‘If you think this is bad, wait for next week’ rues Steiner as Haas are slowest again

2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Despite qualifying as the slowest team for today’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Haas expect an even more difficult weekend when they return to the shorter Outer circuit for another race next week.

Team principal Guenther Steiner predicted the Outer circuit, with fewer braking areas and more frequent acceleration zones, is likely to be even less kind to the VF-20.

“It’s not that I’m looking forward to next week, to be honest,” said Steiner. “If you think this is bad, wait for next week.”

All three Ferrari-powered teams lapped slower this weekend than they did last year at Bahrain. The track’s many straights make engine performance a significant factor, a trait which will be amplified by the faster Outer circuit next week.

The team’s drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean qualified 18th and 19th, behind every car except the Williams of Nicholas Latifi. His team mate George Russell beat the Haas pair and reached Q2.

Bahrain Outer Circuit
Bahrain Outer Circuit
It’s the fifth time this year, and the third time in the last four races, that Haas has lapped slowest out of F1’s 10 teams.

“We know why we are where we are at the moment,” said Steiner. “So we just try to make the best out of it. You never know what can happen. Obviously we have the slowest car here this weekend and we have to live with it.

Sometimes you have to deal with what you are given and that is what we will do and try to make the best out of it. Try to get them as much as possible. We’ve had good times and life is not always having just good times. Sometimes you have to go through bad times to appreciate the good times even more.”

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2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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7 comments on “‘If you think this is bad, wait for next week’ rues Steiner as Haas are slowest again”

  1. Atleast they have an admirable team boss.

    Next year with Mick, things should be more interesting.

    1. I admire your optimism, but honestly I think Magnussen and Grosjean have been flattering the performance of that car. I think all Schumacher can do is what Russell has been doing, just making sure he consistently beats his team mates until a vacancy opens up in one of the top teams.

  2. I do worry about the longevity of the Haas programme.

    Steiner is a fan favourite, but I just can’t see them staying in the sport for much longer.

    When they entered (a year later than planned) they hit the ground running – if it weren’t for badly fitted wheels in their first race then they could have made a great start! They looked to be a strong midfield team who ought to be be there to take advantage of problems at the front of the field. But they’ve slipped backwards and seem to perform worse year-on-year. Gene Haas hasn’t struck me as someone who is absolutely committed to F1, and the enthusiasm their promising start gave them must be wearing very thin now.

    Steiner keeps giving interviews where he seems to be persuading the media that Haas is still committed to F1, the fact he has to keep saying it shows that Haas’ commitment is in question.

    I hope they stay, it’s not good to have teams disappear, but I can’t help but think that Haas F1 will be bought by another billionaire who fancies the F1 lifestyle. Perhaps they could be a gateway for another manufacturer? …Or maybe I’ll be proven wrong and Haas will remain in the sport and manage to keep their wheels on their car when the regs change in 2022.

    1. Get used to saying Uralkali, thats pretty much where its all headed. Mazepin already tried to buy Racing Point and with a better offer than Strollovich.

      1. And that is truly sad – sportwashing! Rich Playboys is nothing new, but criminals?

    2. Dan, well thought out comment man, I too have been thinking the same as you all season that Gene will get tired of seeing his cars near the back and sell. The only way I can see Haas staying in F1 is if they are back to a midfield team or better when the 2022 regs arrive. If they miss on developing a good car or if Ferrari are still struggling with they’re engine I can see him selling.

  3. If you think this is bad, wait for next week

    Surviving an horrendous crash is a way of more than making up for it.

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