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Vote for your 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Which Formula One driver made the most of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last three days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Imola.

Driver performance summary

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Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix?

  • No opinion (0%)
  • Nicholas Latifi (0%)
  • George Russell (0%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Antonio Giovinazzi (0%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (16%)
  • Lance Stroll (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (7%)
  • Pierre Gasly (5%)
  • Daniil Kvyat (11%)
  • Esteban Ocon (0%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (34%)
  • Lando Norris (0%)
  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
  • Alexander Albon (0%)
  • Max Verstappen (7%)
  • Charles Leclerc (3%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (15%)

Total Voters: 231

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30 comments on “Vote for your 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Ric drove above the car a Saturday and Sunday!

    1. why? I thought this one was goinb to be a split.

      1. A split?

  2. the real shame is he was clearly waiting for a safety car to happen and fell short of 1 lap of getting the shot. it would have been a masterpiece

    1. Kvyat? Kimi?

      1. I was referring to Raikkonen, he had about 50% of the votes at the time I voted for him myself, so I implied he would win it

        1. after 48 laps on one set of mediums there was a danger the tyres would blow out, but yes, just once more round the circuit and he would have pitted under the sc and maybe bagged p5.

  3. By far.. Kimi. Where Ham got a Pitstop bonus, Kimi just missed this advantage. He would have ended way higher.
    Perez, who drove a great race ( ruined by the pink Ferrari tactics)
    Verstappen, who had a great start and pushed Bottas over the limit. Only to be stopped for the third time in Italy by a italian tire.
    Ricciardo, very consistent in a car at his max.

  4. Max. Honestly, I think he maximised everything this weekend, didn’t put a foot wrong.

    1. Stellar performance again. Look at the delta in lap times vs the other RB car. We are lucky he is around, otherwise the Mercs would have pitstops every race without losing track position. They’d be cruising to victory after victory

    2. And the only one who overtook both Mercedes drivers! Max for me! Perez was also very good just bad luck!

  5. Pierre Gasly deserves a mention. Great qualifying, solid start, terribly unlucky to retire. He literally flourishes at Alpha Tauri.

    1. I think Gasly only qualified as high as he did because they had the engine turned up to 11, and then thought they could race the car on that setting. Never going to happen.

      1. someone or something
        2nd November 2020, 0:51

        That’s not how any of this works.

      2. He was only a couple of tenths ahead of Kvyat in qualifying, who went on to finish the race with no problems. The Alpha Tauris were just pretty rapid this race, not to take anything away from either driver.

  6. Kvyat for me, got within 2 tenths of a in form and confident Gasly in qualifying and maximised his finishing position. In a week where it seems he may have lost his drive next year it was a great way to answer back. Honourable mentions to Leclerc, Ricciardo and Kimi.

    1. Agreed his pace was electric, which had him in front and a certain fourth and should have been third if it weren’t for (as mentioned above) pink ferrari tactics.

  7. RIC. By the far the worse car to podium and he has done it more than once.

  8. Kimi he maximised his chances given the circumstances and did not gain a free pit stop.

    And without a doubt the worst driver on the grid is Lance Stroll.

  9. DOTW: RIC
    DOTD: A bit more difficult to pick but also RIC with honorable mentions to KVY, PER, and RAI.

    1. The Skeptic (@)
      3rd November 2020, 0:38


      1. + 1 Also went for RIC. I am surprised how easily he has won the vote though.

  10. This won’t be popular but I went for Bottas, Hamilton is on form and had it not been for the damage I think he would have nailed it this weekend, I admit though that giving this to a merc driver felt slightly wrong. For me the other standout drivers were, Vettel who extended his stint only to be let down in the pits (not good enough in qualifying though), Kvyat who drove better than he has for a while, Gasly, who knows where he would have finished without the coolant leak, Ricciardo and Raikkonen.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      2nd November 2020, 13:52

      @broke84 the weird part about Bottas is that he didn’t seem to have damage before the pitstop. It seemed to really affect him after he changed tyres. I still think that Hamilton would have beaten him, though. He put in some mega laps to have a great chance of being ahead of Bottas after the pit stop. The safety car just gave Lewis the extra buffer that Bonnington was looking for.

      1. Prior to the pits Verstappen and Hamilton were following saving fuel and tyres as they couldn’t pass without stressing their tyres hard that they needed to last for a one stop. Once Bottas stopped it released Hamilton who then unleashed his true pace showing how slow Bottas had been driving and he also held up Verstappen.

  11. Ricciardo had a perfect weekend.
    Monstered the car on Saturday to put it about 4 places higher than it should have been and then drove a flawless race on Sunday.

  12. In some weekends I can hardly think of any standout driver, in others I can think of a lot. This is one of those weekends:
    – Hamilton for those laps before the VSC
    – Bottas for his Pole lap and still driving quite fast with that enormous chunck of Ferrari bodywork under his car
    – Verstappen for his good pace on sunday and one of the few regular passes on track (abeit after a mistake from Bottas)
    – Ricciardo for being there to pick up the podium
    – Perez for trashing his teammate once again and picking up his podium if it was not for his clearly dillusional strategist.

    But in the end I chose Kvyat. Good pace all weekend, made the right choices, but especially because of his wonderful restart. Those kind of moves are why I turn on my tv on sunday afternoons.

  13. Sainz wasn’t maybe the best but deserves a mention. One of the very few legit passes in the race (to his overrated teammate) was his. but his best moment for me was avoiding the spinning Albon right in front of him when a shunt seemed unavoidable, and even managed to keep his position above Norris who was just behind.

  14. Bottas 1%? Come on, pole position and drove a car with half Ferrari stuck in the bargeboard to second place. Ham is right, the guy deserves more credit.

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