Grosjean to stay in hospital another night but aims for Abu Dhabi return

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Romain Grosjean wants to race in Formula 1 again next week following his shocking crash in Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix, his team principal Guenther Steiner has confirmed.

The Haas driver is recovering in hospital from the burns he suffered to his hands in his fiery crash on the first lap of last weekend’s race. Haas announced yesterday Pietro Fittipaldi will replace him at this weekend’s Sakhir Grand Prix.

However Steiner said Grosjean “would like to do” the last race of the season at Yas Marina next week.

“I spoke with him yesterday about it. He really wants to be in Abu Dhabi. But I said try to get better, speak on Sunday or Monday, let’s see how you feel and if it is do-able.

“Basically we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. At the moment we’ve got plenty of time. Pietro is here, Romain is here, we just need to see how he feels. So I’m not in a hurry to decide now or to do what is needed. It depends on his health.”

Grosjean was originally due to leave hospital today. Steiner said he will remain for another night as a precaution, but insisted there has been no setback in his recovery.

“I just spoke with one of his guys because he was with the doctor before and they did something on the burns, I don’t know exactly what,” he said.

“He is staying another night in the hospital but there’s nothing to be preoccupied with. They just said it’s a safer environment because of the cleanliness, I guess, mostly because of the burns.

“But everything is going good. This guy told me the doctors are very happy and the healing process is as he would have seen it coming.

“So staying one night longer is not a setback, that there is a problem, it’s just like they said maybe it’s better to stay a night longer to make the healing quicker.”

Image: Romain Grosjean via social media

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9 comments on “Grosjean to stay in hospital another night but aims for Abu Dhabi return”

  1. You Go Chavez
    1st December 2020, 12:04

    This guy is invincible

    Wishing him well

  2. This bloke is made of steel.

    Whatever past of future results achieved in motorsport, he has my respect for a lifetime.

    1. Would be great to have Grosjean back in the car for that last race with Haas.

  3. James Hosford
    1st December 2020, 12:35

    Good to see he got the penthouse views…

    1. Lovely view, isn’t it.

  4. Good news. I wish him speedy recovery. And maybe, maybe he should consider throwing in the towel overall. I mean, he is not the greatest driver out there. Very accident prone. Luckily got away with a miracle escape. Lots to be grateful for and maybe, just maybe stopping is the wise thing to do.

  5. He has to be optimistic…but I feel that hand may be too painful to use…but am sure he will try..maybe a lap from the back of the grid and then pit may happen…unless Haas want to try someone else…pleased he is still in one piece

    1. I am always amazed at how quickly these top-tier athletes recover. We also have a ton of medical tricks to help make burns heal faster. I would be really surprised if he is not in the car in 2 weeks.

  6. Thats awesome!

    Don’t think I have ever had such a heart stopping and horrified moment while watching F1 when seeing the impact & ball of fire and I have have watched several decades of F1. Amazing to see him smiling and really glad to hear he’s doing so well.


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