please put me right if I’m wrong.

    2. Remember his greatest achievements came after a melodramatic radio message.. i.e. tire problems=fastest lap
      He seems to need that.
      But hey, forgive him. He still is one of the greatest drivers ever. Performing under all circumstances and still seems to enjoys it. A bit drama is not to bad for that ;)

  12. Watching Hamilton at work is magic, unbelievable turn of speed, tyre preservation, strategic awareness. The sheer unadulterated talent just shines through. He outclasses the field. I have watched him develop from the raw but fast kid to the supreme grand master he is now. And it is a progress that, to use that over used word, is awesome. He never gives up.

    However, I would like him to retire while he is ahead and let real racing resume. He is in the same position as Schumacher was, and what a relief when he retired. What a shame he tried to come back.

    Hamilton is on top, untouchable. He, like Kimi for age reasons, should let go and move over for the younger talent. Too much greatness sucks the life out of the competition.

    1. You honestly think Max or Charles just want to inherit the No 1 slot? They want to beat Hamilton first and take his crown. Anyway, just imagine how insufferable us Hamilton fans would be on these forums if he retired undefeated?

      1. Imagine if he and Max were in the same car next year. If Hamilton won (I think he would, just), that’s the end of all the conversations. Both over how good he is relative to Verstappen and as an all time great (relative to Schumacher etc). So it’s kind of tempting as an idea. The risk is losing, though, obviously, by a bit or by a lot…

        1. Even if you do such a test its only a moment in time..
          If A is faster then B who defeated C does not mean A is faster then C.
          I know a lot of people seem tho think that..
          But look at the figures.. Schumacher did something like 110 races to get his 92 wins..
          Hamilton took about 30 more to do the same.. Does that mean he is worse then Schumacher?
          There are lies and statistics.. both are seldom trustworthy.

          1. Don’t you mean something like 248 races? But I get what you mean. Ham took 262 races to get to win number 92. MS gave up trying after 308 races.

          2. MS took 247 races to reach 91. Lewis took 261. Less than Half of your stated 30 races. Lewis did it at a younger age and will surpass 91 victories, significantly.
            When Max starts racking up these stats, because he will, let’s see how you feel about stats then. If Max left F1 with 1 WDC he would, wrongly, be forgotten in the annuls of history. Stats DO matter.

          3. et’s see how you feel about stats then

            Try to stay of the fan based view.. Just try to discuss like an adult. “max” has nothing to do wikh this discussion. Maybe when he gets a winning car.

            Btw, both right.. Schumi did 248 races.
            Some more facts in perspective:

        2. I am not sure he can take on Max. He is not going to risk losing in his last year

          1. Sadly I tend to agree he wouldn’t risk it. Not that I don’t think it would be close (depends on which team, obviously).

      2. He’d be following in the footsteps of Rosberg – retiring the unbeaten champion.

    2. he’s in not the same position as Schumacher. would Schumacher have retired had he not lost in 05 and 06 to Alonso? i think not

  13. I’m not simply gonna say good riddance cause I think hamilton is a top 10 driver of all times and actually liked him when he was at mclaren, probably had the best rookie year ever and I think he was the most deserving that year, always had wet weather flair, speed, especially in qualifying, was a bit mistake prone in his early days but improved since, had some occasional off weekends up to and including 2017, but improved on that too in 2018, he’s become quite a complete driver, however…. he doesn’t really get the chance to measure against competition, does he? Bottas isn’t competition and the drivers who could actually challenge him don’t have the right car, verstappen and leclerc beat hamilton fair and square in some races in the recent years, whenever they had the car to do that, but it happens way too rarely, and it hasn’t improved lately.

    So like I said it’s not as simple as good riddance for me: if he goes to a team that is not dominant, can even be a championship contender, but NOT dominant or stays at mercedes but circumstances change and the competition level between his team and his competitors’ team is there, then I look forward to see him next years too; if he’s just here to take easy wins with bottas as “competition”, then you know where the door is!

    1. probably had the best rookie year ever

      I’d agree he was having it, up to Shanghai, when he was well positioned to win a championship as a rookie, on top of a double WDC in his prime (but loathed by his team since Hungary -not without reason- and it showed in the scores; the usually obscure RD made it uncharacteristically clear in China, “we are racing Alonso”, he said lo LH).

