Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes, Istanbul Park, 2020

Bottas spun six times after first-lap damage left him ‘struggling to stay on track’

2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas said his steering was damaged in a collision at the start of the Turkish Grand Prix, which left him struggling to stay on track.

The Mercedes driver spun while avoiding Esteban Ocon who spun in front of him at the start. It was the first of six spins he had during the race.

“That was a long race,” said Bottas. “Such a long day.

“Obviously in the first lap everything went wrong. I don’t know was it Danny or someone in the first corner spinning and I was avoiding and I spun as well.

“Then I had contact in turn nine and then the car was not the same anymore. I struggled to stay on track. I couldn’t steer, the steering wheel was [not pointing straight] and there was a piece missing from the front wing. It was a survival run.”

Bottas finished 14th and was lapped by team mate Lewis Hamilton, who clinched the championship with his winning drive.

“He deserves it, fully,” said Bottas. “He was better of us this year, of all, on average. He fully deserves it so very good for him. But I’ll try to beat him next year.”

With Hamilton confirmed as champion, the highest Bottas can finish in the championship is second, the place he currently holds. Max Verstappen is 27 points behind him with three races remaining.

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27 comments on “Bottas spun six times after first-lap damage left him ‘struggling to stay on track’”

  1. That damage (plus being awful in the wet in general) explains his lack of speed because with slick intermediates in dry conditions there is no question the Merc with 11/14 front row lockouts was the quickest car.

    1. Yes, but. À damage he picks himself misjudging cornering speed with Ocon…

      I remember Massa spinning 4 or 5 times in Silverstone (was it 2008?!) but 6 times Valtteri, that might be a world record !

  2. With the championship decided on all fronts, Bottas still has something to drive for. I expect Mercedes to pull out all the stops to make sure Bottas picks up a couple of wins. Im also expecting Hamilton to play wingman, unless its obvious Bottas can’t keep his position.

    1. LOL,

      you’re kidding right?

    2. Hamilton has a record of 94 wins and counting so why stop?

      1. Also if ham wins last 3 races he will equal schumacher 13 wins in a row but higher percentage due one less race 17 vs 18 in 2004

        1. @edti

          Also if ham wins last 3 races he will equal schumacher 13 wins in a row but higher percentage due one less race 17 vs 18 in 2004

          I don’t know how that works out! Didn’t Bottas win the Russian GP just 5 races ago and Gasly 2 before that?

    3. Ham wont pull off the gas. He has still some recording to do by getting 13 wins in 17 races. Same a schumacher but with higher percentage due less races than schumacher 17 vs 18 races.

  3. I just burst out laughing when the commentator said Bottas had spun again, which is ironic, because he’s such a no-thrills driver

  4. Given the Bottas needed to outscore Hamilton by at least 8 points, I’m glad Hamilton won in style than simply by default.
    I’m glad there is a reason for Bottas’ awful race and succession of spins, but I think the damage was his own fault. A tangle on lap 1 AFTER already spinning is pretty messy and probably the kind of incident that Max would get hammered for.

  5. This was eerily similar to Silverstone 2008. Massa spinning like 6 times, and Hamilton winning by miles in the end.

  6. Lewis and Perez would make a splendid team.

    1. You know, this thought did cross my mind when i was watching them on the podium. But alas…

      1. Lauda wanted Perez if Lewis did not sign a few years back.

        1. I thought it was Hulkenberg he wanted?

        2. Which is odd because before they said they wanted Hulkenberg.

        3. You just made that up.

  7. He was doing donuts in celebration of Hamilton’s seventh title.

    1. Yes, lol.

      Wish they’d given Ricciardo or Russell the drive for next season, as the improved challenge would benefit the sport. Alas, another year of boring Bottas bigging up his chances, before failing again.

  8. I was hoping Bottas would spin his Mercedes all the way to Finland and stay there for good.

  9. Bottas = Barrichello/Irvine. Once someone else dethrones Mercedes in the near future just like Alonso did, the dethroner’s teammate is a Fisichella 2.0.

    1. Barrichello had some fantastic wet races in his carreer. I can think of one good wet race for Bottas.

  10. Beyond me why Mercedes would renew his contract.

  11. That makes sense of why he performed so poorly. Yet, these reasons sound like excuses at this point.

  12. To whom it may concern…

    … uh, nevermind.

  13. Atleast 15 other drivers would have done a much better job today!

    Complete disgrace to the car and the team

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