Lance Stroll, Racing Point, Istanbul Park, 2020

2020 Turkish Grand Prix grid

2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll took pole position for the Turkish Grand Prix ahead of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Row 11. Lance Stroll 1’47.765
Racing Point
2. Max Verstappen 1’48.055
Red Bull
Row 23. Sergio Perez 1’49.321
Racing Point
4. Alexander Albon 1’50.448
Red Bull
Row 35. Daniel Ricciardo 1’51.595
6. Lewis Hamilton 1’52.560
Row 47. Esteban Ocon 1’52.622
8. Kimi Raikkonen 1’52.745
Alfa Romeo
Row 59. Valtteri Bottas 1’53.258
10. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’57.226
Alfa Romeo
Row 611. Sebastian Vettel 1’55.169
12. Charles Leclerc 1’56.696
Row 713. Kevin Magnussen 2’08.007
14. Lando Norris 1’54.945
Row 815. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’55.410
16. Daniil Kvyat 2’09.070
Row 917. Romain Grosjean 2’12.909
18. Nicholas Latifi 2’21.611
Row 1019. Pierre Gasly 1’58.556
20. George Russell 2’10.017


Lando Norris: Five-place grid penalty for failing to slow sufficiently for double waved yellow flags
Carlos Sainz Jnr: Three-place penalty for impeding Sergio Perez
George Russell: Start from the back of the grid due to a power unit change, five-place grid penalty for failing to slow sufficiently for double waved yellow flags
Pierre Gasly: Start from the back of the grid due to power unit change

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68 comments on “2020 Turkish Grand Prix grid”

  1. Verstappen is useless 😪

  2. Not quite Racing Point 1-2, but 1-3 is also good. A decent showing by Albon for a change.

    1. Decent showing Albon? 2.5s behind his teammate… Only Kimi had a bigger gap to Gio.

      1. @trib4udi Yes, but otherwise. Apart from the gap to his teammate.

      2. Shows how fast red bull was that albon managed to qualy p4

  3. Should Mercedes revert back to last year’s cars for wet sessions?

    1. lol
      The austrian commentators were joking: “And still there’s a Mercedes on pole!” xD

  4. Rain the big equalizer?


    1. Seems like daddy’s boy deserves his place in F1

    2. But F1 drivers want more grip, not less.

    3. Inside the teams – I would say yes. You can see that in most cases the better drivers prevailed against their teammates. But across the teams – No. The RP and RBR were miles ahead of others today. 5 teams, each with 2 drivers, reached Q3 – that tells you a lot as well.

  5. Brilliant session, fortune favours the brave. Great Job Racing Point and lovely lap from Stroll.

  6. Nothing like rain to show who can drive

    1. Enjoy the race and prize giving tomorrow 😁

      1. What happened to the wet weather ace? Still, p6 is better than Bottas by some margin.

        1. The real wet weather ace is in P2

        2. He got his non full wet setup in a good enough position to win the actual race it would seem.

      2. Well, I hope to. Would like to see Lance’s maiden win but given his poor consistency it is not very likely. I reckon Checo or Max are more likely to win, but Checo needs it most.

    2. It’s hilarious considering all the hate stroll was getting from Verstappen fans

      1. Every week I post the N2M2F1 (No Mercs, no Max F1) results. Such a Verstappen fan

  7. petebaldwin (@)
    14th November 2020, 13:55

    Congrats to Stroll. He gets a lot of stick from fans but a mediocre driver couldn’t have done that.

  8. Mini reverse order race tmrw
    Racing point…Red Bull….Mercedes

  9. One of my favorite qualifying sessions for a very long time.

  10. Wow that’s a result I was not expecting, well done Stroll and Perez. But I think Verstappen will favourite for the win tomorrow.

    1. Never expected that since 11 years ago.

  11. Fair play to Kimi outqualifying Bottas.
    Will be fun to tomorrow whatever happens.

  12. Mercedes haven’t had a fast car in any condition this weekend so far suggesting their setup is simply wrong. Great job by the top 5, shame Verstappen didn’t get the pole as he was clearly fastest throughout qualifying but let’s see what the end result is once penalties are handed out. We just need a dry race now to completely randomise those who had a full wet setup versus those who went for a hybrid dry setup.

    Further evidence qualifying doesn’t need changing imo.

    1. You are right. Merc no where. Something badly wrong in set up.
      Well done Stroll and Perez, bad luck Max, he choked when it mattered.

    2. Further evidence something needs to be done about the regular format to bring back driving competition in F1.

    3. Further evidence qualifying doesn’t need changing imo.

      The fact that you need the unique combination of a resurfaced track + changeable wet conditions to produce an interesting qualifying makes it evident that the format needs to be overhauled.

      1. Special is only special when its special, not when its regular ;)

        1. Better is better, no matter how many times it happens.

          1. I Respectfully disagree

          2. F1 traditionalists seem to enjoy starvation so that they can taste a drop of water.

          3. S, Jeroen makes a valid point – if randomness is too prevalent, there comes a point where it is seen as a negative attribute, rather than a positive one. That is a widespread attitude across pretty much every single sporting series – there are definite tipping points where adding more randomness is increasingly seen as a negative development, not a positive one.

