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Sainz “very encouraged” by Ferrari’s improved performance in recent races

2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has taken notice of the improvements Ferrari have made in recent events, with just three races to go before he joins the team.

Ferrari scored their best result of the season so far in the Turkish Grand Prix, albeit in highly unusual racing conditions. Following their troubled start to 2020 they have also brought a series of successful upgrades to their car.

Sainz said he’s “very encouraged” by the progress his future team have made.

“It’s been a good few months for them. I think they’ve demonstrated that they’ve probably found a bit the issues that they had at the beginning of the year. They probably were the ones especially not happy about it and they’ve shown good character turning a difficult season around.

“I’m encouraged to see that and I cannot wait to find out what and why they’ve changed. But there’s a few races left still with McLaren and plenty to do here still.”

Teams will have only three days of testing with their new cars before the 2021 F1 season begins, meaning as little as a day and a half per driver. Sainz said he would be open to testing a two-year-old Ferrari in order to have more time in the car.

“Once I leave McLaren to be a Ferrari driver, there will be a lot of thinking behind the scenes to make sure I arrive to the test and to the first race as prepared as possible. Obviously that could be an option but I remain committed to McLaren and I don’t want to get distracted too much by what the future of January, February and March would bring.

“I can already tell you that one day and a half in a Formula 1 car, in these complex Formula 1 cars, is not enough to prepare a Formula 1 season. You don’t get to know the tricks of the car, the steering wheel, even though you do a lot of simulator. To get to know the crew, everyone, one day and a half is just very, very little and probably not enough.

“But it’s what it is so we will have to adapt and we will need to find a way to make sure we are as prepared as possible within the limits of one day and a half.”

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2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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4 comments on “Sainz “very encouraged” by Ferrari’s improved performance in recent races”

  1. What else will Sainz say then?

  2. Got to start plotting the narrative early. Get the excuses ready.
    He got to Renault mid-season, he did well all things considered, mid season changes are often a disaster but he turned it around to a win win situation, he did not beat Hulk in Q or in the race but he had no pressure and ended up getting a lot longer than usual to prepare a new season. The following year he performed at the same level, maybe even worse. He got thrashed by Hulk and Renault realised their mistake, they got duped by RB. RB knows Carlos is average.
    Now Ferrari hired an average driver, why? Did Ferrari misjudge Carlos? I don’t think so, ferrari is an average team they couldn’t procure a top driver.
    I reckon Carlos is going to become the 1st ferrari driver in 30 years to fail to win a race.

    1. Sainz blame Seidl for EifelGP
      Seidl blame Sainz for RussiaGP
      Sainz praise Seidl as down to earth boss
      Seidl praise Sainz as good driver with valuable insight

      Sainz could play F1 politics well. I’m afraid Leclerc who always blame himself for everything would be at the losing side after Sainz join Ferrari. @peartree

      1. Then Leclerc would do well to learn.

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