Sergio Perez, Racing Point, Bahrain International Circuit, 2020

2020 Sakhir Grand Prix race result

2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

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Pos # Driver Car Laps Time/gap Difference Reason
1 11 Sergio Perez Racing Point-Mercedes 87 1hr 31m 15.114s
2 31 Esteban Ocon Renault 87 10.518 10.518
3 18 Lance Stroll Racing Point-Mercedes 87 11.869 1.351
4 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr McLaren-Renault 87 12.580 0.711
5 3 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 87 13.330 0.750
6 23 Alexander Albon Red Bull-Honda 87 13.842 0.512
7 26 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri-Honda 87 14.534 0.692
8 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 87 15.389 0.855
9 63 George Russell Mercedes 87 18.556 3.167
10 4 Lando Norris McLaren-Renault 87 19.541 0.985
11 10 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri-Honda 87 20.527 0.986
12 5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 87 22.611 2.084
13 99 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 87 24.111 1.500
14 7 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 87 26.153 2.042
15 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas-Ferrari 87 32.370 6.217
16 89 Jack Aitken Williams-Mercedes 87 33.674 1.304
17 51 Pietro Fittipaldi Haas-Ferrari 87 36.858 3.184
Not classified
6 Nicholas Latifi Williams-Mercedes 52 35 laps 35 laps Oil leak
16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 0 87 laps 52 laps Accident
33 Max Verstappen Red Bull-Honda 0 87 laps 0.000 Accident

Fastest lap: George Russell

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2020 Sakhir Grand Prix

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35 comments on “2020 Sakhir Grand Prix race result”

  1. Oh, yes. Oh yes! So happy for Perez. That’s the happiest I’ve ever been about an F1 result. So happy.

  2. It’s the car :)

    1. The fact that Russell can jump into Mercedes with minimal preparation, with shoes too small for him and in a cockpit that does not fit him, and be quicker than Bottas right away shows that beating Bottas is not an achievement worthy of praise.

      1. Nik (@nickelodeon81)
        6th December 2020, 20:27

        And still…not win.

        1. @nickelodeon81
          Russell was dominating the race until Mercedes imploded (not much different from Hamilton in Monza actually, although Hamilton drove past 2 red lights before he drove into the pits so he must take some responsibility).

          With 3 days of practice, Russell can do what Hamilton is praised for on a weekly basis.

          1. Can Russell do it against Hamilton though? Afterall, Bottas does beat Hamilton from time to time – sometimes quite convincingly. Hopefully, we’ll find out in 2022.

          2. As a proud Brit and fellow Norfolk boy, I’m gutted for Russell. I’ve followed his career for a long time and KNEW he was the real deal and every bit as good as VER and LEC. These guys are the future! I will add, to all those that say ” anyone can win in this Merc, even my Grandma”. Well… your grandma is sacked! George went hell for leather and did not consider the tyres. This Mercedes is limited by the pirelli tyres. George will learn and im dead proud but this just shows why Lewis is worth his 7 WDCs.

    2. It is definitely the car.
      It is either that or Russell would win 14 championships in 10 years.

  3. Mercedes really didn’t want to win this race

  4. Mercedes master plan.

    1. Learning from Ferrari

  5. Get your fingers out Red Bull.

    Sign Checho.

    1. Sign Russel

  6. Mercedes strategists, that was pitiful. Maybe it needs Lewis there to keep them real. Way ahead on speed, you DON’T risk a double pit stop like that. Thrown away. Really angry that they soured a superb Russell performance like that, even if we did get to see even more quality from him to compensate for the amateurs on the pit wall.

  7. one word: fabricated slow puncture.

    1. What did they have to lose with keeping him out? If his tire blew he would lose all the points, but since he pitted 5 laps from the end he had no real chance to fight back.

      If the puncture was slow enough he might have been able to keep ahead of plenty of cars behind him. Really strange call.

      1. Sending someone round with a puncture is not the smartest thing to do. Worst case you’ll end up killing the guy with a catastrophic failure. Best case is that it’ll deflate and delaminate costing time and having to put anyway. With the stress they put the tyres through there’s no way it would hold up for 5 laps.

    2. Nik (@nickelodeon81)
      6th December 2020, 19:43

      And the Earth is flat and Donald Trump won in a landslide.

  8. Russell did nothing wrong, even kept his composure when passing Bottas. Then a puncture? It was actually ridiculous the amount of bad luck he had, I feel sorry for him.

    1. Yes…gutting for him HOWEVER… the pirellis cannot take that amount of punishment from a Merc. George will learn but Lewis already knows. Looking fwd to an all British line up at Merc in 2022! The future of F1 will remain an all British affair with Lewis passing the baton to George! Get in there Lads! 🇬🇧

  9. In case that’s not enough to convince the duo of Horner and Marko not sure what will.

    Really happy for Checo and feel gutted for Riuseel who should have had a the very least

    Mercedes have some soul searching to do. They looked so ameteruish today.

    Lewis does give them a boost and he is the different between man and machine.

