Magnussen: Turkey “definitely a missed opportunity” for Haas

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says the pit stop error which cost him two laps in Turkey was “definitely a missed opportunity” for the team.

What they say

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner doubts points would have been possible last race weekend, but Magnussen suspects it was an opportunity lost:

I would say it was it was definitely a missed opportunity. By the time I pitted I was 11th, which was a pretty tough call to make at that at that point, with some people pitting and then they came out and did some good lap times, just around the time when when I was due to pit.

The times of people on new tyres were looking good, so it was attractive to pit as well. Some people continued and had good races like, I think, Perez and Hamilton and maybe Ocon or Ricciardo at least.

So I think if we’d stayed out, it could have been a chance but I don’t know. For our season this year, it was a very good opportunity, for sure.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

After Hamilton and he agreed that the margins between them were very small, CDUK Mugello says that the measurable speed gap isn’t Bottas’ only shortcoming when it comes to fighting Hamilton.

In this business you make your own luck, and time and time again Bottas has been found wanting in the little wheel-to-wheel combat we’ve seen between him and Hamilton this year.

He’s close in qualifying. Sometimes very close. But as soon as they get into turn one it’s clear Bottas is the team player, always ready to back out of a 50/50 earlier than Hamilton will. At least with Nico Rosberg you got the sense he would give everything he had to keep Hamilton behind. I never really feel that with Bottas.

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On this day in F1

  • Giancarlo Baghetti – the only driver to win on his F1 debut – died on this day 25 years ago

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  • 11 comments on “Magnussen: Turkey “definitely a missed opportunity” for Haas”

    1. No update on that F3 driver who’s been posting on social media videos of his careless driving on public roads?

      1. Probably a day early to get anything on that, if at all @faulty

      2. @faulty Who? I googled ‘F3 driver reckless driving,’ but nothing appeared.

          1. thanks, bascb. i remembered he was italian but didn’t want my memory to butcher name.

      3. Now I am in no way condoning driving like that, but there are a lot of people in the GCC drive like that every single day. That sort of driving used to just annoy me, but now I’m ferrying my wife and kids about on the roads here it is genuinely worrying. You have to always be on the lookout for some clown doing ridiculous stuff like that. You’d think a racing driver would be able to get this sort of thing out of his system on the track…

    2. I think the only positive for Bottas this season has been his mind set to try something different to Hamilton in terms of tyre strategy. But in the end, even that is useless, as it will always get shot down by the team.

    3. «Hamilton should do this, Hamilton should do that» I wonder why it’s not «F1 should do this and that.»

      Bottas has been lapped in a race his teammate has won, nothing more to say.

    4. ”Who’s that?” – Weird for him to ask this, given that Tost has been the team principal since the beginning under Toro Rosso back in 2006.

      Regarding the FIA post that doesn’t lead to the site, i.e., the link isn’t working:
      The trackside light panels are a permanent fixture at Yas Marina Circuit. Just go around the entire lap via the street view on Google Maps to find out. Additionally, I walked most of the track (in the opposite direction) last January, and they were there, so they’re in place all-year-round on this circuit at least, if not anywhere else.

    5. I read the headline and genuinely wasn’t sure if we were talking F1 or Thanksgiving…

      1. :) :)

        I think Hazel definitely was going for that.

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