      But after his abysmal mistakes in China and Brazil, losing a WDC that was his to win, sorry but I don’t buy his 2007 season as the best rookie season ever.

      1. I sure can’t think of a better one. 9 consecutive podiums at the start of his career is absolutely incredible and not likely something that will be repeated. A rookie finishing equal on points with their 2 time champion team mate and only 1 point off the champion of that year is amazing, irrespective of the team politics.

        1. It is exceedingly rare to find a rookie in the top team of the season, and it is very hard to compare with the usual situation of most rookies in backmarker teams. Senna in the Toleman and Alonso in the Minardi did not score podiums or wins, but they certainly impressed. Jenson Button in the BMW, Schuey in the Benetton were also something to watch. And in more recent times I was impressed by what Jules Bianchi did in that crappy Marussia.
          If you go for crude results, well from the top of my head only Giuseppe Farina won in his rookie year, and someone had to do it because they were all rookies in 1950, but resultswise his is the best rookie season ever.

          1. Villeneuve and Montoya stand out for me. Villeneuve for stats was up there with Hamilton. Montoya for impact as he came in and scared Schumacher to death with his racing ability and sheer speed.

            I was disgruntled when Button got ousted for Montoya but it was definitely the right call for Williams. It was a shame that Montoya didn’t have the full package to sustain a season long charge in F1.

            Having a great rookie season doesn’t mean much though, look at Lauda’s start in F1.

          2. @slowmo

            I agree with you. Many people forget how close JV ran Hill in 97. Obviously, JV came into F1 with a superb CV, as CART and Indy 500 champion. I believe JV and Lewis had comparable rookie campaigns.

            Juan Montoya was probably the most naturally talented driver I’ve seen. The guy was fearless, and he was quick over a single lap as well. He didn’t fit into F1’s corporate architecture, certainly the teams he raced for didn’t create an environment for him to thrive in. If a Toto Wolff type character was in charge of Williams (and possibly Mclaren in 05 and 06), I have no doubt that Montoya would have won more races and possibly even mounted a greater championship challenge.

          3. Ambrogio Isgro
            2nd November 2020, 6:31

            Well, actually Senna score a podium in his rookie season with Toleman at Monaco, almost a win under heavy rain.

          4. You guys are right, but JV had the same rare privilege as LH: He landed as a rookie at Williams in 1996, then the top team. 11 podiums in 16 races, including 4 wins, and the fight for the WDC with DH went (almost) down to the wire. But I still have the same problem when comparing with rookies in backmarker teams. Russell was having a pretty good rookie season until his brainfade last race, but how can you compare what he is doing in this season’s Williams cucumber with what JV did in that dominant Williams? Was Jules Bianchi better than them all in the Marussia? (no, I don’t seriously believe that, but it’s very hard to tell).

          5. And well, Montoya did scare the $t out of Schuey in his rookie season but otherwise it did not go that well. BMW was maybe on the level with McL but both where way behind Ferrari, and Montoya had 11 retirements out of 16th races. Some inconsistency, plenty of bad luck, but far from the best rookie season ever.

  14. Well nothing indicated that Rosberg could retire after what he did.

  15. Daimler can’t with good conscience respond kindly to LH demands for a raise with the layoffs they made this year, and diminishing returns are a reality for both Wolff and LH. They can really just keep doing the same or achieve less.

    They have done a good job, better than the opposition, but I can see how the fire could be fading.
    The racing without AMG is at a fantastic level, everyone has a chance on a good day to be up there, so as fans we are good regardless of what happens to the team at the top.

    1. I’d be surprised if it’s about money

      Our Lewis loves this kind of drama, that’s what makes him such an attraction in lots of ways

      Cue, lots of his fans begging him not to leave and Lewis to announce he’s staying when he seals his 7th, citing that he has “been overwhelmed with all the kind words”!!!