    Leclerk (intended misspelling) shows that he doesn’t have a foot planted on the ground

    1. Why would you intentionally misspell someone’s name? Especially after butchering someone else’s.

  10. Can’t remember a more deserving winner in Perez!

  11. As a proud Brit and fellow Norfolk boy, I’m gutted for Russell. I’ve followed his career for a long time and KNEW he was the real deal and every bit as good as VER and LEC. These guys are the future! I will add, to all those that say ” anyone can win in this Merc, even my Grandma”. Well… your grandma is sacked! George went hell for leather and did not consider the tyres. This Mercedes is limited by the pirelli tyres. George will learn and im dead proud but this just shows why Lewis is worth his 7 WDCs.

  12. Luke: Are you ok?
    Obi wan: It was like millons of “it’s not the car” fans sigh of relief.

    1. Either driver could have refused to pit as Hamilton has done in the past.

  13. We have had enough evidence this season alone to realise that having a car capable of winning every week is one part of the jigsaw puzzle. Even though I’m gutted for Russell he has learnt a valuable lesson today and will probably appreciate the success people like Hamilton and Schumacher have accomplished.

    He drove brilliantly and to be honest has given Toto a lot to think about.

  14. It will get unnoticed since we had all the crazy results but finally Kvyat had a great weekend where he was clearly better than Gasly

    1. Even Esteban Ocon’s result has gone slightly unnoticed because of Perez and Russell. I really hope Ocon can get his mojo back after this first podium, and will return to the level he was at in 2018.

  15. Revenge Completed.

  16. Lets gooo perez, to think there were idiots here that said that Perez was losing to Stroll

    1. But he is not losing his seat to Lance Stroll, who already has one, he loses it to Seb Vettel of all people… they might as well give it to Jackie Stewart or Emerson Fittipaldi, if they want a former WDC in the team.

      1. (Maybe they would have if the superlicenses were not expired)

  17. The N2M2F1* race today was marked by a first lap contact between Sergio Perez and Leclerc which took the Ferrari driver out of contention and sent Checo dead last. He was maybe too optimistic when going for the apex leaving Charles Leclerc too little time to step down. Any way he did a superb recovery drive, all the way from last to first, doing also the fastest lap. He was followed to the flag by Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll. Carlos Sainz came fourth, after an unlucky pitstop just when a VSC period finished when he was first and was a solid candidate to win the race. Dan Ricciardo lost the championship lead to Perez in an uninspiring race finishing fifth, followed by Alex Albon, Dan Kvyat, Lando Norris, Pierre Gasly and Sebastian Vettel, who scored a single point for Ferrari. Out of the points came the Alfa Romeos of Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonnen, followed by Kevin Magnussen. Two new drivers came afterwards: Jack Aitken, racing for Williams in the place of George Russell (who left the team for a race in another reality) and Pietro Fittipaldi, grandson of the great Emerson, racing for Haas in the place of the not-so badly burnt Romain Grosjean. Nicholas Latifi finished last.

    Checo leads now the championship by 14 points over Dan Ricc, and a fourth place at Abu Dhabi should give him the championship even if Daniel wins and gests the flap. The fight for the third position is still very tight between Norris, Albon, Leclerc and Sainz, but none of them can come second. The present WDC classification is:

    01 Perez 206 points
    02 Ricciardo 192 points
    03 Norris 160 points
    04 Albon 157 points
    05 Leclerc 156 points
    06 Sainz 150 points
    07 Stroll 128 points
    08 Gasly 128 points
    09 Ocon 109 points
    10 Vettel 76 points
    11 Kvyat 75 points
    12 Raikkonnen 23 points
    13 Hulkenberg 20 points
    14 Giovinazzi 20 points
    15 Grosjean 11 points
    16 Latifi 8 points
    17 Russell 8 points
    18 Magnussen 4 points
    19 Aitken 0 points
    20 Fittipaldi 0 points

    There were no changes in the WCC ranking, but with a haul of 41 points today Racing Point** is very close to the final victory; only Red Bull Racing*** might win instead, with an Albon win at Abu Dhabi combined with a very poor show by RP. The second position is going down to the wire between Red Bull, McLaren and Renault, while Ferrari can only be fifth, or sixth in the unlikely case that Alpha Tauri outscores them by 29 points. Alfa Romeo has a pretty much assured seventh position, as Willams or Haas would need at least an podium finish to overtake them. But there is only a point between Williams and Haas, so anyone of them can finish last. The present WCC positions are:

    1 Racing Point 354 points
    2 Red Bull Racing 314 points
    3 McLaren 310 points
    4 Renault 301 points
    5 Ferrari 232 points
    6 Alpha Tauri 203 points
    7 Alfa Romeo 43 points
    8 Williams 16 points
    9 Haas 15 points

    *N2M2F1: No Mercs no Max F1
    **No WCC penalty points for RP; after all you cannot copy stuff from a non-existing team
    ***As Albon is the only pilot driving for RBR, his score is doubled for the WCC

  18. Whole world: anyone can win in that Mercedes.

    Bottas: hold my beer

    Russel: hold mine as well

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