Norris gained nine places at start after watching ‘every onboard’ from last race

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In the round-up: Lando Norris says he did his homework to make a start which propelled him from 19th to 10th at the start of the Sakhir Grand Prix.

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Knowing he would start from the back row following a power unit penalty, Norris reviewed onboard videos to plot the best route through the field at the Sakhir Grand Prix:

[I made] a really good launch. I reviewed a lot of videos, probably every single onboard from last weekend for both starts, the first one and the one after the red flag, to try and figure out what’s the best line to do and where people generally try to go and so on.

So I did my homework and all of it paid off on the first lap and I was 10th. So things were looking very hopeful at that point.

But after, not so much; I struggled for pace throughout the race, not quick enough. I just had to try and hang on to 10th more than anything. I’m disappointed considering lap one was so good and there was all of a sudden a lot of potential. But after that, we didn’t have the pace to do anything else.

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Comment of the day

After Lewis Hamilton delivered a video message saying he’d returned to training to be in shape for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, BasCB weighs up how hard he’s likely to push himself to make a return:

In his video message he still looked a bit down on energy as well. Not too sure it’s a good idea to rush to Abu Dhabi.

But then, one just has to look at what Russell endured (chafed knees, bloody hands, bruised shoulders and painful feet) to get into the best car on the grid. And I am sure that if Grosjean hadn’t feared losing mobility in is hands longer-term, he would be driving that Haas regardless of the pain it would cause him on his hands.

I guess we’ll see whether Hamilton tests negative and gets airlifted to Abu Dhabi in time to race. Or maybe he’ll just attend the race in the garage. Or not at all.

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14 comments on “Norris gained nine places at start after watching ‘every onboard’ from last race”

  1. Love that quote from Sainz, good on him. Couldn’t be a starker contrast between that quote and Verstappen’s most recent about already being on the booze in the hotel half way through the race.

    1. If Sainz’s quote wasn’t from a race 3 months ago, it would be easy to read it as a direct reply and a major dig to Verstappen. As you say, the difference in attitudes could hardly be starker.

    2. @skipgamer Verstappen said that? Sounds like something Kimi would do

      1. @Rapid: Nah… Kimi wouldn’t bother going back to the paddock. Just jump over the barrier and onto his yacht.

    3. Sounds cute, but what can an eliminated driver really do during a race? Would they consult him on pit stop strategy? Would he wield the lollipop? More likely he’d just be a distraction to the team which is now focusing on the remaining car.

      1. He has insights into car and tyre behaviour fresh from the drivers seat, and an intimate knowledge of what the other driver is going through… I’m sure he can offer some value. If you aren’t there, you can’t try.

    4. Ok, dragging in Max again at will. I think I am going to do the same too from now on.. just start talking about someone else… Then I would like to rectify what I said over Vettel earlier. I stated that his 4WDC was exaggerated by him driving off from pole in the best car and that more realistically he should have won 1 or 2 WDC. I would like to correct that to zero WDC. He cant even produce a proper race result when not starting from the first row. Good luck Aston Martin

  2. Sainz has outdriven Lando again in the race. Lando talks about not having the pace, what does that mean other than he just isn’t as quick as Carlos? Will be interesting to see how Ric gets on, but for me the shine is kind of fading from Norris.

    As for Carlos comments about team player, I guess that’s correct but sometimes showing more emotion is a good thing. We applaud Kimi and Senna for heading back to their Monaco boats and apartments, maybe sometimes it’s fine to be that way – you can’t be friendly and upbeat all the time, that’s life sometimes you just need time to yourself to recover before interacting with others. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sainz, but I dunno, it’s all a bit goody two-shoes isn’t it?

    1. It is nice to be warm, friendly polite.

      But these guys are measured in points and stopwatch.

      Verstappen and Hamilton have quite nasty personalities, Leclerc is a diva.

      Then there are nice guys of F1, who are also quick, but somehow not nasty enough.

      You would have them for a chat, but not to drive your car on sunday.

  3. About FR Europe: Wow, what a dramatic moment.

  4. Sainz and Norris have a good relationship. Norris, Russell, Albon and Leclerc are twitching. Ocon and Stroll friendtime. Verstappen, Hamilton and Gasly playing COD together. Grosjean and Magnussen or Vettel and Raikkonen bromance.

    First time in 20+ years that I see a grid that close in term of relationships.

  5. Sounds like Norris just discovered a new trick by watching onboards which is quite surprising when you’d think that would be on every racing drivers’ checklist. Heard other drivers talking about it as a new idea lately too.

    Same with Sainz saying he just discovered basic team spirit after so many years in a team sport.

    One really wonders sometimes. Not long ago Leclerc revealed how he’d decided it’s too risky and costly to go flat out in Q1 for example.

  6. Re Norris: Thanks to you guys I got the 90 day promo of the F1 channel. As a McLaren fan, after watching the race broadcast I go back and watch the entire race again twice-from both Sainz and Norris onboards. The whole race. It gives you a completely different view of the event. I’m signed up for the whole year now. Thanks.

  7. Lando: 2-1 loss to Racing Point, mate! 2-1! XD

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