    2. What demands are these?

      1. Water, bread and 40 million €.

  16. He’ll continue and that’s it.

  17. Let Lewis do a Rosberg if he wants.
    I guess it’s too late now for Seb to consider moving to Merc?
    And can Max cut free from his RB contract?
    Or Sainz could ditch Ferrari, or even better Norris
    Or Perez
    Russell would thrash Bottas in that Merc

    1. Charles would be a likely candidate. Bound to have a get out performance clause in his contract and has Todt jnr representing him. Shown on track he is not intimidated by Max. Impressing in the Ferrari and not let his head drop.

      1. But the most error prone top driver.. so some years to grow before he is on the level of a Hamilton or Verstappen.

        1. Leclerc is certainly a special driver. If you consider Verstappen is on Hamilton’s leve so is Leclerc. He is a special driver.

          1. To many mistakes.. and way to impatience..
            Most of his mistakes are made under pressure trying to compensate his position on track.
            He is a special driver, and can be even bigger later.. but not on the level of Verstappen or Hamilton.

          2. F1oSaurus (@)
            2nd November 2020, 6:28

            Verstappen makes just as many mistakes.

    2. Lewis is never doing what Rosberg did. Didn’t runaway from a fight after a lucky win.

      All the replacement Drivers you mentioned are bunch of los.ers. The only driver good enough to match Lewis is Daniel Ricciardo.
      DR is proven, multiple race winner and a hunter.

      Fernando is Super awesome, but he tends to be toxic quite often. And not sure how he will be after sitting out two years.

      1. Ricciardo ran from a fight with Verstappen. Vestappen was starting to really dominate him so concocted some excuse about the team not giving him total support after plowing into the back of Max at Baku 2018.

        1. Ah the famous crash caused by Max that Horner tried to cover up for the golden boy. Max seems to have done well in Ricciardo’s absence though having taken the team backwards in terms of number of wins each season since he left.

    3. would thrash Bottas in that Merc

  18. There’s more chance of Hamilton’s critics on here, the ones who never have anything good to say about changing their views, than there is him not been at Mercedes next season

    1. @banbrorace It would be bizarre not to compete next season, definitely. Unless he says ‘matching’ Schumacher is enough. I do think he’s kind of tired of winning, not from the excitement and enjoyment of competing, but because he knows how repeated dominance tires everyone else not at Mercedes (though including Bottas of course).

      1. He should move to RedBull, beat Verstappen and retire. That would cement him as the greatest ever.

  19. Hamilton will be driving for quite a few more years. Especially in 2021 because an 8th title is a formality with Bottas as his only competition.

    Even if Hamilton’s behind Bottas on track he knows that the team will put him on a contra strategy to give him every opportunity to pass his only championship rival.

    Hamilton doesn’t have his own family or anything like that so has no real incentive to hang up the gloves. Records are really important to him otherwise he would have given himself a bigger challenge by now like Schumacher did after winning two consecutive titles at Benetton.

    1. He’ll be too old for family soon. Nicole knew a long time ago….

      1. Really? He is 35, I believe.

        I became a dad at 34. Despite my ripe old age (not to mention that my wife was 35 at the time) he lived, is reasonably well-adapted, doing well and the pride&joy of his parents, who are still happy together (but slightly creaking at the joints on getting out of bed in the morning).

      2. He’s got Roscoe.

    2. Why do fans cross the line? May be Lewis keeps certain things private?
      Focus on his racing, and today he delivered another masterclass on tire management, avoiding debris and winning a Grand Prix with purple rain lap after lap.

    3. Even if Hamilton’s behind Bottas on track he knows that the team will put him on a contra strategy to give him every opportunity to pass his only championship rival


      ERRRR, no -see e.g. Austria 2020 or JAPAN 2019

  20. Having seen Toto`s face during the Tshirt charade on the podium, and through that the faces of the members of the board at Daimler, I think that little farce simply cost him his job or at least provide the excuse for not renewing his expensive contract in a time of cut backs.

    1. It is my opinion, as an American near a prosperous city in the south, that Mercedes has a very positive image with the black community in North America.

      Plus i think Hamilton is probably a very successful advertiser for Mercedes irregardless of the customer.

      I think they want to be sure not to offend any customers.
      I just don’t see fighting Hamilton’s black lives matter protests is being good for them financially.