            People celebrate an underdog coming out on top on those rare occasions because it is seen as a triumph against the odds – but, if the randomness is increased to the point where they are no longer an underdog as any success or loss is seen as increasingly arbitrary, then that success loses it’s meaning because it is no longer seen as a triumph against the odds.

            You seem to be of the attitude that there is no limit to the randomness that should be added – so, would you consider it acceptable if qualifying was a literal lottery, with the grid decided by random lot, because that introduces more randomness into proceedings?

          4. Exactly!!!!!

          5. @anon
            You may not like ‘randomness’ in your sport, but I sure do.
            That ‘random’ element is one of the prime features that attracted me to F1 in the 80’s. Nobody could ever feel comfortable they they would finish a race, no matter how fast they were. Many of the best races are the best races predominantly because of the lack of predictability and continuity. Current (minimum legal) reliability has done F1 a great disservice.

            Lottery ‘qualifying’ wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, no. The race would still sort out the order anyway – and that’s ultimately what car racing is about (the race and the events therein – not the start order).

        2. Special is also special when it happens less often than the regular.

          1. No, that would make it somewhat uncommon ;)

        3. I successfully disagree

      2. We’ve had so many interesting qualifying sessions using this format. Format is great. Never heard proposals for any other format that sounds remotely close to producing the narratives that we have now

        1. producing the narratives that we have now

          The 2339 days since anyone but the top 3 teams have taken pole or the 125 qualifyings since then, of which 99 went to Mercedes?

    4. This is about equally applicable to qualifying staying the same as Monza was for doing a reverse grid qualifying race.
      Completely unrelated.

      A reverse grid qualifying race here would have been equally fun to watch as what we just saw. Not at all because of the format, but entirely because of the changing conditions.

  13. Team LH will be disappointed, rain for the race?

    Maybe Bernie Ecclestone was right, random weather machine spraying the track

  14. Pink Mercedes faster than Green-Black Mercedes.
    Alfa Romeo faster than Ferrari.

  15. Incredible stuff. Well done Stroll. Stuck it to a lot of doubters.

    I think the star was Verstappen. 4 seconds a lap quicker on the wets. Intermediates weren’t working with his car, got stuck behind Kimi, but still made it work to finish second on the grid, 2.5 seconds ahead of his teammate, 4.5 seconds of Hamilton. I think he finishes on pole by several seconds if Red Bull kept him on a warm set of wets up to temperature.

  16. Great qualifying, well done Racing Point.

  17. Best Q ever!

  18. Another opportunity missed by Hulk..

  19. Well done Racing Point!

    Ham showing once again that Merc have carried him to his championships.

    1. Hehehehe enjoy tomorrow 😁

  20. Get IN LANCE!!! To all the nay sayers and haters…hahaha!
    The lad does not deserve the abuse he gets. Well chuffed for you Lance!
    Interesting race ahead. WDC No7 is in the post.

  21. It must have been the 2012 Turkish GP qualifying. (the season with 7 different winners in the first 7 races) They just forgot that 9 years have passed since 2011, not one.

  22. Revenge for Portugal?

  23. Three factors – rain, slippery track and how cars react to tyres played a crucial role in qualifying. It is staggering to see a driver lose all confidence in inters whereas in wets was looking supreme. It is also surprising how Mercedes with their DAS trick could do nothing to bring the tyres in right window. A big shout out to Alfa Romeo Saubar for putting both cars in Q3 – dont see Williams doing that. Kimi is still a fantastic driver to have in the team. Daniel Ricciardo, he is there isn’t it, always there to capitalize. McLaren and Ferrari, two giants of F1 did not impress at all.

  24. János Henkelmann
    14th November 2020, 14:20

    I guess this settles the “Stroll is mediocre at best” argument…

    1. Not really. The pole does show that he is a decent driver in wet conditions. Crash in Mugello, losing lead in Monza also happened in 2020.

    2. Yes it does and it should never have been in question. Its simply because he has a rich Dad…that is what he has been judged on.

    3. He is just much better in the Wet still average in the dry. You should watch his onboard and radio of the last 5 races.

    4. He has moments but his consistency is horrible

  25. Stroll and Perez are better Mercedes drivers than Hamilton and Bottas.

  26. If Verstappen hadn’t switched to inters, we’d have potentially been talking about one of the most dominant qualifying performances of all time. It’s amazing how performance can be changed by the conditions, and maybe how we may sometimes have to adjust how we view qualifying performances in outlier circumstances

    1. The Wets would be not enough the inters were to fast on that point.

  27. It will pass under the radar, but Vettel 1.5 seconds quicker than Leclerc, who has still to show exceptional skill in the rain.

    1. Yep, the Ferrari wasn’t great, but Leclerc hasn’t been impressing in the rain yet, Vettel clearly beat him.

  28. The 5 place penalty will have to be challenged. Those that didnt start Q2 as they followed the rules said they would not take any notice of the two yellow flag rule next time. A pit start is the minimum punisment. Disqualification is the correct punisment.

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