Stroll’s pole position under threat from stewards’ investigation

2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll could lose his pole position for the Turkish Grand Prix as he is under investigation for failing to slow sufficiently for yellow flags during qualifying.

The Racing Point driver has been summoned to the stewards for “allegedly non-respecting yellow flags at 16:48 at turn seven, alleged breach of Appendix H, Art. and alleged non-compliance with race director’s event notes 7.2 (single waved yellow flags).”

The incident in question occurred when Stroll set his pole-clinching lap time in Q3. The yellow flags were triggered by Stroll’s team mate Sergio Perez who went off at turn seven. Stroll was told “yellow flag” on his radio and then “that was a single yellow, keep pushing”.

The event notes state drivers must “reduce their speed and be prepared to change direction” if single waved yellow flags are shown, according to the race director’s notes. “It must be clear that a driver has reduced speed and, in order for this to be clear, a driver would be expected to have braked earlier and/or discernibly reduced speed in the relevant marshalling sector.”

Lando Norris is also under investigation for a similar infringement in Q1, when he passed Nicholas Latifi, who had spun off at turn eight.

Both drivers could receive grid penalties of at least three places if they are found not to have respected the rules regarding slowing down for yellow flags.

There have been two previous decisions on yellow flag speeding during qualifying this year. Lewis Hamilton was given a three-place grid penalty at the Austrian Grand Prix for failing to slow sufficiently for yellow flags.

However at the Styrian Grand Prix Sergio Perez was cleared over a similar infringement. They ruled Perez “had no chance to do anything more to slow down more than he did” when the yellow flags were shown.

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2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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    39 comments on “Stroll’s pole position under threat from stewards’ investigation”

    1. He’ll still be remembered the fastest guy much like Schumacher in Monaco 2012.

      That was a stunning lap.

      1. He was on intermediates. Does anyone know what everyone else was driving.
        Was his pole due simply to a fortunate tire selection?

        1. Ajaxn Verstappen, Perez, Albon for one were on intermediates too at the least. As the Verstappen article mentions, Verstappen (and I suppose Albon) just couldn’t get them to work as well; guess Mercedes didn’t get any tyre really working, I don’t know what they had on though; Renault did pretty well.

          1. Ocon was also on inters at the start of Q3 but switched back to full wets.

          2. Lenny (@leonardodicappucino)
            14th November 2020, 15:04

            @bosyber @Ajaxn the mercs were also running inters, almost everyone was running inters at the end, save for I think Raikkonen and Ocon (who had inters initially and then changed).

            1. Thanks @leonardodicappucino and @@f1mre, so, the intermediates as such certainly weren’t the one thing that did it – rather, whether a team was able to switch on tyres (and RB didn’t manage as well on the inters it seems) or not, timing and getting it right (Stroll, Verstappen, maybe HAM) or not quite (Perez, Albon, BOT)

          3. Mercedes were on the inters but I think there laps also had to deal with the yellow flags for perez going off

        2. Most of the cars switched to inters including the Mercs.

      2. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
        14th November 2020, 15:14

        He’ll be remember as the driver who makes tons of mistakes and shouldn’t be in F1. 1 sunny day doesn’t make a summer

        1. Aww so salty, bless.

    2. Even if he loses the pole position, he will be credited with fastest qualifying lap.

      1. Iskandar Mazlan
        14th November 2020, 14:56

        Fastest qualy could be previous years on dry

      2. @gpfacts Not outright fastest, though.

        1. Outright fastest in qualifying for this Turkish GP.

    3. His critics answered him !

    4. Double yellow is not to be ignored.

      1. it was single, though. still not to be ignored, but single is not double

    5. That would just be cruel. But as far as I remember Stroll didnt improve under the yellows so he should be ok

      1. How would this be cruel? If others (like Max) had the same yellow to pass by and they did lift a bit, it would be unfair to them to lose pole, isn’t it?

    6. What’s the betting that all these investigations mysteriously result in Lewis Hamilton getting a totally coincidental and absolutely not suspicious at all pole?

      1. seriously? F1 is not WWE.

      2. Since it’s only 2 drivers under investigation in q3..pretty good odds. 1000/1 or better.

        Unless your bookie is a tin foil hat wearing idiot who looks for conspiracy theories everywhere

      3. Now you’ve put the cat among the pigeons!

      4. A proud_asturian saying this has got to be Alonso in disguise. You’re not fooling anyone Fernando!

        1. @eljueta actually, it is the opposite – that poster appears to be the one who was known as Jorge Lardon, a man with such a visceral hatred of Alonso that I believe his account was deleted after throwing around one too many libellous accusations about Alonso and threatening to get this site into trouble.

          1. What? The plot thickens.

          2. Well, this is…interesting.

    7. The stewards need to be black flagged.
      Let’s have a new panel who can be decisive and speedy, the attributes that are so lacking with Mr Masi and co. They are doing F1 no favours at all.

      1. Expect 3 place drops for the yellow in Q3 but 5 place drop for those in Q1 so Lance should still start as P3.

        1. @macleod 1+3 is 4, so would be P4.

          1. Yes your right sorry about that!

    8. They’ll either delete the lap that he did on double yellows or screw up the race and give him a grid penalty.

      1. Grid penaulty as persons kickout of Q1 can’t get through anymore. Deleting time they should do instant at that round not after Qualfying.

    9. @icarby It’d be grid penalty if anything.

    10. For all those saying that Stroll did a stunning lap, let’s not forget it was Perez who was on provisional pole (and ahead of his teammate) for 11 out of 12 minutes in Q3 and would have gone faster if Gio didn’t spoil his last lap. credit where credit is due, Stroll did a great job, but it would easily have been Perez on pole and it isn’t just Stroll being out of this world

    11. Given the number of drivers involved I expect no action or a mild slap on the wrist.

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