  21. What’s Mercedes to do if you leave Lewis. Give the seat to Perez.

  22. Let’s face it, not renewing his contract is the only thing that could make 2021 interesting. A Vandoorne-Bottas line-up would be fun to watch.

  23. Alonso fever

  24. Nik (@nickelodeon81)
    1st November 2020, 16:52

    Hamilton to Hass…come on you know it makes sense lol

    1. Vestrappen to Hass even better. They can f-bomb while holding hands.

  25. Hope Lewis does retire so Merc can put Max or Russel or Leclerc alongside Bottas if each of them manage to get Lewis seat and got owned by Bottas, imagine what would be the excuse spited by the hatter. They would be DOOM in oblivion.

  26. If Hammy retires now, it will always be the car that won 7 titles, not the driver.
    There is one, and only one, way to salvage his reputation: Go to Ferrari and win. Period.

    1. Salvage his reputation? Don’t be silly. Anyway if he went to Ferrari and won it would be a race between you and a few others to get on here first to say its all down to the car.

      1. +1. Like how people overestimate the weight of their point of view.

    2. Man, Hamilton is mortal. He can’t use the Force to drag that Ferrari farther up the field.

      Moving to Ferrari would just suggest to hit his head too many times

    3. if Hammy retires now, it will always be the car that won 7 titles, not the driver.

      Hamilton would have won in the 2017 and 2018 Ferrari

    4. He can’t go to Ferrari Rodber, they’ve signed Leclerc and Sainz!

    5. Lol, not even Hamilton could win a Title in Ferrari next few years.

    6. That’s probably why his tire exploded in Silverstone ;)

    7. You didn’t get my point. It is about Bottas vs Max / Leclerc / Russel. Where would Bottas place against each of them

  27. yeah, sure he won’t be around next year. just as he stated he does not care about records but to send a message .. Geez, give me a break..
    BS world champion

  28. Lewis is going to pull a Nico and retire once the season is done. Merc will scramble and sign Checo to a one year deal and it will be a “job interview” better checo and Bottas. Who wins will partner Verstappen in 2022 at Merc.

    Watch this space

  29. Just more attention seeking from someone so desperate for attention, he wears a pink suit on the track walk.

    Controversial opinion: if senna were alive, he’d find Lewis unbearable.

    1. @joshgeake

      if senna were alive, he’d find Lewis unbearable.

      Did you actually watch Senna throughout his career? The guy was the king of moaning- from complaining about the pole not being on the racing line to the FIA “favouring Prost”. In my view only Alonso comes second- with Hamilton a distant third.



    1. Hope he does move to Merc and got his ass owned by Bottas.

  31. I think he’ll sign for one more year, get 100 wins and 100 poles and then retire. The delay is just the length of the contract I would presume. Wolff is probably going to leave F1 at the end of next year too I would guess.

    1. One title with Ferrari equals 8 with over dominant Merc.

      1. @Rodber

        One title with Ferrari equals 8 with over dominant Merc.

        Lol so if HAM wins the title with Ferrari next year he’ll have 16 titles?

      2. If Schumacher didn’t win another title in 2000 he would have finished the equal of any of the greats in history.

        McLaren lapped the field in the opening race of 1998, had 9 front row lockouts, but Schumacher still took the championship to the final race.

        Sure as heck a bigger achievement than beating the much lower paid guy on the other side of the garage to a title.

        1. That was Austria 2002 when team orders were allowed and McLaren had previously employed them Australia 1998 without any uproar that persists today (and Schumacher was ordered to move over Irvine at Malaysia 1999 and sabotage his race Japan 1999).

          Schumacher paid back Barrichello at Indy 2002.

          Hamilton is yet to pay back Bottas for Russia 2018.

        2. lol Bondo thinking Irvine, Rubens, Herbert, etc. are strong teammates. Anything to put Hamilton down.

        3. Get out

    1. Way too dangerous, although only four ovals next season I believe.

      There’s a chance he takes a sabbatical at the end of 2021 then wait it out 1-2 seasons to see who has the best car.

      1. Is it too dangerous now that they have the aero screen? You could argue that provides better protection than a halo.

  32. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I feel like Hamilton is slowing a bit. The fights for pole seem to be closer and closer. His wet weather performances have been good instead of amazing. His wins seemed to come from being cool and clever and experienced.

    I kinda think it might be time for him to retired after next season. I don’t want to see him stick around and be beaten because age caught up with him. I think that is what happened with Vettel, and it is pretty hard to watch.

    1. His wet weather performances have been good instead of amazing.

      Styria Q3 was amazing..

      His quali pace, yes, maybe, aged now 36, may have lost some fractional 1 lap pace..or it could be more a case of Bottas improving

    2. He got beat by Rosberg in 2016, Rosberg outqualified him 11-8 in 2014, Button outscored and had more wins than Hamilton in their three years together at McLaren.

      I think his form is similar over the past decade as now.

      1. F1oSaurus (@)
        2nd November 2020, 6:46

        In 2016 Hamilton lost at least 50 points due to technical issues. He was crushing Rosberg when both were in working cars.

        In 2014 Rosberg won only 4 races from those 11 poles. Hamilton won 5 races where Rosberg was pole. Hamilton started in Hungary from the pitlane and still beat Rosberg! While Hamilton won all but one of the races where he was on pole. So Rosberg clearly was betting all on Q3 and losing out heavily actually in the races. Next season he sort of learned.

        1. Hamilton’s had one mechanical retirement in four years. Stop harping on about Malaysia 2016. Rosberg couldn’t even capitalise that day because of a mistake and a penalty.

          Hamilton lost in 2016 because in Australia he started on pole but was 6th by the end of the first lap.

          Bahrain started on pole but Rosberg beat him to the first corner. Got tapped by Bottas but really Hamilton could have given Bottas room. Wasn’t necessary to squeeze a car you’re much faster than on the first corner.

          China, Hamilton couldn’t qualify and had to start at the back, but a podium was easily achievable. Instead, Hamilton spent the race on the radio complaining and brought the car home in 8th. Didn’t get the maximum from the car. I remember Brundle in commentary believing it was a poor effort by Hamilton.

          In Spain he made an error and spun into Rosberg. Very lucky to take Rosberg out, and lucky to not be penalised too.

          At Monaco Rosberg moved over for Hamilton when the team ordered him to despite being in a title fight. Was for position. Rosberg was struggling with his car. I guarantee Hamilton would not have done the same for Rosberg and in fact didn’t in Hungary 2014.

          Italy, Hamilton cooked the start. Started on pole was 6th by the time he went through the chicane.

          Singapore, Hamilton qualified third finished third. Rosberg got pole, won the race. Rosberg just too good.

          Japan, Hamilton cooked the start. Started second behind Rosberg, but was about 8th or 9th by the first corner.

    3. I’d say Hamilton is pretty much at his peak. Hardly ever makes a mistake due to experience and concentration. Always seems to be able to dig down and deliver that extra bit. Only reason he would retire would be if he chooses to or big changes come to Mercedes. I can’t see him switching teams. I can see him being reluctant to sign a long contract since he might want to stop and 2022 is new territory.

    4. It probably cost him more every year to keep up this remarkable consistent performance.
      So, yes. There will be a moment he does not see any growth and end his career on a high.
      Not sure if that is this year. But when Toto leaves, Lewis will follow.

  33. I doubt he’d walk away from a near certain 8th title and 100+ wins next year, unless he’s utter bored of it all by now. He’s got nothing left to prove. I can tell a lot of fans are bored of the Lewis and Mercedes show though. A change would be nice.

  34. Yes, maybe he is not sure whether he wants to sign a much longer contract, so I would not be surprised if his preference is signing shorter (probably even 1 year) contract(s) from now on. I think Mercedes is the party who would like to have a longer term contract. Shorter term contracts would be reasonable for him as an individual because :
    – There were many kinds of uncertainties introduced by the pandemic.
    – He seems to appreciate his family, and wants to spend more time with them.
    – Up to this day he seems to be a honest and credible man for me, who speaks for many kinds of good cases, and with his wealth he could easily afford showing a worse image. But instead he does these nice things time after time, so I think it’s much more than PR, and seems credible to me. (Despite of my bullshit-o-meter is quite sensitive.)
    – Probably due to this honesty, he is somewhat bothered with F1’s problems, like no seats for talents, like the thought of Russell loosing his seat instead of getting into a decent car. So probably he chooses to retire in a few years instead of taking away opportunities from such talents. The list of problems can be endless for such good drivers, because even if they can’t talk about every aspect, they likely want to have better racing, and more challenge, but that’s sometimes just not possible.
    – Statistically he already equalled or exceeded many records of Schumacher, he can be satisfied with that, and probably he is less driven by having a GOAT image than many would expect.

    So I think it would be possible for him to win some more titles and many GP’s based on his current form, and F1’s current and planned set of rules, but probably his world is about many other things and considerations as well.

    I would be a bit sad if he retires before cars become a bit less aero dependent, because that can bring more exciting racing, and I would like to see him in that battle. And it would be nice to see him against the new generation, because many of them are already very good, and there are some nice drivers in F2 too, this year’s F2 was quite cool, almost all of the rookies proved to be worthy. Despite of this F2 season had many rookies or sophomores, I think it not discounts the value of this season, because most of them ended up in or around the top 10, and they had beaten or at least challenged the seasoned drivers there (like Delétraz, Matsushita, Ghiotto), to me it is a good indicator, it’s just not flooded with pay drivers now.

    I think maybe he retires, or with a bit higher likelihood he now tries to go for 1 or 2 year contracts from now on. I would be quite surprised if he not tries to win an 8th championship although.

  35. Hamilton no longer has anything to prove to anyone, as a Formula 1 driver, of course.
    I would love for him to retire at the end of the year, in full glory.
    Like Rosberg did.
    I think it would be a very smart attitude
    But obviously I would also like him to keep racing because not every day you can enjoy a driver of his extraordinary quality. He is the legitimate successor to Michael Schumacher.

  36. If Hamilton retires next year, his career will have a nice symmetry with Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A debut in 2007 and a farewell in 2021.

  37. It’s an outside chance, to be sure, but I do believe Lewis when he says he might leave. I think he will be at Merc next year piling up the stats, but over the years I think Hamilton has grown personally in a number of ways and that he believes there is more to life than racing in F1. Just saying that when push comes to shove, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just decided to do what felt right to him. That’s all. And, yes, this is just what he would say if he was negotiating a new contract.

  38. It’s possible there’s a bit of sudden mental fatigue setting in for him; he’s been at it a long while and now that he’s on top of the record lists, how much longer will he feel the need to keep pushing? Still, I’d be shocked if he didn’t return next year, though as Murray Walker used to say: anything can happen in F1…

  39. I doubt very much that Lewis will leave at the end of this year. For one thing he would leave Merc completely in the lurch. I just cannot see him doing that.

    I think he’ll definitely be there next year. The end of 2021 would be a good place to stop though. Let’s face it he’s likely to have 8 titles by then.

    I wouldn’t rule out a 2 year deal though.

    1. I agree, he probably won’t leave, but it really would not make much difference to Merc, they would have so many drivers clambering for the seat they would be able to choose a driver and there are many that would easily win in the Merc just like Ham does.

      1. E.G. Ricardo will be Merc powered next year, so even drivers of his caliber would be negotiable.

  40. Personally, I don’t care if Ham is in F1 or not, I am not a Ham fan (Actually I don’t care who is in F1 next season), but I will say he did a great job on the podium joining Ric’ for a shoe. good fun, well done.

  41. Hamilton has blown Bottas away like he was never there. Big advantage over the rest of the field being in a Merc. but no competition within the Team. Seems Bottas has two rivals within Merc, Hamilton and Bottas…LOL

  42. NeverElectric
    1st November 2020, 23:16

    He’s heading to formula E.

  43. I wonder if the sticking point is about the message Hamilton wants to put out to the world on human rights and racism rather than money. Sounds silly but what if he’s looking for the livery to remain Black next year and for more commitments from Mercedes around diversity and standing up for human rights in places like Bahrain and China. Maybe the delay is Hamilton’s demands aren’t for Toto to sign off on himself. We know Hamilton has realised he can do more in his role this year and that maybe what he’s looking for in his twilight years of the sport, leaving a lasting legacy.

  44. As a non Hamilton fan i would love to see him retire.
    But from anyone else’s view he should stick around and keep piling on his win totals and championships.
    He could keep going and win on and on and such.
    But I think he would love to settle down and start a family.
    Nothing in this world is a given.
    Senna never had the chance to start a family. Schumacher, could have spent more time with his family, instead came back and spent 3 more years in F1. Now he seems to not be able to enjoy too much.
    I’m not saying that Hamilton will have a bad future.
    I’m saying he should make the most of his life and spend as much as he can with the ones he loves.
    He has nothing left to prove in F1.
    The biggest challenge, being a good husband and father is still ahead.
    And the memories and experiences of that are worth more than any F1 win, championship or record.
    Same goes for Seb and Kimi. It’s time to spend time at home with your family.

  45. A driver very dominant within a very dominant team over several years. I would understand if he sticks around, i can’t blame him, but for F1’s sake it wouldn’t hurt if he quit. Even if Merc would win at least constructors again next year, at least it might be a battle down the line with 2 less dominant drivers, actually having a fight with the opposition.

  46. I believe that Lewis’ future at Merc is intertwined with Toto’s.

    If are to believe the rumours, Toto and Ola Kalenius aren’t exactly best of mates. We all know that the latter has a different vision of Merc as opposed to his predecessor. Mercedes as a brand isn’t doing well, their products are so average in comparison to its competition and its glorious past. They have alienated their core market segment, the “boomers”, who regardless of your personal beliefs, still have the economic clout in many respects, hence the slump in sales.

    I’ve been saying this to many friends, F1 will become a platform for niche sportscar brands, and this already happening. Aston, Alpine, Ferrari, Mclaren etc, and in keeping with this, Mercedes have already said AMG will have a larger presence going forward. This is how the Mercedes brand will transition out of F1. It’s all optics, its best for mainstream brands to disassociate themselves from ICE, because thats what we are doing now.

    I don’t see Lewis hanging around in F1 if Toto leaves his position at Merc. Will he move to another team? I doubt it. Ferrari is the only team that can afford him, but they appear to have thrown their weight behind Leclerc. There is an angle where Ferrari can exploit Lewis’ popularity to focus on their core markets in North America, however, I doubt this is necessary either. Ferraris seem to sell themselves regardless of their on track success or who drives for their F1 team.

    So, my bet is that the delay in Lewis signing because he’s waiting on Toto to confirm his future.

  47. My thought is that Mercedes sees an opportunity to get Perez so they are probably telling Hamilton that they need a 3 year commitment and Hamilton only wants to do a year at a time.

  48. Well Hamilton, the contract was signed 2 months ago…
    He’s just playing the “interesting” position, like when Alonso said he may be continue in Ferrari and they will have 3 drivers in the grid (Raikkonen, Vettel, Alonso). Alonso said when he was signed by McLaren 3 months ago…

  49. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
    2nd November 2020, 4:21

    All this talk from Toto and Lewis seems foolish. Why would you want to destabilize a perfectly harmonious juggernaut when the rules don’t change for a year and you could go down in history as the greatest team and driver. Might as well sign a 1 year contract and then play hardball with the bosses next year.

    And that’s if they haven’t already and are just taking the audience on one of their PR rides.

    1. It’s just free advertising, Hamilton doing his Hamilton thing… which is advertising him to see if they people him find him more likeable. Sorry Hamilton you failed again, you will never be a charismatic champion. You won’t buy that from the fans.
      If he leaves F1 people will find F1 more interesting. Not so predictable races that we already know who is going to win all races.
      If he leaves like Marquez leaved Motogp (in an injury case this time). People will turn on to see again with interest, and see who is going to win. In motogp is the first year in long time that is going to be an interesting championship, with multiple alternatives. If Hamilton leaves (he is renewed 2 months ago, so it’s 0% probable), then the championship gets open, and will be interesting who grabes the Mercedes car (Russell? Hulkenberg? Vandoorne?? Verstappen?? )
      Who will have been the “candidate” to his seat. That will be interesting:
      1) Russell-> too green for a Mercedes seat, but if there isn’t other options available they will chose him.
      2) Hulkenberg -> seems unprobable, as he’s not a proven winner in F1 (in other categories he was invincible).
      3) Vandoorne -> same reason, not a proven winner, unlikely.
      4) Verstappen -> serious candidate, he has “escape” clauses in his contract, but obviously they wont “allow” him to leave for free. And the “escape” clausules will be more related to Redbull performance, than other scuderias name clausules.
      5) Ricciardo? -> yet signed by McLaren, seems unlikely to break a just made contract.
      6) Vettel? -> Not impossible because they can “lend” Russell to Stroll team, but seems unlikely.

      I think they will chose a proven F1 winner: Vettel seems like the easy option to hire, but this last season has been a shaky season…
      May be a Ricciardo.
      May be paying Verstappen?
      There is not much to chose.
      But why chose Ricciardo paying if you can “buy” a Verstappen?
      Does Mercedes think Russell will be on Verstappen levels on the future. If they really think that promote Russell to the top team…

  50. Wakey Wakey People!
    This is Lewis Hamilton we’re discussing. Yes that LH. You know the one.
    LH, Imola, My tyres are done. Then cracks in the 3 fastest laps! Every single race he pulls the tyre bluff!
    This is just another of his cracking bluffs. HELLO? New contract talks are imminent.
    Anyone in his position would also up the ante & use every leverage he could. Including a big LH bluff.

    1. Sorry but he renew 2 months ago…
      Hamilton cries a lot in the radio…
      In fact yesterdays race was like kids crying in the radio.
      They were at least 4 drives on radio messages crying on the radio about stupid things. Obviously the race engineer is not going to answer the obvious answer most people will give to them: “Head down and keep pushing” (more guts is what you need to solve your “problem”!!).
      Has the sportsman people become too “weak” or too “spoiled brats”. Examples:
      The rain: when rains a bit more than light rain, the drivers usually “go on a strike” and don’t want to even try to drive, because there is “aquaplaning”, “sliding all over the track”, “zero visibility”, “extreme conditions” etc etc etc. The list of complainings can go forever.
      “The safety car is going too slow” “Please tell them to hurry up, my tyres are very cold” Buahhhhhhh The tyres are cold for everyone, and the safety cars procedure has been all time like that, stop crying.
      “The kerb is too hight, it destroys my car floors” “This sausages kerbs are not acceptable”
      And because they have very strong influence, they actually get what they want, and they change the tracks and the rules to favour their wishes.

  51. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass.

  52. Did anyone actual watch this? He was thrown an edited version of what Wolff had said in interview after the race-Wolff leaving, knows who is successor is, etc-and asked how that affected his own contract talks. Ham deflected the question by saying, ‘Well I don’t know whether I’ll be here next year.’ He was laughing when he said it.
    I used to feel sorry for the others in these interviews as they barely get a question. But when they do they invariably give the team prepared PR answer. At least Ham knows the game; the guy from the press is not looking for a scoop that’s immediately broadcast free to the world; why would he? But they know Ham will give them a soundbite for their headline. It’s just part of the show.

    1. He was also asked a follow-up question asking whether him leaving was a serious possibility and again he affirmed it, which is also indicated above.

      If I felt he’d not intended his comment to be taken seriously I would have indicated so, as I have done with similar remarks in the past, or not used it.

  53. Colonel_Blimp
    2nd November 2020, 8:51

    If you took Hamilton out of this years championship, you would essentially be having a Bottas/Verstappen fight for the title and it would be close I think.
    Hamilton’s skill makes the difference between good and great.
    I’ve never been a Hamilton fan, I still think Alonso is a touch better and Button a lot more charming but he has grown on me the last couple of years, he has matured.
    Watched this the other day, ,came across as intelligent, interesting and likeable.
    Next year could be really epic, if RB/Renault/Ferrari/McLaren can improve by small percentages.

    1. Alonso a bit better hahahaha. Next comment… He beat him being a rookie… Nobody will never forget that.

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